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Yet another ridiculously expensive and rather silly product from Leica. What are the people at this company thinking when they put products like this on the market? Only a handful of well heeled collectors are going to be customers.

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Obviously - all done in the best possible taste :-)

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On article Second Time Around: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Review (295 comments in total)

Somewhat annoyingly, this camera is significantly more expensive (in the UK) than the first version and it doesn't appear to be much better. You are probably better off buying a Sony, even if you're a diehard Canon fan.

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On article The price is right: Canon EOS Rebel T6 / 1300D Review (418 comments in total)

This is rather a disappointing superficial review. Actually the kit zooms (said to use Sigma made element cells, like the similar kit zooms fitted to Nikon and Pentax SLRs) are pretty good and perform extremely well for the money. That said, the EOS 1300D has little to offer over the compact EOS 100D which comes with the newer STM lens that has a faster silent focus and non-rotating front element making a polariser usable. Check out the 100D if you are looking for a budget SLR and I would add that the 18-55 STM lens is better made than its predecessor and (IMO) the similar lens supplied with the Nikon D3300.

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A very interesting "hands on" video. More stuff like this please DP Review.

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I must be missing the point somewhere, because I really cannot understand why this camera is so muchj more expensive than the model it replaces.

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On article Lens shootout: Sony RX10 III destroys the competition (490 comments in total)

This seems like a totally lopsided review when there are no cameras being produced in the same price band from alternative manufacturers. The RX10 III certainly should be top dog for the price, but if the cheaper models mentioned are close in performance, then it's fair to conclude that the Sony is ridiculously overpriced. Please don't treat your readers as complete plebs Mr Spencer.

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On article 2016 Roundup: Compact Enthusiast Zoom Cameras (290 comments in total)

Ah well, that's that then. I have no desire to buy any of these cameras as they provide no obvious advantage over a budget SLR aside from size. Thanks Jeff, Carey and Dan.

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On article Canon announces budget-friendly EOS Rebel T6 (1300D) (874 comments in total)

Canon really are being a bit naughty selling this camera with the old version of the standard zoom lens and not the latest STM model. Presumably they have a large stock of the older ones and decided to unload them with the EOS 1300D. This would put me off buying this overpriced camera, as the newer lens does not have a rotating front assembly and is a bit quieter and faster in operation.

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On article Canon announces budget-friendly EOS Rebel T6 (1300D) (874 comments in total)
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NSingh: This might be a great camera for beginners at this price. So far I come to know, in DSLRs, Canon cameras produce great colors and Nikons are best at sharpness. I want a camera which have both the above qualities. Mirrorless are also good but having a DSLR is other type of feeling amongst the crowd.

If you are buying a Canon camera at this price level, the last thing you want is a load of extra lenses. Aside from the cost, continually changing lenses will soon introduce dust into the camera. Professional sensor cleaning can be expensive and dust getting into the viewfinder even more so. The basic Canon kit zoom performs extremely well. I wouldn't recommend fixed focal lengths, unless you have some special need. If you want anything better, look at the superior 18-135mm Canon lens. However, this will cost as much as the camerra body.

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On article What a view: Aukey Super Wide Angle lens quick review (64 comments in total)

To save on money and probably improve the quality, how about trying the bottom of an old jam jar?

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The only feature of the D5 that I need to know about, is that I can't afford one.

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Phones are not especially good for anything much more than taking snaps. Most people (the general public) who own a camera-phone are clueless about using theirs properly. Those who shoot video, seem to think that everything is best filmed in portrait mode. I'm really not sure if adding an optical zoom is very important for the average user and in my case, I always carry a decent compact for a possible news event.

That said, I really can't see the problem with building in a modest zoom that operates in a sideways configuration with a prism or mirror system. I suppose it depends on whether or not picture quality is of the slightest importance to you. Many think digital zooming is great!

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Looks like a nice piece of equipment. Price will have to drop a bit before I'm interested.

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This seems to have more to do with marketing and slightly re-vamping an existing product to generate fresh revenue. The existing G7 is not a bad camera and the obvious improvement would have been a wider zoom range.

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You'd actually think it matters whether a cheap amateur compact like this had RAW. This camera is in competition with the Panasonic TZ80 and will mostly be bought by tourists who will use it for point and shoot snaps. A lack of EVF is the only obvious shortcoming. When the price drops, it should sell quite well.

It won't be of interest to serious photographers concerned with quality. I'd say it's of more importance that so many low-end compact cameras are now being built with phone sized sensors, simply to allow ridiculously wide focal length ranges.

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When I read something like "Oh Wow," describing a new product, it vaguely sounds like the kind of advertising copy I'd expect to find on Amazon.

Oh, hang on a sec, DP Review is Amazon under a different name. Silly me!

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A very nice piece of kit, although not exactly a give away.

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