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SidneyVision: Pretty amazing.

The $600 Nikon is so much better than the $999 Sony.

The Nikon 24-70/4 is also better than the Sony 24-70/4.

Maybe the larger mount does help. The few Nikon lenses outperform their Sony mirrorless counter parts.

true. its better than sony parallel lenses

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Hausner85: 89% when the list of cons has 20 (!!!) positions? And many of them important ones... Someone lacks the courage to honestly rate this camera.

but best image quality on the market. have you seen jpgs from sony alpha camera. the worst of the worst

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I bought the Z7 kit with 24-70 and adapter. i could choose any camera. best decision ever. the photos from the z7are out of this world. only fuji gfx system have small edge on it. simply the FF camera

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roseblood11: The Z7 is a competitor for the Sony A7R2. Small buffer, small battery, one card slot... But the Sony had better AF back in 2015. Today it sells for less than half the prize of the Z7.
Is it really true that max. shutter speed with EFCS is only 1/2000 ??!? Even my Nex-5n could use its max. speed (1/4000).
The Nikon has good ergonomics and a great Sony sensor, but the rest is just outdated.
After the Z7 was released, I ordered my A7R2, for 1265€.
The Nikon lenses look quite promising. 14-30 is a good choice of focal length. The 24-70 seems to be better than Sonys f4 lens (which needs an update), and both primes are interesting as well. 1.8/35 is a good compromise - Sonys 1.4 is huge and the 2.8 is too expensive. Around 50mm, I'd prefer the Sony Zeiss 55mm because of the size, but Nikons 1.8/50 is a great performer, too - and cheaper.
Nikon, we're waiting for a Z7mk2, a Z8 and maybe an aps-c Z5 (mirrorless version of the D5600).

i had the a7r3 and now own the z7. the z7 produce images much superior to the a7r3.

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so glad i bought the Z7 last week. along with adapter and 24-70 f4s. best camera i have ever owed

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i just bought the Z7 yesterday along with the 24-70 f4 and adapter. i took few photos today. the quality is insane. its something different from anything else i had. phenomenal. i think ill buy this lens too. the samples here re insane in terms of sharpness. glad i bought this camera

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On article Review: Nikon Z 50mm F1.8 S (919 comments in total)

the Z7 is the best full frame camera money can buy. just look at those photos. insane. im gonna buy it when the price drop a bit here in Israel

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insanely sharp

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To be honest so far from the real world samples I see on flicker the Z7 has the best quality photos. it's sharpness and colours are unsurpassed. if it wasn't that expensive I would buy it.

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