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brdeveloper: Boring review... Lumia 1020 wins with a slight margin against S4Z although Nokia 808 has a way better camera for still pictures, albeit it's outdated. In videos, however, the competition is tougher.

Maybe we'll have a better cameraphone landscape when we'll have truly Nokia competitors. But at that time we'll have an even better Nokia phone - a Lumia 1120, maybe.

Currently, when you have a near-premium compact camera performance, you have to buy a Nokia. There aren't any other reasonable options.

808 PureView is without a doubt the king of cameraphones.

Maybe with Lumia 1025, 1120 or whatever they'll call it, Nokia will finally be able to topple the monster they created in 808.

Till then nothing compares. 1020 is not a successor either with it's smaller sensor, no ND filtre, overprocessed and over saturated images.

All that said though, I recently searched for some RX100 vs 808 comparisons and while in daylight images and even night time they are comparable and 808 wins at times(daylight). In the video department, especially night, RX100 is on another level.

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vlad0: Where is the 808 ?


It's not as if Windows Phone is very relevant. It's more locked down than iOS.

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Disappointed in 1020, I had high hopes that Nokia would improve or at least properly port 808's camera into a WP platform. But instead they put a smaller sensor and applied their awful WP algorithms. Not to mention no microSD card slot.

1020 does not produce pleasant images. And that's the bottom line. Its images look very over processed, too sharpened, too grainy and noisy.

Compared to 808, it's like something like a turbo 4 cylinder vs a naturally aspirated V8. 1020 is trying too hard and using all the tricks to look comparable to 808, but it does not compare.

Symbian is a dead platform, but a fact is a fact, there is a phone out there that beats 1020 in IQ, and no matter how many excuses you make, it'll stay a fact. And knowing that, it's hard to shell out €700+ for a camera centric phone knowing it's not the absolute best there is. 1020 feels like a compromise.

As for WP, it's better than Symbian but it would still be a OS(iOS as main) for me, so makes no difference.

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