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I've imported the Vivo X60 myself (not the Pro model) and I have to say the cameras are amazing. They aren't of course "professional" by any means, I believe no cell phone camera can be unless they start coming with at least an APS-C sensor and interchangeable lenses.
But I do love this phone and its cameras.

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goodgeorge: Say no to "Made in China". Soon everything will me made there and western world will regret deeply.

Welcome to 1980, where everything is Made in China already.

We're fine.

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Photato: In 2021 all drones should have cameras with larger square sensors for raw full image circle capture, aka Cropless Mode.
This will give you perfect leveled to horizon shots every time, It only requires a simpler 2 axis gimbal, can shoot in portrait mode or any other aspect ratio to suit better your subject, for mapping it can shoot square witch is optimal for large areas stitching. etc.

I think just as we can produce LCD screens in any shape we want, even circles for watches, I would imagine that if they wanted to, they could also make circular image sensors. Imagine how much light we lose on those sliver of edges from a rectangular or even square sensor when we have circular lenses. If the sensor itself was circular, you literally could crop anything at any angle you want. And, never again would you have to worry if you're holding that camera horizontally or vertically.

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That 150-500mm looks like my perfect telephoto that I've been looking for!!

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peterwr: Leica should re-issue that lens kit in L-mount. I bet there'd be a lot of takers.

Perhaps if there is enough demand of the ELLLLLLLLL MOOOOOUNT ALLIAAAAAAAAAANCE-IAAANCE-iaaance-iance
(Jared Polin would appreciate that one)

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On article Videos: Learn photography by playing video games (48 comments in total)

As a photographer, I've spent countless hours in photo modes in games! (I think Uncharted 4 I estimated half my time playing the game was taking photos!)
Though some games I find myself struggling with the photo mode, as some games don't have a very streamlined interface for the mode, or that the interface itself is convoluted, with arbitrary settings to figure out how they equate to what a photographer would use to adjust exposure and f-stop and whatnot.
I'm waiting for a game to have true DSLR camera-like settings!

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mad823: Before such actions you need to carefully wrap your drone with mashmallow. It's lightweight, does not shield RF, acts as a heatshield, easily replacable and delicious.

This comment wins this thread. You win a toasted marshmallow!

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I salute this man's sacrifice of his gear!

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Thanks, all us Android users dont need a feature like this, I guess.

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If this can eventually produce decently high resolution creations, it could make for a good way to get "stock" images automatically generated!

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On article Tamron announces 17-70mm F2.8 for Sony APS-C cameras (340 comments in total)

Damn I would love this on a full-frame, but that would of course make the thing MUCH bigger to retain that f/2.8

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Cue people on ebay scalping those things and selling them off for ridiculous prices! LOL

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My way was a bit easier and sure not as thorough, ya don't really need more than this if you do this regularly.


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Ayoh: Surely he must also get a dog called Leica..

They probably have a cat named Hassleblad

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No SONY?!?!?
Get to it, Ravi! Make that fourth child Sony Hongal!! hahahah

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Yo, I heard you like shooting film, so I gave you some film so you can film while you film.

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Love when Apple plays catch-up. Oooooh, multi-cam recording!
Yeah, I've been doing this on my LG V20 for quite some time. Been a feature from day 1 since that phone launched, supported by its default camera app.

Yep. I'm one of those people that just came in here to give Apple a jab.

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Karroly: This is a huge and costly setup. Why not still filming actors in front of a blue or green background with a special camera that allows merging the real-time stream of the 3D background coming from a computer (which knows the camera position, focal length, exposure parameters, and eventually spotlight position, for a more realistic background rendering) with the image coming from the camera sensor and displaying the final image on the camera screen ?

Because as costly as it is, the time saved is worth it to explore such technology. If you can save time on getting the shot right in-camera and not have to worry about what it might look like later, then that opens the doors to more creative freedom. Time is money, if they have to composite something in later and HOPE it comes out the way they want it, that can be potentially wasted time if it has to be re-composited.

Tech like this will only get better and cheaper over time. I can imagine a studio set purposfully built for something like this that can be rented out, would be a great option!

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The ergonomics SUCK. That would be a very annoying camera to hold for any type of pro work. Imagine sticking a bigger Sigma lens on there, you'd have to always support the thing by the lens! haha

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HosseinG: It blocks pop up flash light.
You need to remove it in case you need flash.

As I understand it, you can position it on any side of the lens. so if you need it to swing down or to the side you can.

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