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I live on the northernmost island in Japan, photographing the national park for a historical museum and associated galleries.

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Vlasty: The 90 and 135mm seem to be old school landscape photographers dream lenses.

For the last seven years the 90 TSE has been extremely important in my landscape photography... I just wonder how the new version stacks up (spec wise). The main problem shooting landscapes here is that greater tilts are necessary the longer the focal length, so it does limit the application (the 24TSE can do rather extreme work by comparison). The 45 I never bought because it optically wasn't there, but the 50TSE could be a significant tool in my arsenal.

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Ian: Stopped-down focusing (aka "focused at aperture" used here) can be done in LiveView on Canon bodies by holding down the depth of focus (DOF) button while turning the focus ring.

Standard operating procedure as far as my landscaping is concerned. Zoom to 100% in LV, move the focus box out to the edge, hold down DOF button, and manually focus. Move the focus box to where "infinity" is imaged, and make sure it is still in focus (enough). Adjust focus, repeat check on edge, ect.

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SeeRoy: For those M43 shooters for whom the Olympus 12-50 kit lens isn't nearly expensive enough.

If this comes with typical Panasonic m43 zoom image quality... it should blow the 12-50 out of the water.

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On article Erez Marom: On the importance of naming images (107 comments in total)
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Tungsten Nordstein: 'How not to name your images', would have been more apt. I can't think of a better way of undermining a photograph than a bad title. The two worst techniques are literalism (often in the guise of something poetic-sounding) and bad jokes. I see both here. Untitled is far more effective.

For photo contests I have to give titles, and for museum exhibition I have no choice unless I want to go against the director. In mild defiance I stick to jokes/puns (in Japanese) and literal descriptions whenever creative anarchism fails me. I haven't gotten any negative reactions that I can remember, but a number of people think they are incredibly deep (being non-Japanese) though I try to reassure them the hard work was up to the dictionary.

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p5freak: Its about time Sigma screws something up again. Another fail in a long list.

I suppose even their unprecedented win streak was bound to come to an end someday.

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Rooru S: On picture no. 12...are those old ladies rejecting a picture? If so, it's quite rude to publish this. (Or even taking it)...although this is a close don't see their faces so there is no direct harm aside from the awkward moment of taking the picture without their permission (if permission was asked).

"No direct harm"?!?!

73% chance he managed to steal *at least* one of their souls.

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I had one of those ten years ago when CF prices made shooting RAW very difficult during a long session. Since the HD is only 40GB it gathers a lot of dust now. Interesting to see they are still around (never left?)

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On article Canon confirms price drop on select EF lenses (139 comments in total)

I am sure they are doing it out of the kindness of their heart.

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sneakyracer: Wow, This lens makes the 645z one of the best platforms for Landscape and Architecture Photography, IF this lens performs as expected. Perfect lens for the sony 50mp sensor.

Great focal length range, 82mm front thread (easy to filter), basically it is a lens I wished for when I had the 645d. Almost made to order.

Perhaps, but working with LV DSLRs for landscapes these last five years I have found that the ultimate precision comes from utilizing lens movements to maximize DOF placement while simultaneously avoiding diffraction effects (and wind by not stopping down so heavily) keeping the lens at its sweet spot. Since DOF/diffraction is platform independent, the prospect of trying to pry the potential of 50MP worth of detail from a focal plane locked lens is doubtful... large format landscapes made movements standard practice in film days, while medium format wasn't held to these digital-era expectations.

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Eleson: Are these straight out of the camera, or was it raw images that needed attention and handcraft afterwards?

The "fade to gray" specular highlights on the rightmost image lead me to believe metering had been fooled by the monkey's dark complexion and highlights were clipped irrecoverably before being "pulled" in post.

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Nigel Wilkins: "Copyright law states that works not originated by a human author can't support a copyright claim, and that 'a work owing its form to the forces of nature and lacking human authorship is not registrable."

Does this include remote triggering devices like lightning detectors? By originated, presumably setting up the shot is enough. Giving a monkey your camera could be considered as setting up the shot, by using the monkey as a random triggering device, although apparently unintentional in this case.

Common sense should prevail IMO. The nearest thing the photo has to an owner is the owner of the camera.

>Common sense should prevail IMO. The nearest thing the photo has to an owner is the owner of the camera.

Exactly. And by common sense "ownership" is not an inherent condition that must be ascribed to all things.

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On article Leica M Monochrom now available in grayscale (sort of) (136 comments in total)
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DPJoe2: Apparently this model is intended for collectors. Serious photographers don't buy cameras that totally lock-out tonal control based on the colors in the scene. For instance, if two different colors have the same luminance and are adjacent to each other in the scene, there would be no way to separate these tones in print without using a filter on the camera when you took the shot. And you are unlikely to think of this since you are looking at the scene in color. I don't know about you, but I think it makes much more sense to have a color image to start with. Then you can adjust an individual color's luminance while looking at the image in black and white on screen. This lose of post processing control is unthinkable for anyone wishing to produce a fine black & white print.

