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All hearing North Mountain: These debates about (...) camera is better than (...) camera looks quite pointless for me. Professionaly I can only comment from the artistic side of a photography and I can say that you can make brilliant photos with any camera, you can even make your own camera if you really want. If person decides that this or other camera/lens combo works for him, that`s ok. Can`t blame company for making production that finds its way to the customer. Can`t blame the customer for buying something he or she wants, and has money for. It`s not that you have to buy every new product, or you are forced to buy by brutal sales agents or something. Each has its individual taste, requirements and wishes regarding photography. If you want to force your opinion on others and fight over it that means you are not quite sure or happy with your opinion. It means you really want to prove to yourself that you stand correct by defeating others. Every camera is good for it`s purpose. I can make art with any of them.

I share you opinion on the matter. Photography is about making photos and you can do that with a camera obscura if you wish so. The resulting photos are no less photos that the ones taken with the latest DSLR.

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