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  • Passengers on that train either moved away or tried to calm him down. He killed two of those who tried to calm him down.
  • You sound like a very sweet person. How much do we really care about the tribal and other conflicts in places like Africa ? Who are we to determine who's right, who should live and who should die ? ...
  • Was the name of that state confusion ?
  • All of these issues were and still are way outside the scope of the NATO alliance.
  • Our retired cop certainly is but contempt of court is something different again.
  • I never said  you made anti-Muslim statements, you're becoming unreliable as a witness because you mix your wishes with reality. You're dismissed by the court, please leave this building before I ...
  • Officer, did you ever hear about circumstantial material which clarifies a person's behaviour ? The name of the criminal is Jeremy Joseph Christian, a 35 yr old right wing loser.
  • Now please tell me, officer, in what lie was I caught ? Do you contest my statement on proper English ?
  • People either make statements or yell slogans and write "you're" instead of "your" when they abbreviate "you are". Your police reports must have been a real pain to decipher. - °°°¤¤¤°°°
  • If I picked up the right picture, the man does look like one of those extremists wanting to make America great again :
  • Libya is not Syria, ISIS does not have an air force to be taken out.....
  • Now that is a straight out lie because you go for any stupidity Trump utters and always go off on details totally unrelated to the subject.
  • I really would like to know which kind of miracle whip you would use.
  • Of course he was well received, the Arabs like his pussy grabbing attitude, just like his eagerness to strike a deal on arms sales and absolute silence on human rights.
  • It seems that Juncker agreed to adopt a softer translation of what was actually said, going on the presumption that Trump did not really understand the implications of his comments. :-D
  • Created discussion thread Germany is bad, very bad
    Said the man to the EU leaders, Juncker in particular : "German media headlined a conversation between Trump and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, in which the magazine Der Spiegel ...
  • In what language did Obama speak that it had to be translated ? You're bigly stupid.
  • NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. It never said military activity and involvements across the world. Once again, what does "pay up" mean to you ?
  • To whom do you believe some countries should pay . Does NATO have a central budget from which it spends ? Can NATO borrow money from a bank or the IMF ? Do don't seem to know what you're talking about.
  • What Trump doesn't understand any more than you do is that no country "owes" anything to the US or NATO. That 2% of GDP was a promise of defence spending by each member country towards its own ...
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