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On article Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review (2257 comments in total)

how much does a block of aluminum this size cost? few bucks? maybe 10? extra weight around the neck and shoulder. no effect on longevity or performance.
a marketing gimmick which is a decade behind trends.
i'd be more interested in an innovative, plastic body.

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wherearemyshorts: another point and shoot camera!!

which could rival a D800e or M240 in image quality

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Sigma is the only manufacturer placing pure photography above pure profit and not give in to silly market demands, and resists fads and gimmicks.

It appears Sigma has listened to all levels of feedback and improved on all fronts. New forms that are more functional tend to grow on people in time, and look more pleasing to the eye too.

THANK YOU Sigma and wish you success with it.

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qwertyasdf: 20+4.9+4.9 = 39? I don't get it!

If the grip is facing backwards, then the thumb needs to exert pressure to hold the camera. How can i use my thumb to press the buttons on the back?
I just tried holding my Canon 1D backwards, it dropped on the ground.
(But the scrollwheel, which is now in the front is very convenient for the index finger to turn)
Am I holding it wrong? I don't get it

Anyways, I'm gonna get it no matter what! ByeBye DP2M

if you look down at your hand curled to a natural position (a half opened fist), you may notice that there is more void behind the thumb. (in the current style of grips your wrist is always twisting slightly to the right while holding the camera to the eye. this turning of the grip should align the wrist better with the position of the hand.
I like the function, and so far dislike the look (which I know will grow on me!)

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how does one "type" that sound you make sticking half of the tongue out and blow out with the mouth closed around the tongue (kinda sounds like a f..t?)?
tzzzzzz? , trrrrrrrzzzz? ptzzzz?

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nekrosoft13: Will have non-removable battery, memory will be non-removable, will use a totally different unique plug, $50 adapter will be available. If held incorrectly will fail to work, in that case a case will be required. Some times will burn on people pocket. And will be manufactured in factory were people comit suicides. Will cost 2+ times more then normal product.

That sounds like a typical apple product.

it will also automatically download and play the right theme song for the scenery being shot, straight from itunes, and the charge will be automatically withdrawn from your account via a special on board chip.

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enough already with that same old body shape... this is NOT the most beautiful or the most functional or the most practical body shape a camera could ever have. perhaps the folks at the design department need some imagination?!

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