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I live on the northernmost island in Japan, photographing the national park for a historical museum and associated galleries.

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Arun H: Finally DPReview admits something that most Canon users already know. These cameras are far better than specs suggest. 10 years ago, I walked into a camera store and compared a 450D against a Nikon D90. The 450D just felt better in my hands. It is the same with every other Canon camera I have owned. They fit like a glove and when I am shooting with a good lens, the camera seems to disappear. And if the high ISO performance of the camera is good, it is because the sensor is a very mature technology for Canon.

"ANY enthusiast camera handles better than any basic consumer camera."

You might think so, but Canon actually had the Rebel figured out from the start. To adjust exposure compensation (or shutter speed in M mode) you just need to hold a back button with your thumb while spinning the dial with your index finger, the same dial you use to adjust the aperture. Infuriatingly the enthusiast (xxD line) require you to spin a vertical oriented wheel to adjust the EC or the SS, a wheel which can be inadvertently bumped (so they built an extra switch, a lock on the back!) and which requires you to do the whole pat your head rub your stomach routine. I used both lines for years an ALWAYS preferred the much more fluid Rebel approach. If it weren't for the better AF performance and frame rate on the xxD, I would have never bothered with those cameras.

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ozturert: This new Fujifilm 50mm f3.5 is equivalent to Canon's 40mm f2.8 STM?

Incidentally, Canon's 40mm f2.8 works pretty well on the GFX covering the 44x33 sensor easily. In fact even Canon's old 35mm f2.0 covers, which was the biggest surprise out of all my legacy lenses.

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phoenix15: Best prime lenses nomination no Pentax DFA 50mm F1.4 or Tokina Opera 50mm F1.4. Come on DPR give the credit for their effort.

Including the Sigma 105/1.4... maybe the finest prime I have ever used!

Link | Posted on Dec 3, 2018 at 09:44 UTC

How was the Xpan ever "the anamorphic dream" ? Does he mean panoramic?

Link | Posted on Nov 10, 2018 at 00:05 UTC as 10th comment | 3 replies
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WGVanDyck: Frankly, I think 1000 photos is still reasonably generous as a free offering. And, it may be beneficial to some photographers too. It will, hopefully, teach them to cull there presentations to their best work. I spend a lot of time looking thru Flickr galleries to see what results other photographers are getting from cameras, lenses, or films, and it is amazing some of the junk people post. They have no discretion between their better photos and those that are out of focus, seriously over/under exposed, horrid composition, unidentifiable subjects, or unending repetition of the same scene. Honestly, one guy has 46 photos of the same seriously out of focus, unidentifiable scene. It's not that unusual. Some people regularly post large quantities of throw-away pictures that even their mothers wouldn't want to look at. While, I too would like to see Flickr unchanged, maybe a 1000 photo limit will cause people to be more discriminating about what they post, and actually make Flickr better.

I use my (free) flickr professionally by encouraging clients to browse the many pages of landscape images to choose what they want to license. In 13 years, I was up to 1667 when I saw this post and started to cull the images. I always enjoyed uploading to flickr more that my personal home page which I view more as a photo album for personal memories. So yes, $50 is hardly a problem given how I have monetized Flickr, but at the same time even 1000 should be enough to choose from (licensed photos are specific to one national park) considering how much subject repetition occurs. Also I suppose I could make photo collages of similar work.

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tr33man: Nice and everything but at 1200g there's no chance I would ever consider it. I have Canon 40mm pancake for years and love it. It weighs 130g. OK, it's f/2.8 but that+s enough on modern cameras.

Strangely enough the 40mm pancake covers 645 MF, so you get about a 25mm f1.7 equivalent (if you can afford the body)!

Link | Posted on Oct 2, 2018 at 06:49 UTC
On article Sigma 40mm F1.4 Art beta sample gallery (207 comments in total)
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morinor: I think after these releases Sigma has been left with 58mm, 200mm and a macro lens longer than the 70mm. I hope they change their mind and release also f/1.8 or f/2 lenses. They can be cheaper and smaller which somebody will appreciate.

If they did a 200/2 for $2500 it would be rather incredible. Beyond $3000 the market is probably too niche (ie already goes for first-party options) to recoup costs in sales volume to well-heeled amateurs.

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On article Three new lenses added to Fujifilm's G-mount roadmap (24 comments in total)
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peegee: f3.5 walk about compact ? - that's disappointingly slow.

Keeping in mind that the cheap Canon 40/2.8 pancake actually covers MF 645 full-frame (!!!) I hope the 50/3.5 is priced accordingly. Using it adapted on the GFX has proved pretty popular in the community.

Link | Posted on Sep 26, 2018 at 21:44 UTC
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kriztian: The picture´s look like crap. Over-processed, unsharp and noisy. The motive´s like they have been staged or in case of the old woman making her look bad. What is going on here? Is it a spoiled brat who took them?

The clarity slider at work here...

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I got mine along with the GF1 + 20 during its release in 2009. It was the GF1 (that lens!) that sold me on m43 system, while the G1 became "free" thanks to the double-lens kit (14-45 and 45-200). The 14-45 is a fantastic lens, by far the best "kit" I have ever owned, and still the most productive (used) in my 30 or so odd lens collection. Most of its use has been on the EM5 or the EM10, but it was glued to the G1 from early 2011 when I started to do mountain photography in the winter. The light weight of the kit meant I could go all day without sinking into some tricky situations. Battery was amazing even in the cold. Also the body never once had an issue with sealing, though it was routinely doused in snow and water. It worked reasonably well too with gloves on (better than the EM5 for sure!) but the main issue I found was the lack of exposure preview in the viewfinder. I had to shoot Av (instead of manual) and trust the (often wrong) exposure in snowy conditions.

