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so what is a 63mm lens in 35mm terms with a sensor size of 43.8 × 32.9mm, as opposed to 24 x 36mm for 35mm?

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erbtype: I have mixed feelings about the 7D II having used one a lot alongside a MkIV and 1DX.

- The AF is quick I'll give it that - easily on a par with the 1DX and slightly better in low light - but I've found in servo (AI) mode it doesn't lock on as well as either of the 1 series bodies I use, even when set to it's slowest point for tracking. In part I think this is down to it needing a degree of MFA on the 600mm lens I use, something the 1 series bodies have not needed, but I want to be confident in what I use and out of the box I just don't have that confidence with this body.

- The ISO noise is little better than the Mk IV.

- For resolving things at distance the MkIV is much better (as is the 1DX).

Your mileage may vary and I may have received a copy that needs some tweaking. I'm not saying the 7DII is a bad camera and it is an improvement on the original 7D, but I'm sticking with the MkIV and 1DX.

Thanks for your post! I was just going to ask if people thought it would be worth selling my 1d mkiv for this but your post has answered that question for me.

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Digimat: least that peripheral illumionation thing is not a new problem, my 5D3 produces some not so funny things when coupled with the 50 ART.

I've been shooting with that combination for ages without issues

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What is the firmware number for this update? My lens has 1.02 and sigma optimization pro is saying it has the most recent firmware but I haven't updated the lens in a while. I should add that the last firmware update mentioned improved af accuracy with a teleconverter attached.

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Great article, I recently bought the sigma version and am really happy with the image quality.

Quick question though, you mention this:

"What should not be underestimated is the necessity for an even faster minimum shutter speed when using this lens on a camera with an APS-C sensor. The difference between 600mm and 960mm is considerable and if you are constantly using the lens at its furthest reach, it will eventually limit the length of time you can use the lens at dawn or dusk when you're struggling for enough shutter speed to keep it steady."

It is my understanding that simply having a crop sensor doesn't affect the shutter speed rule of 1/focal length. Hence 1/600 should still be fine for a 7d mark II which crops the image to 960mm.

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"the flash offers a working distance of 0.30 to 15 meters."

are you serious? Not even canon's top of the line external flash will do much at 15 meters (~50 feet)

These may be the specs but you guys should list real world numbers. I really don't think this flash would do much past 10 feet.

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I can't believe canon went backwards with the wireless transmitter. anyone that used the transmitters on the 5d or 1d mk II (or IIn) know how horrible it was to have to connect a cable from the camera to the transmitter. Canon made a huge stride with the 1d mk III/IV and 5d mark II allowing the transmitter to connect directly to the camera and making the transmitter into a vertical grip on the 5d mk II. Why change the design from the mark II? boo canon. boo.

edit: I should add what a waste it is to have gigabit ethernet as a feature when it will be completely bottle necked by usb 2.0

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Mssimo: No USB 3.0? Would be nice to use with new XQD card.

to shaocaholica: I am a professional, in fact I shoot for the new york times so I am surprised by your comment. Every single professional I know uses card readers so why by my comment would you assume I am not?

to petka: although I am a newpaper photographer I do have studio experience and have shot tethered myself. I just don't see usb 3 as an important upgrade, even shooting raw with a 1ds mk iii the photos pop up almost instantly over usb 2.0.

There were some good comments made about shooting tethered and I suppose usb 3 could help there but I would personally use the ethernet connection to shoot tethered but usb 2.0 would also be more than enough for speed.

In the end a card reader is many times faster than using the camera, I would rather put wear and tear on a card reader then a 6000 dollar camera, and there is battery life to think about as well.

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Mssimo: No USB 3.0? Would be nice to use with new XQD card.

professionals don't plug their cameras into their computers they use dedicated readers.

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