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noflashplease: Sorry Sony, but I don't believe that there will be any great shortage of any A-mount bodies, especially ones that have seen a 60% price hike over the last generation. This is just marketing hype. As a system, the A-mount is nearly extinct, finished off by the light blocking pellicle mirror concept. It's not coming back, which is precisely why Sony invested so much into full frame A7 series bodies.

Troll much?

Link | Posted on Oct 26, 2016 at 18:25 UTC

What a surprise. As for DPR being also surprised by the release itself, DPR bought heavily into A-mount-is-dead stock, and then had to dump that stock in a rush. They seem to badly need better financial advisors.

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atclen: Sony !! POS

No, he just doesn't know how to turn off the CAPS.

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PPierre: Expensive and big, though quite qualitative according to early reviewers. What I don't get is why Sony hasn't released the A99II before the A7RII, and then released these huge qualitative lenses for this body, which is an A7RII with better AF... Now, Sony's best body won't have the best lenses, while the smaller ones will have the best and the heaviest. Hard to understand.

Except that the Tamron 70-200 2.8 is probably almost as good, and half the price. I'm not too worried about lenses for the A99ii, and as someone has mentioned, the Minolta 80-200 2.8 is amazing for $700-900. I've got a ton of excellent (and affordable) glass. Not clear whether I will spring for the 24-70 2.8 from Tamron or CZ . . . but again, I'm not worried about a shortage of lenses. Would be nice however if Sigma and Sony would kiss and make up . . .

Link | Posted on Sep 29, 2016 at 22:02 UTC

I'm sure that's a spectacular lens but with a price tag to match. Only the well heeled enthusiast, or a successful pro, can afford a full staple of FE lens, esp. anything with the G master label. And will it be really any better than the (relatively) cheap USD Tamron 7-200 2.8 on AMount which is optically excellent?

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Should put some needed downward price pressure on Sony's RX10II/III.

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ZeneticX: Well it's good to see some haters actually stand by their opinion that A mount is dead even after this announcement. Still better than the naysayers and bandwagoners

Yup. The haters and trolls are doubling down though, as they seem to all be scrambling to justify their clearly wrong A-Mount-is-Dead religion. Sad really. Shows that some people simply can't be taught. Make a mistake? Sure. Just cover that up by making a bigger version of the same mistake, and keep doing that until you feel vindicated by getting just one prediction right.

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noflashplease: This A99 II most likely be the very last A mount/Maxxum body, which makes sense, due to the long product life cycles. Outside of current user base, I can't imagine anyone buying into an effectively dead lens mount. This is basically just a pleasant way of phasing out a product line, and truth be known, slapping A7RII internals in to the big A99 body was just about as easy as producing the big, hollow A3000 from NEX components. This is a low investment, low volume, closeout product. Goodbye SLT! Goodbye A mount!

Wake up.

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havoc315: If Canon or Nikon made this camera, it would be a major game changer.
Sony a-mount has such limited market share, and a neglected lens lineup, that I doubt this fantastic camera body will have much of an impact on the broader market.

Havoc315 - weren't you the same DP prognosticator that declared categorically that there would be no more FF A mount bodies? Doubling down on your lost bet? I guess some people simply can't learn from their mistakes, or, for that matter, even admit them.

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photog4u: Brilliant! Well done Sony! This is definitely a hard blow to the D810...

IUDEX: Possibly soon-to-be extinct? Really? You want to double down on your previous lost bet? Weren't you one of the many DP geniuses that recently predicted no more A mount bodies?

Posted on Sep 19, 2016 at 14:02 UTC
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Marjan: To me the best Sony could do is the return to classic DSLR concept with that series and to beat 5d mark iv on its own ground, at least with spec. We have good enough A7 rII we dont need a99iI know.

Speak for yourself. Clearly, everyone with A mount glass is salivating over this. It's actually on paper a better camera than the A7Rii. Your response suggests you have no knowledge of the size of the installed base of A mount lenses, both the legacy Minolta glass, and the newer Sony and Zeiss glass.

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halfwaythere: One question remains: what's the point of this camera?

It's not like someone is going to buy A mount lenses just to use this camera, because I'm pretty sure there isn't going to be another one.

Weren't you the brilliant prognosticator that was recently front and center in declaring that there would be no upgraded A mount FF cameras?

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talk about bleeding edge technology outrunning the infrastructure . . .

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Khairil: Sorry, IQ wise, still not impressed. With that kind of money I would buy a cheap secondhand D3200 with zoom lens (well, maybe couldn't reach 600mm) but with much much much better IQ (and still better when crop-zoom from apsc size, to reach 600mm)..

Whatever? That's your best reply to the technical issues against your supposition? Sorry, but that's no argument. As for the photos, those of use who actually USE the camera instead of trolling against it are consistently impressed with how close it really gets to APS-C. Your prejudice is not an argument from a position of strength. As for it being expensive, yup, but most of us using the camera, myself included, see it as a good value.

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snapa: It seems Sony is really churning out all kinds of high quality FF FE and GM lenses :0
It's a shame Sony can't squeeze out 1-2 new (or improved) native APS-C E-mount zoom lenses. Maybe even 1-2 high IQ pancake wide angle primes would be nice too. Does every lens they make have to cost $1,000-2,500 and be a FF lens? What ever happened to the days of the original small, inexpensive, light, NEX cameras and lenses? It looks like those days are over with :(

Yes, and even just an improved E f4 16-70 CZ as that lens, while OK isn't a great value for that much $.

Link | Posted on Jul 11, 2016 at 20:17 UTC
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Hard to believe that outside of someone being a bokeh junkie, that this lens has anything on the CZ FE 55 1.8. An an awful lot of $ for that slim benefit . . .

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Pure trash. And instead of giving the camera to charity where it might eventually be used, it's crushed as a joke in our throw-away society. Yup. DPR has lost it.

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Kalhor: Image Quality = garbage, my old X-E1 makes better images in all ISO range.

Kalhor - comment quality = garbage.

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Emmanuel Aldecoa: I can't believe people still throw away there money in bridge cameras . Lenses are soft in anything but the widest focal length , noise is terrible due to the small sensor , response times are slow , the "viewfinder" is hopeful .

Other than the reach of the zoom I much prefer to use an iPhone 6S. BTW I was Panasonic FZ8 and Fuji XS-1 so I've got some useful first hand experience.

Clueless. Try using a camera before you dismiss it as a waste of money. The lens is anything but soft, the sensor isn't "very noisy" and produces pretty clean output up to 80-1600 (where the best APS-C bodies were just a few years ago), and the viewfinder is excellent. I guess you just (s)trolled over here from Canikon land to enlighten us with your vast experience?

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