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On article Buying Guide: The best cameras for students (68 comments in total)
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Michiel953: Students of photography? Start with a fully manual, exposure meter equipped cheap analog slr with a nifty fifty and some rolls of B&W film.

Never start with digital to learn the basics of photography.

I do think students should learn on film, not because I think they need to focus or expose manually, those are pretty much irrelevant aspects of today's photography, the reason it's better is because it limits the number of shots they can take and developing film is cumbersome, therefore students pay more attention to what they're taking a picture of, they pay way more attention to the composition and they think before clicking.

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On article Don't buy another lens, buy a flash instead (336 comments in total)
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Tord S Eriksson: Carey Rose's method of shooting with flash (described above) produce sterile, flat, images.

And his for and after photos does not tell us a lot.

Evidently, he is using quite different apertures for the sax player, with bounced flash, and without — I find both really not to my taste but the one without is slightly better, if not much!

But how can you compare them in the first place?

You can produce lovely shots using just flash lighting, but Rose's examples are mostly very sterile shots, like shooting a crime victim lying on an operating table in a morgue, which is supposed to be sterile.

I am in no way a pro, but I love mixing LED arrays with existing lights, including sunshine, or an overcast sky, and fast lenses.

As the very last way out, resort to flash, and then definitely use a mix of a soft on-camera flash, with some assisting flashes on tripods, or held by friends.

I don't want to be rude, however thinking the first underexposed, boring shot with a completely out of focus background is better than the second one, frankly says more about your skill as a photographer than it does about the article or how good the pictures are at showcasing the differences between using a flash or not.

The first picture is a completely mediocre shot that doesn't tell a story, and it doesn't capture anything of relevance. In the second shot you can see how the player is bending, how people are paying attention, the setting and how well he fits.

The shot could be better, for sure, the first one though is frankly awful. If anything, it's the only good picture in the entire article, the last one for instance is terrible and generic.

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What? No studio shots?

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kriztian: Why don´t you all have a look at this shootout between iphone 5s and lumia 1020.
It´s redicoulous to see how some people try to elevate the iphone 5 S when its not deserved. There are practically no change at all in pic-quality from iphone 5

Enjoy your 3 seconds lag between shots. The iPhone 5S takes 30 pictures in the same time frame.

The Lumia 1020 image quality is undoubtedly the best, but it fails in many other ways.

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On photo plumeria in the Beautiful Girls challenge (3 comments in total)

Than the winner, I agree with Tom.

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