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JohnnyWashngo: Nice preview article - I look forward to the full review.

I struggle to understand the target market for this system though. It does seem, from the ability to shoot a couple dozen shots and let the camera choose the best 4 or 5, that it is aiming for people who want to whip out the camera and grab a great shot quickly. But the interchangeable lenses say otherwise... I dont know many people who would want to shoot fast in that way who would be bothered to consider the lens they are using. Most of those people wouldnt have a clue which lens would be best in any given situation.

It seems like a frankensteins monster of a camera system, designed by committee and appealing to nobody.

These cameras have been designed for fast AF and fast fps, specifically, soccer moms shooting their kids on the field. However, at these prices, if the high ISO performance is mediocre then these "clunky" cameras will not make the grade.

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