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  • а я дождусь x-t200 и прикуплю пару-тройку тушек для свадебной съемки с фиксами. Кэнон в пролете, Кэпчур наконец то вовремя пришел, прощай лайтрум, прощай кэнон.

  • well, we finally got Phase One Capture for fujifilm and it is totally free.... Hip hip hooray!!!! It's faster workflow with better jpeg converter.

  • i hope the xt200 will incorporate the same focusing system... I love the quality of cmos sensors, the affordability, and the fuji glass.... I do hope the camera gets more intuitive than what we had...

  • Love the discreeteness, this is a descreet website

  • нафига они выпустили 28 и 40, кому это нужно?
    станрарт 24, 35 и 50... это было и будет всегда, но вот чего нам точно не хватает так это 17мм 1.4
    Ну и чтобы объективы не были тяжелыми, а я ваще за...

  • а кто будет выпускать объективы? Надеюсь увидеть классические занитары за приемлимые деньги. Ура товарищи, наш час настал!

  • Thats good news, hopefully they will make the same improvements with the xt200 so we can finally afford to shoot weddings

  • @ bayindie, no they do not behave like film cameras. I shoot film, what a silly statement. And I did own the d70 and looking at the files from the weddings I shot with it I am amazed how far...

  • it takes the same quality photos as any other cropped sensor and it will likeley outperform some older FF sensors such as my 5d mk2

  • d70 takes crappy photos, no dynamic range present, blacks and whites hit the wall, the new camera sensors run circles around old junk like dat.

  • is it just me or the photos aren't as sharp... what conclusion should I be drawing from the sample photos?

    sorry Panasonic lovers, I got fuji prime lenses, so used to seeing crispness in my...

  • here is my logic, if you can afford $1200 on a lens, add another $1000 and get the 84 1.2 ii from canon. You will own this lens for about 20 years, divide that by $1000 and you will only be paying...

  • so sorry DarnGoodPhotos, I am a pro and I can't afford to purchase f 2 lenses so your right, I don't know anything about cheaper lens lineup. All my gear is 1.4 or 1.2 I was talking about the high...

  • id say it's comparable to xt10 but I tried xt20 at best buy and I'd say it isn't any more responsive imho. Fuji is still a disappointing camera but I will have to wait until they smarten up. Maybe...

  • согласен на все 100. Сцукины дети, ждем xt200.

  • Pros:
    1. outstanding image quality
    2. out of this world lenses
    3. Silkypix raw converter is the best for converting

    Fuji still needs 2 generations in order to improve, I don't think I will buy...

  • If I may add to the review some of the cons:
    1. face detection is ok but isn't as reliable as I would expect it to be
    2. not very intuitive - frustrating to shoot even portrait sessions
    3. very...

  • ya ya, if I shot Canon 85 1.2 and told u it was shot with leica I am sure you wouldn't know the difference. Lets put a capital L on canon 85 1.2, in fact fuji 56 1.2 also deserves the capital L

  • don't forget they have AF. I think leica is still thinking inside the box, I personally don't want any of these lenses for free, unless I resell them on ebay to the leica fan boys.

  • oh yes, your right, you meant to say that 90mm is equivalent to 135 ff. That makes more sense. In that case I will be waiting for 90mm 1.4

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