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fSprout: We have waited long enough for the DL's :-(
Don't drive us into rx100v short but ample hands.
C'mon Nikon any news will do!

Lack of touchscreen on the Sonys has me more inclined to wait on the DLs.

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New release date on the premium compacts "has yet to be determined" as of April. Seems due for an update.

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ekaton: Fuji releases major FW upgrades and takes care of its customers. Sony spits out new cameras instead. My a6300 will go on sale. Am done with their aps-c line.

Honda: releases 2017 Honda Civic
Consumer: yay!
Honda: releases 2017 Honda Accord
Consumer: damn you Honda, it's betrayal!

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otto k: Wow, camera sales must really be down. First Canon listens to customers and produces scaled down 80D in M body and now Sony listens and (hopefully) fixes complaints customers had on a6300. This is so out of character for the industry they must have been terrified. They do charge an arm and a leg though...

Give them some credit. The listened carefully on how to milk us.

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steelhead3: I can't believe Rishi is confused by the differences between the 3 models

In conclusion, consumers might be confused about how consumers might be confused

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On article Hands-on and in-depth with the Sony a6500 (545 comments in total)
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Tonkotsu Ramen: That part about the touchscreen is extremely disappointing. Why does sony give us half the touchscreen features when the hardware is there already?

9 years after the first iphone, the world has caught up. Maybe they weren't ready for touchscreens a few years ago, but even "serious" photographers can't ignore the GUI revolution in consumer electronics that touch screens have wrought.

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On article Hands-on and in-depth with the Sony a6500 (545 comments in total)
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SteveY80: It's a bit odd that the menus can't be controlled from the touch screen, but does anyone really consider that a big deal?

To me 99% of the reason for a touch screen is to quickly change the focus point, especially on a camera that lacks a dedicated joystick. I change the focus point far more often than I change menu settings that don't have a physical control assigned.

As long as touch AF is implemented well, I think this is a really significant usability enhancement. Hopefully it'll appear on the A7 series too.

Picture review zoom in +1
I'm thinking they rushed this out and didn't do the bottoms up redesign that a touch menu would require.

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Gnostos Agnostos: Still no double SD card slots. A very important omission. The camera is bigger than its predecessors, it could easily have double slots.
The image sensor stabilization is highly important for every camera today.
The price is high but as usual it will force the price of a6300 down.
Sony is typical in producing constantly new mirroress cameras with minor advancements since the SONY NEX-3/5.
A real nightmare for merchants who stock Sony mirrorless cameras in their shops.

2 SD card slots wouldn't appear in an APS-C body first. Will have "pro" FF body before a pro APS-C body.

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Zdman: Rolling shutter is 100% caused by the readout speed of the sensor and the bottleneck is the Analog to Digital Converter. There is only one per column so essentially they can only do one row at a time. The type of ADC used is slow but accurate and is slower the more bit depth you require.Sony has solved this problem in its RX series by stacking the sensor and having 6 ADC per column. High speed camera's usually have an ADC per pixel which takes up lots of space and gives them a poor fill factor. So no amount of additional post processing will speed it up. Only current ways are to line skip or reduce bit depth. We'll have to wait for BSI stacked sensors before things get better. In case your waiting for a global shutter that involves more noise and a storage node which decreases full well which would make it a horrible sensor for still pictures. Stacked BSI is the future.

So is the ADC design the same as A6300 (and therefore rolling shutter is presumably the same)?

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bluevellet: Looks like Sony shouldn't have bothered to announce/release the A6300 some months ago, the A6500 is the camera the A6300 should have been in most respect and we're still in the same year.

Nice specs, some overdue, some still missing, but a step in the right direction. I wouldn't buy it though, foremost because of the native lens situation.

Either this is a regret release after realizing the A6300 wasn't quite premium enough, or they needed a transition model like the A6300 to get their market used to the pricing change before releasing their flagship.

