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the ultimate cam for soccer moms..not..slow afc, wont keep up with the kids..yet yes, will af focus for the night team pics. Touchscreen and flip also a plus on the mommy list..1 card, no problem..Babies are still subjects..

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knight427: Does -6 ev AF mean it can autofocus with my 100-400ii +2x extender? That would be super cool, especially if offers 1.3 and 1.6 autocrop options.

probably that was measured with the standard 1.8 50, but usually it gets hard from 5.6 and beyond..

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lehill: The mirrorless war is much more fun than the megapixel war.


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Hey Canon, that's pretty slick..
How much should Nikon bill them for piggyback advertising? lol

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Good..notice it has a USB port..thats reassurance on my book and to be honest, the YN 50 EF wasnt to shabby, considering the price..
Alas, I went Sony A7, to use it as a glorified rangefinder..
Since Sony "protocol open " its E mount, whats the holdup with third parties lens?

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In Pursuit of Cortana..

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In Search of Cortana..
I thought it was a new Halo game with a bit of Guitar Hero..nice Sony cubes too..

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cosinaphile: good luck finding an operational ac outlet for the charger

yea, it sucks not to find one at your country..

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All camera companies will soon recruit female ambassadors..

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This would be great for Pentax cameras..One could VR without bending, age is a hard reality for knees..

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So...Hatsune Miku left Sony for Nikon?

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(unknown member): D600 oil spattering. D800/E, focusing problems. D7000 focusing issues. D750 shutter problems. Not a good track-record. And why haven't any problems impacted the bottom-rung cameras like the 3000 or 5000 series? Or have they?

You think so? have a trip around those forums..mostly the dreaded No Lens Attached issue..

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