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Three years ago I thought Leica had restarted building serious cameras instead of collectors' items for wealthy pensioners. But with the emphasis now moving away from the S System and the like towards numerous old-fashioned looking M special editions, I wonder if the transition to digital cameras was even necessary.

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GiovanniB: Boring. Why not f1.8 or f2.0? The Sony FE 28 f2.0 remains more versatile and is small and light enough for me.

The reason why someone buys a fast prime lens today is not to take handheld photos in the dark, but to blur the background more than is possible with a slower zoom. Therefore f2.8 just makes no sense (except, maybe, to keep the lens small).

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Boring. Why not f1.8 or f2.0? The Sony FE 28 f2.0 remains more versatile and is small and light enough for me.

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Nonsense. Nobody becomes sad from viewing beautiful landscape images, but will admire the beauty of nature. Beautiful places exist almost everywhere, not only in Switzerland. There's a picture of the Yulong Snow Mountain of the Yunnan Province in China on my wall, which I took some years ago. Should I remove it because I won't be able to visit this place again within the next few years? No way! Btw. the Yulong Snow Mountain is more than 5500 m high. Listen up, Switzerland! :-)

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davidkidd: what is the price of Sony 85mm f/1.4 ZA compare to Canon 85 1.8??

I guess one might rather compare the Sony 85mm f1.8 to the equally spec'd Canon. However, the Canon was introduced approx. 25 years ago, and the Sony just recently. Guess the Canon wouldn't be that inexpensive if being an equally new design. That said, the Canon EF 85 f1.8 remains one of the best bargains around (I find the bokeh a bit harsh, but the lens is still quite good esp. for the price). And the Canon works just as great on a Sony body.

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Georgeee: Looks like a great camera. It will slow down /stop some people moving to mirror-less like Sony A7rII. It will definitely buy some time for Canon to come up with a killer FF mirrorless camera for both stills and video.

Would almost be the case here, but then the A7rII has higher resolution, still even better dynamic range, and overall better video capabilities. A "killer FF mirrorless" wouldn't appeal to me, because this is already available from Sony and because the only reason for me which might still convince me of Canon's 5D Series is exactly that it is NOT mirrorless but has an optical viewfinder.

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entoman: One feature not mentioned in reviews, but selectable from the menu, is the Digital Lens Optimiser. This is claimed (among other things) to cancel the effects of the AA filter and yield sharper images. I selected it when I first set up the camera, and then went into panic, thinking that I had a faulty camera, because it renders continuous drive unusable. Reading the manual indicated that when this feature is selected, the buffer will be slower to clear. Canon are not kidding - it takes at least 2-3 seconds to clear after a single JPEG taken with DLO selected!

Canon - you need to fix this pronto. Firmware update????

It's also available for other cameras in their DPP software. And requires a great deal of processing obviously. So how should the camera do something 3 times per second or faster which requires huge amounts of time on a PC.

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alvareo: Classic Google, buying a company to be able to use their work on other products and not update the original software ever again

That's the same with Adobe purchasing MacroMedia and Frame Technologies, with obviously the prime purpose being to get hold of the know-how and patents for bringing their own products forward, and with the side-effect of getting rid of a direct competitor.

It's always alarming when a large company starts giving away any valuable software for free. In such cases mostly either abandonment, major dumbing down (think Apple iWork 11) or spying for personal data (think a recent "upgrade" of the most popular desktop OS) is ahead.

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rawengine: can't see the point in it. Google can't get a revenue from a free software? well, not too surprising. but lot of people are willing to pay for it, and me too. so why just they can't make it not free?

Sure they can get revenue from free software. Just not from desktop software which doesn't report every move you make and transmit all of your pictures to them for mining and monetizing your data.

