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sebastian huvenaars: This opens a window for amazing applications!


This opens a window for scary applications!

Based on experience, they'll probably market the first and execute the latter...

who are "they", well for starters the NSA and their friends...

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Shiranai: I'm very concerned that so many people here yell "Thats so great" and are completely unaware of which major step this is in terms of privacy violation.
They already know what youre looking for, your passwords, your mails, your friends, who you talk with, your photos etc... And now they wanna know how your appartment looks. Whats next? Scanning your brain of what you think? WTF?

no Lars you can't. Not when everyone around you uses it either you like it or not. What you said is ignorant of the reach of such technology. It takes one person to map the home of 100s who chose not to use it.

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HubertChen: A mobile phone's main purpose always has been sharing. Right from the beginning when all you could do was voice call. So having facebook adding features to smart phones making sharing easier is commendable. What makes me very concerned is that this Software only works on some models. That would indicated they hack deep into the OS, which would make this whole thing less reliable. Also the diffuse language is scary. It is not an app and it is not an OS. So what is it? Why not be clear on this ?

This limitation means it will not run on Chinese mobile phones. Using Facebook in China is already difficult because it is blocked by the Great China Firewall. Sadly facebook itself is now adding to the hurdles of using facebook in China. Besides hurting their users they are hurting themselves by making it easier for the big Chinese Software Giants to break into this segment.

A mobile phone main purpose has always been majung phone calls on the go actually.

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Deleted pending purge: I wonder, how long before you won't be able to switch off your camera at all...
Will we ever (or do we) know where our text and pictures are going, besides where they've been sent? How much of the phone functions are actually never advertised or known, but may nevertheless be active?
Everybody seems to be vehemently against encroachments into our privacy, and yet, the craze about "social networking" somehow plays right into the Orvellian version of the future.
I'm not trying to fire up any paranoic ideas, but this FB thing somehow got me thinking.
Another association comes from the "Golden Rule" which states, "whosoever has the Gold, makes the Rules"...
"Curiouser and curiouser" (Alice)

What I find even more disturbing is people freaking out about facebook and privacy but have only good words for google and android. Facebook has nothing on google, google is the most orwelian platform ever and everybody seems to be ok with that but if facebook make one of your picture public, a picture YOU put on their website, people freak out. Facebook scares me but google terifies me, android and chrome are all about one company owning an privately sharing you life with the highest bidder, not only the things you activelly share EVERYTHING you do on the web or with your phone/tablet/computer. With google fiber they will soon know and control everything from the hardware to the software layers, it's crazy scary.

Yet, netizens just love google, go figure.

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Tom Bird: compare Fuji X100 at any iso with leica m9, canon 5d m2, nikon d3s. surprise, surprise

I see people who paid a premium being hurt in the butt by the x100 performance for the price... a toy sure...

I don't own one but I would have to be blind not to appreciate the very high IQ of the x100.

Now that they announced their system, I couldn't be happier, it sure will challenge even the best FF currently in production if not run over them. Look at the result they get from an aps-c, now imagine a larger sensor... ouch.

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