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Anton Chernenko: Great! I thought they would release it week ago, as they did with TS3 and TS2 and TS1. It is good to have all those extra features like altimeter etc. But it is not quite clear what is meant by Time Lapse. In the press release it says "Plus, with modes such as Time Lapse Shot, Miniature Effect, and Panorama Shot – photography is even more fun. With the Time Lapse Shot, once the start time, interval and the number of photos to shoot are set, the camera automatically records the images based on the settings and the LUMIX TS4 can be left to record stationary subjects, such as flowers coming into bloom, clouds, or an animal. Once the data is captured, during playback the footage is condensed to give a unique sense of time". And in the specifications list is says "no time-lapse". what is true then? I guess the press release is correct
So, please correct the list as well

We use the TS3 as a field camera in Alaska. The accuracy of the GPS, Compass, and Altimeter (barometer) have been good - about what you would expect from an eTrex or other consumer GPS.

Our issue is that the camera doesn't refresh it's position from the GPS frequently enough. When taking pictures from a helicopter the photo points will cluster at the location of the latest point gathered from the GPS

Our workaround has been to instruct the field crews to turn the camera off and on between pictures. This forces the camera to grab a new location from the GPS. We also send an eTrex along to collect a track, and correct any bad positions to the track using Geotag. It works, but defeats the point.

I've spoken with "customer service" and the informed me that no additional firmware updates will be produces for the TS3 - and that there is no way to communicate a feature request back to engineering. Hopefully they'll just add a user-definable GPS update feature to the TS4 on their own!

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