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Ben2e: How well can this stand up to the Nikon D500 for action shots. I realize the D500 is far larger and far more expensive. My primary use is the most challenging subjects possible. I'm of course talking about fast moving children. From reading the reviews, both have excellent action tracking both have face detection but it's difficult to tell from the reviews how these models compare. I'd love to use it for soccer games as well but that's a small percentage of my needs. Mostly I want to be able to grab it and catch a moment instantly of children in motion and have a high in-focus hit rate.

Fast moving kids and occasional sports the Sony a6X00 cameras are really nice. Super fast AF and a zoom tele lens that is a real bargain in a bundle. Add the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 (yes,1.4) for indoor/lowlight action-it's a great lens.

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1. I would like to thank Mr. Butler for spending the time here to address comments. He'd make a good politician.
2. Kids here who get upset that DPR hasn't praised their homework (purchasing decision) as a good mommy (review site) should, and thus conclude that the reviewers MUST be horrible (biased) really need to grow up. Although I would say that I personally value ergonomics over IQ a good deal more than DPR.
3. Value comparison to the a6000: Maybe I just got lucky, but I bought a package at one of the big NYC outfits a few months back:
Body, 16-50 lens, 55-210 lens, Sony accessory pack (screen protector, 2nd battery, external charger), 64GB Class 10 card and a $50 gift card that I recently applied to the Sigma f/1.4 prime. A 3-lens kit and accessories I would have purchased regardless (except for card) and I'm still under $1k all-in with a fast prime? Not sure exactly where that puts the effective cost of the a6000 for me, but it sure is a far sight below $600.

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Bhonder: Ok. I have read the first 9 pages of comments, at least. Now, without starting a flame or answers like "it depends upon your needs", the question is:

You have 5 minutes to choose between Nikon 1 V3 and A6300: which one?

Consider quality, technical support, availability of lenses/spare parts.

I owned a full Nikon 1 kit and now have a mostly complete kit for the a6000. With the 1 system I think bulk and weight are the primary driver so that should be a big factor. The 1 system bodies have been a big disappointment and what led me to dump the system. Enthusiasts want control and the Nikon 1 bodies just don't play nice. Nowhere near enough physical controls. Integrated viewfinder is NOT an option.

I can't afford $10k USD for such a system so the cost lenses is often as big an issue as the availability. I found the offerings for both sufficient.

The Nikon was a true gem in build quality. It felt like the future of cameras. The Sony (and Sigma lenses) are good enough. I don't use technical support or parts. If you mean quality I haven't had a problem with either.

The Sony system is excellent overall, with great DOF potential with the f/1.4 prime, especially given the size and weight. Nikon will always cripple the 1 to avoid cannibalization. Sad, really.

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steveworks: I always read reviews before making a decision but sometimes, advice is needed. I am not a pro photographer (maybe semi-pro one day), but I demand high image quality. If it's not clear and sharp, no one will ever see it but me. I love Zeiss lenses. So, I am been a p&s man who just shot a wedding with the groom's EOS 10D. Don't laugh but my current cameras are Sony's DSC WX80(Zeiss lens) and WX350(Sony lens) It's time to move forward. My question is : EOS 70D or A6000? Manual Settings, I am slowly learning. I do mostly parties/events including live music in dimly lit environments. but, I take a picture or video of everything I can (I like pictures) Any advice will be appreciated and helpful. Thank you for your time.

Depends on your budget. If you have limited funds then the A6000 is going to stretch your budget further with more lenses- like a short prime for shooting groups and a 60mm prime for actions shots of people in low light. Don't worry about the name on the lens- go read tests (photozone) and user reviews (B&H). Both cameras have the speed and AF to suit you. Another difference is size: If it is your only camera being able to mount the compact kit lens on the A6000 makes for a MUCH smaller to-go camera, even in a jacket pocket. Good luck!

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The pictures are great. Ethereal, earthen. The light quality is fascinating and unnatural. Highly manipulated in PP. Art.

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I think the review may be overly harsh. I have had the TX5 for several years. If you need a slim camera for outdoor adventure use, your options are this and a Casio that is nowhere near as good.

The Sony deploys, one-handed, while riding my bike, without looking, in a couple of seconds, from a pouch or pocket. Recently returned from touring in Dordogne, France with the family. Hundreds of on-bike shots and HD video clips that look great on my 2560 x 1440 display. I believe the TX line is the ONLY camera that fits this need well.

The criticism about the screen in sunlight is well-taken, but I find it little worse than most. Underwater use? The camera is not intended for underwater use- it has very modest waterproofness. Screen scratching? Not to my experience. And the touchscreen works with thin gloves on.

Last thing is this camera is TOUGH. Dropped several times at 15+ MPH to asphalt and rock. Scratched up a bit. Still works like a champ.

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P7000, with firmware updates, crushes all these in the value department: New at Amazon for $229

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How fugly can it be? Small sensor? Minimal direct controls? This is certainly not targeted at the enthusiast and non-enthusiasts DO NOT BUY A KIT OF LENSES. Most NEVER change lenses. Wow, Nikon really screwed the pooch here. And I am a Nikon user.

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