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Foveon Resolution - what l/ph is adequate for YOUR needs? Sigma Camera Talk Aug 6, 2016
Can a K3 with 18-135 match the a6300 with 16-50 and 55-210 for pure IQ? Pentax SLR Talk Aug 6, 2016
Have you sold your bayer DSLR? Sigma Camera Talk Aug 6, 2016
DP Merrils for InfraRed? Sigma Camera Talk Aug 6, 2016
A few shots from the SD14 Sigma Camera Talk Aug 5, 2016
f/10 hyperfocal distance dp2M full rez Sigma Camera Talk Aug 3, 2016
Does foveon output print better? Sigma Camera Talk Aug 2, 2016
Does this look like a Merrill image? Sigma Camera Talk Aug 2, 2016
Viewfinder loupes for the Merrills Sigma Camera Talk Jul 30, 2016
The "Pure" Foveon and Interpolation. Sigma Camera Talk Jul 28, 2016
Sony a7 vs a7ii AF?? Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Jul 26, 2016
Is the A7 kit lens any good? Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Jul 25, 2016
Snails - the ultimate climbers.... Sigma Camera Talk Jul 23, 2016
SPP 6.4.0 "Detail" slider effect Sigma Camera Talk Jul 22, 2016
Forum etiquette - posting postion in quoted replies Sigma Camera Talk Jul 21, 2016
Merill RAW -> 16 bit TIFF - what are we losing? Sigma Camera Talk Jul 20, 2016
Lindisfarne Castle Sigma Camera Talk Jul 18, 2016
Dual shooting in Wales. Pentax SLR Talk Jul 17, 2016
Merrill tip - avoid auto white balance. Sigma Camera Talk Jul 17, 2016
Tidal rust. Sigma Camera Talk Jul 16, 2016
Waterworld... Sigma Camera Talk Jul 15, 2016
Which Pentax Lenses Perform Well Wide Open? Pentax SLR Talk Jul 5, 2016
Why a DSLR over a 4/3? Micro Four Thirds Talk Jul 4, 2016
Pentax "Limited" Lenses - What is the rationale? Pentax SLR Talk Jul 3, 2016
AF Fine Adjustment on pentax K3II Pentax SLR Talk Jun 29, 2016
Pentax SMCP-DA 50mm f/1.8 full frame? Pentax SLR Talk Jun 21, 2016
Is Sigma still worth the hassle? Sigma Camera Talk Jun 19, 2016
Watches with K-1 pixel shift (especially for Ted) Sigma Camera Talk Jun 16, 2016
What was the most valuable photography lesson or tip you received when starting in photography? Open Talk Jun 15, 2016
What's with the equivlence issue all the time ? Sigma Camera Talk Jun 15, 2016
Pentax 50-200mm WR - how decent? Pentax SLR Talk Jun 15, 2016
A Good Standard Range Zoom? Pentax SLR Talk Jun 14, 2016
Pentax K-70, & it's competition to Canon & Nikon counterparts Pentax SLR Talk Jun 11, 2016
Sigma 18-35mm focusing whack-a-mole... Pentax SLR Talk Jun 9, 2016
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K-1 at the Amazing Lower Antelop Canyon Pentax SLR Talk Jun 9, 2016
Have you checked your lenses? Pentax SLR Talk Jun 8, 2016
A word to Ricoh/Pentax Pentax SLR Talk Jun 8, 2016
Stirring the Hornet's Nest - 1 Sigma Camera Talk Jun 4, 2016
back button focus? Pentax SLR Talk Jun 3, 2016
My DP2Q - Seller's Remorse Sigma Camera Talk Jun 3, 2016