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User9362470513: Market share data makes sense to me. I live in London and go to tourist venues where cameras are everywhere. I always keep a look out to see what people are using. I have seen one Sony A7 camera in London total. In one day in Borough Market midweek I counted 20 Nikons and almost as many Canons. I was at The Horne Hill Velodrome and saw Canons and Nikons, not one Sony. Maybe they haven't caught on with consumers, just pros? Given the cost of the bodies and lenses, I am not surprised.

I saw them at each tourist spot I've been at in Italy and Germany during the last 2 years. Even more a6000 than A7 Series though.

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Mared: Sony a6300 = $900.00 vs $900.00 for M6 (on Amazon ). It's not even close - the a6300 is miles ahead per DPRs review.

Sony colors are much more true to life IMO. With Canon, you maybe get stronger greens (but with fewer hues - all greens are more or less the same especially in the shadows), and paler faces if you prefer that.
Therefore yes, "Sony Colors" are not a minor issue to some ... they're one of the major reasons why I switched from Canon to Sony for my APS-C family camera, and also to add a A7r to my full-frame Canon setup. For landscapes, I now use the Sony body exclusively and have since also purchased a number of native FE mount lenses.

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I never liked those plastic bags containing chemical waste in family albums.

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Great images but I'm a bit sceptical about the increasing amount of trends which emphasize the extremes in photography: Extremely low light, extreme locations, extreme motion, extreme image angles, extremely short or long focal lengths.

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I found the memory function of the Konica Minolta Dynax/Alpha/Maxxum 7D the best implementation I've used so far, because even all the (manifold!) physical switches could be overridden. The same concept was adopted by Sony in the A900/A850 and A700.

That said, I'm quite happy with the customizability of my A7r as well as of my Canon bodies. Properly set up, each of my cameras is a workhorse doing exactly what it's supposed to. And I've customized them a lot.

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cosmicnode: there is a lot of talk on these forums about the "advantages of Sony cameras" but in the real world, where are the buyers. After 3 years I have never seen a A series camera on the streets, I'm sure some people have bought them. I live in the UK perhaps all those sold are in the USA, regional variations. the only times I have seen on in all these years are single lonely examples surrounded by Canon, Nikon Fuji, Pentax and M4/3 in camera shops. Just visited Jessops yesterday in the Metro Centre, not a single body or lens, same at my PC world plenty of Canon Nikon but no Sony. It may be that the retailers are not willing to take a chance on high priced gear that wont seli, both these shops were where I saw examples previously.

I wonder which streets you have been at during those 3 years. At the scenic spots I've visited in the last few years, and even at airshows, I've seen quite a number of them. However, this was mainly in Germany and Italy.

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I really don't see why this article makes any sense prior to publication of the full review. Also, there will probably not be many who switch at once, but many more who will consider the A9 as a 2nd body, and maybe then add Sony lenses one by one.

Just like many landscape photographers have added an A7r or A7rII to their Canon arsenal. And then a few Sony or Zeiss lenses, where they have specific advantages.

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When the A900 appeared, other brand(s) and their followers were quick to emphasize the prime importance of low high-iso noise. Which, by coincidence, was the only serious weakness of the A900 compared to its competitors, particularly the D700. The amazing IQ, superb UI and stabilizer of the A900 were obscured rather quickly by this maneuver.

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Peak freak: Well done to Sony, I think their innovative, technology packed cameras are good for the industry and consumer.

However, Canon's modern lens developments are, in my opinion, just as big a deal.

Except maybe for the EF 24-105 f4 L IS USM II.

But the best thing is: Canon lenses work smoothly on the latest Sony FF bodies. In fact, quite a few people who have both Canon EF and Sony (F)E mount bodies, leave their Sigma MC-11 or similar EF-to-E adapter on their Sony body all the time, using almost only Canon glass.

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Should owners of Huawei phones with Leica lenses now be worried about their AF? ;-)

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My issue with Apple is not about hardware in the first place. But with their attitude towards pro users in general, particularly visible in how they dealt with their Pro Apps, including, but not limited to, Aperture.

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