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Tourlou: How can it be f/0.95? Focal length is 75 and filter thread 72... Front element looks no more than 50 which translates to 75/50=>f/1.5

Take for exemple a few lenses:
-Sigma 85 f/1.4; filter thread: 86, Front element: +/-75 => f/1.13
-Nikon 85 f/1.8: filter thread: 67, Front element: +/-50 => f/1.34
-Canon 85f/1.4: filter thread: 77, Front element: +/-65=> f/1.31

That lens stinks if it's really the right spec that's written. This lens is really not f/0.95. Front element should be around 85mm to make it possible.

Looks like an overpriced piece of junk sold by a company that has to big a marketing department...

Of course the Canon 85/1.2 has a 72mm filter thread, which is cutting it close. Now a 75mm f0.95 needs at least a 79mm (ie 82mm filter) front element to make this possible, while this (60mm?) front element points to f1.2 (of the 1/3 stop variety) at best.

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9VIII: It's funny how all the best hobbies are dangerous and have negative legal implications.

I think board games are just about the only hobby that can't get you arrested or killed for using the product as intended.

Ca$h 'n Gun$

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On article Sigma unveils 105mm F1.4 Art 'bokeh master' (327 comments in total)
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Daniel Bliss: And in true Sigma fashion, any filter size that Nikon makes too big, they can make ridiculously bigger still. No thanks.

PS, one-and-two-thirds kilos for a 105mm? You've got to be kidding.

This is pretty insane... the lens is heavier than my 70-200 2.8 IS... I guess it doesn't matter since I'm not hiking with it, but I am pretty sure the 85L and 135L I would have to sell to afford this don't even weigh that much combined!

Link | Posted on Feb 28, 2018 at 03:11 UTC

For those with A7 series bodies stuck adapting lenses this might be the solution to the cost/size/IQ dilemma that Sony has left us in: the REAL kit lens we deserved all along. Deliver on all fronts, and they will win big.

Link | Posted on Feb 22, 2018 at 10:51 UTC as 42nd comment
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iudex: Nice adition to to SOny lens lineup, I believe it will cost a fraction of native Sony/Zeiss lenses. However the 28mm at the wide end is too narrow, 24 or at least 26mm would be much more usefull.

I have used 28mm equivalent in standard zooms the last ten years. When they aren't wide enough, I flip the camera to portrait orientation, shoot, then stitch in post. More MP that way too.

Link | Posted on Feb 22, 2018 at 10:44 UTC
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Mr Kobayashi: Well Fuji has IBIS now, so there goes practically any any argument for buying the Panasonic DC-G9. They are very close in physical size and weight, with better IQ, DR, and LL performance for Fuji. The G9 may still have slightly better AF and for long telephoto, sure. But at only $200 cheaper against the XH1, I'd say shave off another $200 Panny. M4/3 is nice, but not that good!

Not sure about Fuji, but one of the advantages for Panasonic is the number of great lens options (for cheap). The m43 system is big enough to make that possible. Even though I got my FF Sony body cheap, the good lenses are not, and the cheap ones are not good - at least not as good as they are with m43.

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blackcoffee17: I am sure it's a great lens but that price is too high. The Nikon 300 F4 gives the same FOV and IQ (compensating with ISO for F4) on APS-C and it's half this lens price.

Or the 400/5.6L Canon on FF... for the same price as this lens, you could get an A7II + metabones converter for IBIS :p Last I looked though the Canon 200/2.8L is their cheapest L lens... $650 was it?

Link | Posted on Nov 8, 2017 at 10:34 UTC
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cgarrard: Is it just me, or is it crazy that all these new lenses for mirrorless are just way too ...huge?

"That Batis 25 is just about the same length but much larger diameter... " In width x length, Sigma is 72.2mm × 92.3mm, Batis is 81mm x 78mm. Batis is wider while shorter, and lighter. The Sigma is (presumably) cheaper :p

Link | Posted on Oct 30, 2017 at 02:51 UTC
On article Hands-on with new Canon L-series primes (277 comments in total)
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thebestusername: Nice lenses with criminal price tag.

These are actually medium format lenses with built in movements. The movements mean losing AF and weather sealing, but consider how much "real" medium format lenses with these specs do cost, and you see the Canon lenses are a bargain (and why they are adapted by many working professionals using MF cameras!). Heck, the real bargains are the 17 and 24 which offer FOV (again with movements on top!) in focal lengths that just aren't available for anything resembling a human level price point on larger format systems.

Link | Posted on Oct 30, 2017 at 00:31 UTC
On article Hands-on with new Canon L-series primes (277 comments in total)
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Distagon18: All very nice but I still can't quite get my head round the fact that Canon has managed to drop 3 new tilt-shifts without addressing the real need for someone - anyone - to deliver a good, sharp, 35/2.8 shift lens with modern coatings for architectural exteriors (for situations where the inherent character of wider 24mm lenses can be too dramatic).

The C/Y fit Zeiss PC-Distagon still changes hands for serious money, being the only game in town for the current crop 40+ megapixel bodies, but it could be better and is a bit flare prone due to it's ageing coatings.

The 24TSEII on an APS-C camera does the trick. Sharp at all apertures, but if you need more than 24MP you have to resort to the 1.4x and one of the higher resolution FF sensors.

Link | Posted on Oct 30, 2017 at 00:10 UTC
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