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On article Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? (1507 comments in total)

I have to agree with most of all who commented on the quick poll. To many, even LX7 or X-E1 would be their best camera. How about Leica M monochrome?
We won't mind voting again with a new voting list and system.

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On article Fujifilm launches FinePix F600 EXR travel zoom (25 comments in total)
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Ergo607: One time Fujifilm had the best IQ to be found in any compact with the F10/11/20/30/31 and E-550/F-810 camera's. While these were recognised for their excellent quality (for a compact camera at the time), they were not very popular (probably due to the use of the exotic xD cards and for lack of wide angle. Also Fuji was blaimed for sticking to 6 megapixel (while other manufacturers offered 8, 9 and 10 Pix.

This is one mistake that Fuji wont be making again... It's only recently that the industry has slowed down the pace of the megapixelrace in their high ends (beginning with the LX-3 and later with G-12 and S-90.)

Having said all that: I would love to see an updated F-810. It's still one of the best compacts I ever owned...

My F30 outperforms many other latest cameras in terms of image quality.

I wish this is a 10MP.

Fujifilm people just refuse to listen to experienced users and dpreview.

Now we see the M43 growing and taking over the market from what fujifilm used to have an edge with the super CCD. The latest E-P3 is only 12MP. I bought it and I like it a lot.

You never get an edge if you sell people 16MP and yet the photos come out inferior.

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Ricoh have paid that amount of money for the Pentax 645D system.
The rest will probably be quite negligible ......

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OK, now with a tiny market share ... Pentax developed the Q interchangeable system, announced it, and then sold to Ricoh?

So, that will be a Ricoh Q or Ricoh will drop that idea somehow and continue to develop its Leica M mount system?

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On article Pentax Q Hands-on Preview (281 comments in total)

Common sense .....

Most photographers who care to carry with them and change lens because they can do something extra to achieve the image quality they want.

If Pentax thinks ppl will change lens for fun and don't care about image quality, then they will learn a lesson.

I think most mirrorless fans will go with m43. Sony die-hard fans will go with NEX, but I suspect Sony as a company is going to a dead-end. Sad ... I used to be a big fan of Sony.

I just hope Pentax Q will not become a big joke in the history of mirrorless camera. Look at that little camera, it's lovely, if you can ignore the sensor part.

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It is a beautiful camera, much better than the Sony NEX system. But for me, a camera has to take good pictures. I am eager to see the sample pictures. If it comes out not good, this will be a dead-end for Pentax Q.

For now I have my E-PL1 with 20mm lumix. I don't even care to zoom or change lens. I may want to pay for Leica 25mm, but certainly not investing into another mirrorless system.

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