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DustSpeck: That's O.K. I'm still happy with my Lumia 640 Windows Phone that was made in Viet Nam.

Keep us in the loop.

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Kamox: Unless you're a pro with top clients (in this case, it's totally understandable), the value proposition is weak.
My 6x17 shots (120 film) are scanned @3200 dpi with an Hasselblad Flextight and are crisp 140 MP, 1Gb RAW files (unique to this scanner). I spend a few euros per roll and spent less than €600 for the camera system (used but mint Schneider Super Angulon + custom wooden camera).
Sure, for archival purposes, this solution is fast and top notch.

Really? Nobody will wait in business these days while you're processing your film with always a risk to fail.

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Magnar W: And now we are waiting for Hasselblad NOT to present a Special Edition camera! :-)


It would be nice to have a Hasselblad cam rebranded from Leica M10. Brilliant idea as for me.

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Ergo607: I have problems with the new nomenclature. Can anyone explain in few words what the difference is between the M10 and the M262?

M262 is again obsolete naming after Leica turned back to M3,2,1,4,5... (right in order, ahaha) numeration, I suppose. Though M262 is still in the production. That's why you're confused :) Seems M10 is the basic model series, while M262 is more budget (Aluminum top/cover plates, no video feature).

And M10 is just M10, while M Typ 262.

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james s. kennedy: I have the Leica M2, 3, 4 and 6, plus about 10 screwmount cameras. I am 81, and my wife, who doesn’t know an f stop from a doorstop tells me they will all go for $5 each in a garage sale upon my demise, along with about 150 Nikons and Canons. I gave up on Canon when they orphaned the FD lenses.

I love the old Leica screwmounts, but they had terrible ergonomics. Loading them with film would drive me crazy..

Let me be your heritor :).

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alextardif: Meh... i'm waiting for A7Riv...

It's already obsolete. Start to wait A7Rv

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Jesaja: What's advantage against Fujifilm X-E3?

No crappy X-Trans is the first one. No crappy Sony color is the second one.

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On article Sigma's new 16mm F1.4 will cost $450, ships this month (359 comments in total)

Incredibly inexpensive.

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Zoron: Note 8 for sure

Why? Not everybody needs that huge scoop to dig something. iPhone is much more pleasant device for real people, not geeks. Give them a chance.

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Alright, the first photo is fulfilled with that Russian dukhovnost' (spirituality) and skrepy (clasps maybe, I'm in doubt how to translate that Russian word full of Enigma). :D

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SushiEater: Anybody wants to buy my wife so I can jump to a medium format?

LOL to both.

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Wow, I used to shoot with Canon some years ago and a release of a successor of that lens was as real as never (BTW I switched to CZ Planar 50 ZE then). I had 4 years with two generations of Fuji X-E CSC then and finally got rid of it. And Canon still upgrades it :)))

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Cr@ppy design and materials as well as BS quality and reliability are definitely iconic, brand-recognizable elements of the brand.

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radissimo: sorry but : "long term meaning a 100-year timeline" is LOL

Are you archaeologist?

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On article Fujifilm GF 110mm F2 sample gallery (155 comments in total)
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miric: Looks good. Though 6x6 sensor would produce more air look.

@kaka12moto: Why? I'm OK, I just used to shoot with film 6x6 Hassy and APS-C cams. I should say this Fuji compared to possible 6x6 digital shots is the same thing as APS-C compared to FF. Just IMHO.

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On article Fujifilm GF 110mm F2 sample gallery (155 comments in total)

Looks good. Though 6x6 sensor would produce more air look.

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It will when Leica will start a collaboration with Apple. Another brands are just a husk.

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scoobysnapstories: lol oh apple fans. complaining cause of one man picking a pc. how did you guys stooped this low. first who builds a laptop with touch bars? ever heard of a touch screen on a laptop? you ipad do it and your macbook cant? you guys complain about sd cards, its always important to have an sd card, yes qxd came out but do i see this on a mac? windows already incorporate installing cf qxd sd mini sd etc already, mac just removes them lol.

I don't need touch screen to clean it all the time. Most stupid feature for laptops BTW. But I need a touch bar. So now what?

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wuchmee: Apple shot itself in the foot with the recent MacBook Pro by forcing users to live in dongle city. As if photographers of all stripes don't have enough cables and doodads to worry about as it is. Add to that the useless Touch Bar and horrible keyboard, and you have the infamous Apple Tax brought into stark relief. That said, color rendering across the product line is undeniably superb. Unfortunately for Apple, its insistence on delivering a laptop that can't be upgraded continues driving people to Windows-based laptops (which are pretty darn good). Choose your poison.

What if you will need more than 3-4 available USB ports to all that, I suppose, great mountain of gear stuff you have? Let me guess. A dongle. So why moaning around it and just get one compact hub to have 3+ USB ports and a card reader? Bad? So why have a city of all that tech stuff?

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Kind of a successful self-created issues solver. LOL

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