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Only Leica could make a camera that requires you to use another device as a remote (that also has a camera in it) and be praised for their innovation.

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Ayoh: 1.6 kilos seems too much of a compromise in weight. A 70-200mm 2.8 will give a similar level of blur at 200/2.8 and is lighter and more versatile. I was hoping they would release an affordable 200mm F2.0

70-200mm F/2.8 will give a similar level of blur *at certain focusing and zoom distances*.

But it will never give me 2 more stops of light.

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Nikoncanonfan: It's not stabilised! How rubbish is that? I'll have to get the canon 85 1.4 l instead...

Once you start building muscles in your arms to hold rigs this heavy you don't need IS as much to take pictures. :)

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On article Sigma unveils 105mm F1.4 Art 'bokeh master' (322 comments in total)

Reading these comments, I feel like a body builder. I already walk around with a 70-200 F/2.8L mounted on a 6D/5D and have to use it hand-held for hours at a time for the events I shoot.

And nobody is talking about while it weighs as much as a 70-200 f/2.8, this lens will give me TWO WHOLE STOPS more light into my sensor! Personally I cannot wait to try this lens and get the advantage faster shutter speeds and lower ISOs.

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Good. Her class about financial management was less popular.

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"when you fire off a burst of images, the live preview is replaced with a laggy slideshow of the images you've just shot"

The same thing happens on the full size DSLR bodes when shooting burst in live view. turn off the image review and you can keep tracking your subject while taking photos.

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bodel007: Quotes:
"Adobe shares climbed more than 5 percent in extended trading on Wednesday, after the company provided a 2018 profit forecast that topped analyst estimates."
"Revenue in the third quarter jumped 26 percent to $1.84 billion, Adobe said last month."

And it is too much effort and costs too much to provide a standalone version of Lightroom.

I was ready to pay for the upgrade to Lightroom 7 standalone, but what is my few Euros to a company who are already pleasing the analysts. What about pleasing the enthusiast photographers that don't want Photoshop but were quite happy with the system provided by Lightroom?

As much as I feel "I'm going to make a statement to Adobe and not buy into their subscription model! Nayh!". A company that makes 7 BILLION dollars a year in revenue truly doesn't care. The thousands of us they'll lose because LR7 is subscription only will not even be a blip on the profits line in their next quarterly report.

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John: Um, took a couple of raw files from the 850 sample photos page of DPReview, installed Nikon Capture NX-D, loaded DSC_0854.nef, increased exposure compensation to 3 stops (to see just what DR this sensor has in the shadow valley), and saved to TIF. Shadows has TONS of noise in it, WAY more than the studio shots indicate above. And WAY more than my Fujifilm X-E1. So what gives?

DPReview keeps claiming 'like medium format dynamic range' but the data on Photons-to-photos shows that it's just a good FF sensor. It's almost identical to the D810. Has better dynamic range at ISO64 than Canon, but the same from 100 through 25,000. And while the GFX-50 is a good camera, it also has poor dynamic range in the medium format class. Compare the D850 to a PhaseOne IQ3 and there's a huge difference.

I know that this is an important camera for Nikon, and a good camera as well. But all the data that DPR is using is at best, misleading.

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On article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review (1111 comments in total)

Everybody complains that the focus points are too far center. Perhaps it's because that's how I always shoot my subjects, but I NEVER used the focus points on far left or right with my 6D mk1. They would always just get me in trouble. And after shooting with the 6D mk2 all weekend I'll never complain about the focus point arrangement. Moving those points closer to the center just gives me MORE focus points over my subjects.

The other cons are valid points to me like the dynamic range, even if I almost never get below ISO3200. But not enough to take a huge loss selling all my gear to switch systems just for small increases in performance.

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