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On article Nokia Lumia 920 promises PureView, but it’s no 808 (182 comments in total)

Edit my previous post recommanding the video where a man and a woman were biking... IT'S FAKE! It's not taken with Lumia 920's pureview camera, but a giant DSLR!!! BUT it has PUREVIEW all over it???!!!

Shame on you Elop!!! Are you afraid that Nokia is not dead enough??? Had Nokia be in the hand of a Finn it wouldn't have happened!!!

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On article Nokia Lumia 920 promises PureView, but it’s no 808 (182 comments in total)

there is an interview with Nokia's imaging chief Damian Dinning over at engadget.com and some comparison video to look at


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On article Just Posted: Nokia 808 PureView Review (208 comments in total)

One thing to remember: Nokia 808 does waaay better than all Canon/Nikon/xxx DSLRs and compact cameras in making phone calls and sending SMS. In fact, I have never trusted my Canon 550D with a SIM card, it fits in SD card slot badly...

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(unknown member): Guys you are really funny . For 600+ euros you can buy a REAL camera, AND NOT THIS TOY CAMERA, i'm not talking about the phone (there is nothing to say) (once you go Symbian you never want to even hear anything about it ) !!!!!


"Never argue with a fool. They'll just bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."

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On photo Misty morning in the The Music of Steve Roach challenge (2 comments in total)


Has Steve Roach told you that there is no H2O in the universe??
Are you trying to teach people how to interpret MUSIC???
How dare you!

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