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elouisyoung: ALL THIS HOOPLAH... and yet the e-mount has NO excellent aps-c lenses. damnit, just make a legit 16-50 f2.8 that ISN'T an optical turd like the 16-70 f4.

@Androole- G85 only has DFD (no PDAF). That's a non-starter for a lot of people.

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r1975: So in another 8 months we could expect a further improved a6700 to replace this...! Sony's getting very close to what we want here - and have waited so long for! Nearly perfect spec APS-C camera, except for only 920k pixel LCD resolution, slow USB 2.0 interface, no headphone jack, not fully articulating screen, no dual card writing, fairly poor battery life and tendency to overheat with long 4K recordings... but apart from that, pretty good!

how much extra would you pay for those extra features? I know I'm going to pay the premium for IBIS and touchscreen. How much more are consumers willing to pay for an articulating screen?

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mmrezaie: This camera is perfect for me only if there was a way I could find a quality prime around 24mm like the 23mm f2 of Fuji. I am looking for something very light in that zone.

Great point Hans. This is going to reinvigorate demand for premium unstabilized APS-C lenses. I could even shoot video with the SEL24 now.

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Thorgrem: So the A6300 failed as a popular successor to the A6000 and gets replaces in 8 months.
They now just ad in body stabilization (which is nice) and raise the price extensively. This won't do sales any better.

I think Sony has lost it's grip on the non FF mirror-less market.

There are different tiers in the non-FF mirrorless market. A6500 is for the high end, just like E-M1 ii and X-T2. Low end can still buy A6000 etc.

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noflashplease: No thanks! The A6300 seemed unduly expensive at $1,000 when the very similar A6000 had been selling for $400 during the last holiday season. Now Sony has taken another step in the wrong direction with this $1,400 crop body? Is the A6500 really worth $1,000 more than the A6000? Hmmm?

Lately, Sony has been going off the tracks with insane price escalation, not to mention increasingly crowded and muddled product lines.

As consumers migrate to cell phones, the ILC market moves towards premium users who demand better features and are less price sensitive. If you don't value any of the new features, don't upgrade, but be prepared to pay for the upgrades if you do.

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Dragonrider: Looks like a capable camera, but I can't believe those who just bought an A6300 are very pleased with their new toy being suddenly obsolete. The obsolescence rate with Sony is mind blurring.

I agree, it's much better to be a permanently obsolete Canon user

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Kharan: WHY, SONY, WHY!? You just had to put all the features I want in that stupid, uncomfortable "rangefinder" body, didn't you? Especially when there's already two other A6xxx cameras using it, I'd think they could've offered us a proper, enthusiast-oriented choice (more dials and buttons, joystick, centered EVF).
Was it so hard to update the A3000 for this, and make a battery grip while you're at it?

Rangerfinder style makes more sense with a touchscreen. Otherwise it becomes nosescreen autofocus.

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zzzxtreme: Meanwhile, Nikon is sleeping

A gentleman from the Kodak company said he tried knocking on the door multiple times, but apparently they didn't hear him knocking

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Androole: Interesting!

The first Sony with an EVF and touchscreen automatically makes it very promising, and hopefully a sign of things to come for their A7 III.

The 5-axis IBIS is also great.

Sadly, it doesn't appear that they've fixed the control problems. Why isn't there a 2nd command dial around the shutter button?

And at $1400 without proper weather-sealing and a pretty skimpy APS-C E-mount lens line-up, it starts to butt up against pretty stiff competition. That's within striking distance of the projected price tag for the Olympus E-M1 II, and 50% more than the Panasonic G85...

I'd also love a 2nd command dial, but if I had to pick 2 out of 3, it'd be IBIS and touchscreen. I'd love another command dial, but I've learned to live without one. IBIS and touchscreen are much more valuable to me.

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WOW. And so soon after I bought the A6300. But this is what I was hoping the A6300 would be, and now that it's here, I'll have to upgrade to it.

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