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As opposed to the Tamron, I use a Zeiss (Contax N) 24-85/3.5-4.5 zoom with a Fringer adapter. Not a lightweight, but these are orphaned, and can pick one up for a reasonable amount (USD 300-500). The adapter is costly (USD 400), but one is all you need for all N lenses. I also have the 70-300 mm.
I consider the Sony A7 II as a digital back for my choice of lens. Most SLR lenses are adaptable. The image stabilization would be a bonus, if I ever figured out how to use it properly with a non-native zoom.

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Let me see - based on the Sony A version and an A-E adapter, the warranty costs more than the lens? The Warranty of the Year?

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Another thing, this being their first ever digital camera: The Contax N Digital (and I did have one) was the most significant, but they had the Contax T-VS series also. Finally, the Contax 645 was made for digital backs.
Contax is a brand belonging to Zeiss, and Kyocera rented it for a number of years. Evidently, the time isn't up yet, thus they call this one Zeiss, not Contax.

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I don't know if you noticed, but even though the product is not even on the market yet, we have a dozen people who already 'had it'. Not to mention those, who already own it...
Is this some kind of an inside joke? And am I on the outside?

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