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AF18-70 kit
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AF 50 1.4D
AF 70-210D
AF 80-200D
Peleng 8mm
Zenith Helios M44-6 MC 58mm
ZF 1.4/50 *T
ZF 2/28 *T


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hope they will make 28-200 f2-f 2.8 again,
LF1's focal length brings me back the memories of good old days with F828 :)

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Press Correspondent: "Distagon is a reversed telephoto lens, consisting of a large negative lens in front of an ordinary lens.  This allows it to obtain a short overall focal length with elements of a larger and more manageable size, helps design a system that is favorable for both high relative aperture and wild-angular field, and increased the back focal distance beyond it's usual magnitude, which give space for the mirror of a SLR. The downsides are that is must be physically large, and of complex construction to correct all the aberrations, making the lens more expensive to produce.    Reversed telephoto designs are rarely over 2 inches in focal length, and then it is only used for specific applications.  Compared to the Biogon, it has a larger circle of illumination at full aperture, though softer when wide open, though it is sharper when stopped down. Rear element does not interfere with mirrors in SLR's."


based on my experience with distagon 2.0/28 and planar 1.4/50, i think distagon is the right choice. the color is better on my 2.0/28 ZF than it is on 1.4/50 ZF.

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