Without *any* filter? I expect that most were taken with a filter selected on the basis of the subject being photographed, ie red or orange for landscapes, green or yellow for portraits, ect...

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On article Canon USA brings white EOS Rebel SL1 to America (115 comments in total)
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photosen: Oh, and DPReview? America was a continent looong before some creatively challenged quakers got expelled from the UK, I don't see the availability for Canada, Argentina and the rest?

"a" continent? Drop the North or South qualifier, and the point of the term is usually clear.

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On article Canon announces 16-35mm F4L and 10-18mm F4.5-5.6 lenses (368 comments in total)
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EvokeEmotion: This completes the Canon APS-C Trinity: 10-18, 18-55, 55-250. All with IS and STM.

So much for the conspiracy theory that Canon is about to abandon the APS-C format.

For an APS-C prime? Outside of the Pentax limited line, do they come any slower?

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On article Canon announces 16-35mm F4L and 10-18mm F4.5-5.6 lenses (368 comments in total)
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Retzius: The 10-18 is a very smart move. There is not a "budget" ultra-wide for aps-c in any other mount.

Yeah, that would have driven scores to Canon's fledgling EF-S camera line about 10 years ago. Along with the 18-55 and 50-200 USM (at the time) it would have completed the standard quality zoom trio. It seems horribly late to the game now, since many of us that cut our teeth on Canon APS-C have since moved on...

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kimchiflower: Aside from weather sealing, can someone tell me the benefit of this lens' specs over the Panny 7-14?

The Olly is a stop faster, but why not just bump up the ISO a stop or utilise the extra stops available with IBIS? You can forget about bokeh at this FOV, and shake is less pronounced at wide-angle too.

This is going to be larger, heavier, and pricier. I'd prefer a small, cheap, weather sealed ultra-WA prime (8 or 9mm f3.5?) to take out along with the 12-40 to keep the weight down

"No purple blobs"

What, are they building the wratten 2a right into the lens this time?

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RichRMA: They should do like Leica did with the S2. A 50mp DSLR-shaped camera, somewhat smaller even than the pro Nikons and Canons.

No, the A (B) sizes are actually within a hair of 5:7, so both 3:2 and 4:3 will have to be cropped about the same to print. I find my preference these days is 4:5, 4:3, and "wide" with 5:7, so it seems shooting m43 has changed the way I see!

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On article Canon announces EOS M2 in Japan (616 comments in total)
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(unknown member): So let me get this straight . . . the "improvement" is Canon simply made the auto focus finally work? That's the improvement? I have been a loyal Canon fan for decades but the once mighty Canon indeed is slipping. Sony, and others, are making Canon look stupid now. Actually, Canon is making itself look foolish.

"A debatable statement"

No kidding. The G1, aka the original m43 camera, still has perfectly acceptable (*fast*) AF in one-shot mode. Olympus did take several generations to catch up...

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review (2083 comments in total)
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thx1138: "True, you can switch out a heavy zoom for a lightweight prime on a DSLR and get something of the same feeling, but the DSLR doesn't transition into the role of a take-me-anywhere camera quite like a Micro Four Thirds body does"

And yet somehow we do manage to take our DSLRs everywhere with us and certainly to the same places we'd take the almost-as-large as Canon SL1 E-M1. SL1 and 40mm pancake is actually lighter by 70g than E-M1 + 17 f1.8/20f1.7.

What you said might be true for the smaller PEN style bodies but E-M1 is getting seriously large and straying away from the small and compact concept. It's larger and heavier than Sony A7(R) twins!

Certainly wouldn't upgrade from my E-M5 for this one.

Because its the Canon *glass* that weighs my backpack down, not the body(s).

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On article Olympus Stylus 1 First Impressions Review (327 comments in total)
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pelicaneng: "In the graph below, the lower the line, the better the camera is likely to be for low-light image quality and blurring backgrounds, at any given equivalent focal length."

Aperture is Aperture. Yes DOF is inversely proportional to sensor size, but light gathering, the number of photons per unit area is a constant. So the blurring background part is correct but the low light part is not, all things being equal with sensor density.

The graph with the "y axis" labelled as equivalent aperture is simply wrong. Equivalent DOF sure, equivalent Aperture - no.

At this point there needs to be a term for "exposure is the same!" brigade. Those who settle on the Panasonic FZ200 as the ultimate low-light solution, unable to perceive the increased image noise.

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