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How scientific is the “Sony has worse dynamic range” claim?
Any proof to that ?

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Gediminas 8: "Keep the dream alive" begs the questions "Whose dream?" and "Why should I be paying for it?".

I’d add that to help solve the problem Flickr could make each premium member a shareholder of a private company.
Instead of acting like a crying landlord begging for more tenants - Flickr could offer a share of a company for each premium member.
Then it will become “dream” for others too.

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Jer81: I've used Flickr for years and enjoyed it. But didn't reach much people with my photographs as I didn't put that much effort in networking. Found out that my photographs on Instagram get much more and faster attention. So I quit Flickr. Now I feel a little bit guilty...

Maybe it's time to try it again?

Honestly I think what you’re doing to get more attention is right. Flickr won’t beat instagram.
You shouldn’t feel guilty

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Delayed due to unexpected demand?

It's like: "Because there are too many of you, no one will get it"

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justmeMN: Rather than wasting their money on trade shows, some camera companies have decided to concentrate on wasting their money on buying "influencers". :-)

You won’t believe how much money is made by “buying influencers”

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keeponkeepingon: It sounds cool but my only concern would be..... there ain't no free lunch.

If I live in a sales tax free state such as newhampshire am I paying more for BandH products so they can pay the sales tax for someone in Alabama (9%).

Someone mentioned that with credit card fees saved or recouped from the customers (late fees, interest) it should cover it.... which just goes to show you what a racket the credit card industry is....

Terms are clear: this is high interest card. Don’t use it unless you can pay your bills in full.
If you disciplined enough - you take full advantage of not paying state sales tax.

If you’re not disciplined enough - and decide to buy stuff you can’t afford - you’ll suffer very predictable and known consequences.

Don’t take loan or buy stuff you can’t afford.

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Yake: B&H is a great store and web site, but the APR of 29.99% should be illegal. Credit cards with such rates are, unfortunately, legalized usury.

Terms are clear, consequences are clear.
If people are still doing that - who to blame?

If nothing else - this card also carry educational value - pay your bills in full, don’t carry balance forward, don’t buy stuff you can’t afford.

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Charlie Jin: A loophole in tax-credit card system?
OK, your purchase became “payment”, which effectively you paid. The company send you the item. Then shouldn’t it be considered as a sale? Not just a payment?

There is no loophole. Store pays sales tax to state government and then takes a risk by giving you immediate refund equal to sales tax amount in your state. This is purely business risk and business driven decision to balance risk / rewards.

Local physical stores in high tax states are getting even more screwed because they cannot afford the risks that BH can with their nationwide and global customer base.

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hbutzcom: Seems to me that B&H is saving money on credit card merchant fees with their own "credit card." The money they're not paying to credit card merchants they give you a cash back reward. Rather than a cash back, they just give you an instant credit for the purchase equal to the amount of the tax. You're not really avoiding paying tax - you're just getting a cash back bonus by saving B&H on their merchant fees - at least, that's what it seems like to me.

As for the late fees, interest, etc - don't use it like a credit card and don't carry a balance ever else you'll loose all the money you'd be saving.

The sweet thing is it will work in New York and at their superstore. Everyone in New York have been paying sales tax all along.

This will be interesting to see where it goes and if Adorama follows suit.

I wonder how expensive is for merchant to create its own credit (or purchase card) like that?
And also - who really gets these large APR payments from customers who carry balances forward?
Is that BH? Synchrony?
And also - how much merchant is really saving in CC transaction fees when purchase is made with “custom” payment card?

If BH is getting APRs + saving in txn fees then I can see that it helps to tie things together.
BH will lose money on me (CA resident who is going to pay Payboo balance in full every time).

Smaller merchants in CA/NY/etc night not be happy - but the real blame should be directed to your local wise government who think that taxing you out of the market is the great thing.

As a customer I am totally going to buy from merchant who “does not charge sales tax”.
The added advantage is that I can come to NYC and buy stuff at their amazing local store and “won’t pay tax” either.

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