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Franz Weber: The Ed Sheeran edition comes in red.

Body only... ;)

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Franz Weber: The Billy Idol edition has some special features:

- the AF focuses on Eyes Without A Face
- the focal length of the lens is Sweet Sixteen
- it is aimed at photographers that shoot White Weddings

And the price is Shock to the System...

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Adult video industry likes this...

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Bigsensorisbest: Bond branding so subtle you can’t see it, and a stupid briefcase no one wants. Im someone who jumps at special edition bond things but not this.

I actually like the suitcase. If I would be a Leica collector, I'd definitely get this set.

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lnsmr: Leica limited edition cameras actually hold resell value pretty good. I like my Q2, but this "007 logo" on the camera seems tacky and in poor taste. Just feels weird to use something like this (or Omega watches with 007 logos). But that's me. I guess I am just jealous of the people who feel comfortable using this kind of products, along with flashy sneakers and big gold chains.

I don't think most buyers will actually *use* this camera. I think this is an investment and most of the sets will never be unpacked just to stay 'mint condition' for resale sometime in the future.

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USN Squid: This should be a Leica lens.

Just sayin'.

Only then it would go for $390,000...

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