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  • I've found the built-in lights to be really useful for my moth photos (not artistic, but great for ID) I sold my ring flash, so If I need more light I use one of these: CLICK HERE Brian
  • Created discussion thread Woodscape
    Coldfall Wood, North London this afternoon Canon M5, EF-M 28mm Macro Brian
  • Try it with a 52mm close-up filter kit Brian
  • The main problem with scanners is the price and more importantly the time - neg scanning takes forever! Like Adam, I find using the camera much easier. I've been using my old Canon 7D with the 60mm ...
  • Replied in M5 EVF
    Thanks. I hadn't realised I had to be on EVF to adjust it. Brian
  • Created discussion thread M5 EVF
    Can I change the brightness of the EVF on the M5? Brian
  • I'm using it at the moment, but as you say it's one extra step I could do without. Brian
  • At the moment I'm on LR5, I usually skip a version. I've just bought a Canon M5 which isn't supported by 5. Brian
  • Created discussion thread Lightroom 7
    I presently use LR5 and I've just bought a Canon M5 which isn't supported. I've finally lost patience waiting for LR7, so I'll take the plunge and go for the CC version this weekend. With my usual ...
  • I've found that on windows= alt+0169 works if I use the keypad, but not if I use the number keys on the top row of the keyboard. Brian
  • If Adobe follow their normal timetable LR V7 should be available in a few months, so it may be worth waiting until then. Brian
  • I wear glasses and use the DC-1 with my G1x 2 without any tilting problems. Perhaps yours has an unusually loose hinge which could possibly be repaired. Brian
  • Replied in M6 or M5
    I'll be going for an M5. I shoot birds and insects, mainly with a Canon 300mm f4 L, so I need an EVF and the EF-M converter. I already have a EVF- DC1 for my G1x Mk2 which I will be selling. The ...
  • I use SyncBack SE for incremental backup, along with Macrium for a disc image of my C: drive if I load or upgrade a program. I have SyncBack set to automatic, once a day, it has a feature that ...
  • Sorry to be negative, but it doesn't happen with my LR5 - see screenshots for two images. There may be a setting somewhere in the preferences which is causing your problems, but I can't see one.. Brian
  • The ink gets used in the cleaning cycle even if you don't print with it, although it takes a long time to empty it. Brian
  • No, enlarger neg carriers don't have pins for the perforations as they don't exactly line up with the negative every time. Usually all that is needed to move to the next frame is to raise the top ...
  • Hi The best way to keep the film flat for copying with a macro lens is an old enlarger negative carrier - the make doesn't matter and there are always some on Ebay. I tape mine to a lightbox, today ...
  • It might be worth waiting a few months, I have a feeling LR7 will be announced in the Spring. No evidence, I just think it's due. Brian
  • Hi Make sure that the layer Mask panel is selected (it should have a white line round it), Then use the Brush tool with White as the foreground colour on the teeth. Screenshot attached Mask NOT ...
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