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On article Fujifilm X100T (beta) real-world samples (101 comments in total)
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abi170845: For those people comparing the X100T to some other camera like the Pana LX100 etc, don't you get it? The reason to get this camera is the Leaf Shutter and the high synch flash speed. Before comparing the X100T to another camera, please compare it to another camera that has a leaf shutter, APS-C sensor AND high flash synch to 1/4000th of a sec. This is the ONLY reason why I bought the X100S. Please, don't compare the X100T to another camera that can barely synch to 1/250 or has fake Hi Speed Flash. Let see other cameras with a BUILD IN flash that are able to belt out shot after shot fill flash like the X100T.

A Nikon D50 or D70 syncs up perfectly all the way up to 1/4000s.

Electronic shutter.

Link | Posted on Sep 24, 2014 at 00:04 UTC

A brand selling out its name like this, is a chronicle of a death foretold.

Link | Posted on Jun 9, 2014 at 16:09 UTC as 4th comment | 1 reply

Technically speaking, 16:9 is not a wider format but actually narrower vertically on a 4:3 sensor.

Cropping it afterwards because you like those dimensions - and don't mind loosing parts of your image, sounds more logical.

But it's less simple, I presume.

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On article Nikon D4s First Impressions Review (1032 comments in total)

High ISO has no improvement at all over a D4.
The improvement is at JPEG processing and NR level.

So basically no improvement. Only software. Nothing some basic Lightroom can't do.

I won't deny I'm underwhelmed. Especially when many sources where claiming a full stop improvement when the D4s was announced or previewed.

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Interesting stuff. But at this video quality it looks almost the same as a video shot with my smartphone.

Not really the way to go to impress.

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Frank_BR: Just a nice attempt to hide the fact that Canon is losing the battle of sensors to Nikon?

psst Shaun_Nyc
Yes Nikon does. And Nikon did. Most are Sony, others have been designed by Nikon. Put even Sony sensors get a proper Nikon treatment and outperform the same sensors in other cameras.

But where the sensors come from is irrelevant. The current line-up clearly gives the golden cup to Nikon.

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JDThomas: Are people actually READING the article? It's about Anthony Karen's methodology on photojournalism and trust. The subject is beside the point.

This is exactly the same wrong, hypersensitive, context-ignoring reaction as the story with the deaf boy having to change his name in sign-language because some people said it looked like a gun.

This paranoia will eventually end in a deaf, blind and empty society.

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JDThomas: Are people actually READING the article? It's about Anthony Karen's methodology on photojournalism and trust. The subject is beside the point.

@ ryan2007 Extremely ironic when you're asking for censorship because of the subject of these photos, don't you think.

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On article Behind the Shot: Nautilus (49 comments in total)
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Mikhail Tal: Or you could have just exposed for the sky and used flash...

Ha nice one

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On article Nikkor 18-140mm F3.5-5.6G ED VR hints at mid-range DSLR (181 comments in total)
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opiecat: ring type ultrasonic motor? for a kit lens?

@ Xentinus It's obviously metal.

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ChrisKramer1: But the future is here already: Sony NEX series!

Never heard of that smartphone.

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On article Nokia's 41MP Lumia 1020 looks impressive (216 comments in total)
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schaki: Dammit Nokia...
Details gets ruined by bad NR.

Where? I see more detail in all the pictures, compared to the competition.

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Higuel: some $1300 for a lens that does NOT even close the iris as ordered by the camera...
from a white brand on top!

This confirms us all that Samyang has forgotten that their first major success, the 85mm f1.4 owns it to the fact that it was INDEED way CHEAPER then the options from the brands! WITH almost the same optical quality.
Start increasing the price like Sigma is doing and in no time Samyang is be story like many other brands who propose stuff way too expensive! They still have a looooong way to catch sigma in AF and ANY automation for that matter! Naturally they can try a crazy move like Sigma did with the SD1 sold at absurd prices, well, actually NOT SOLD! And in few months they had to cut the price to less then half!!! That is what Samyang deserves also!

You tell camera to close the iris. The camera tells the lens to close the iris. The lens closes its iris.


You close the iris.

It's not that hard, really.

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On article Pro DSLRs, Pro Photographers (99 comments in total)
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Deleted pending purge: No such thing like Pro cameras, there's only Pro photographers.
And what makes them Pro (besides being obvious where their bread comes from) is sometimes the fact that they can do good photos with any camera.
Otherwise, mercantilistic lore or not, there are only expensive, less expensive, not expensive, and cheap cameras. Technically, these will do what their specs say, if you either need or can afford to use them. But in the end, it will always be 10% equipment and 90% author - at any price level.

You never hear a pro say that it is 10% equipment and 90% skill. Because it obviously is not. Equipment matters. Reliability and performance. Especially in professional photography. That is why someone earning a living out of it, buys the best tools he can afford. And yes this mostly means PRO cameras. There are many times you NEED weather sealing, high ISO quality, lots of megapixels, high FPS, fast glass etc.... 90% skill isn't gonna make your camera any faster or more waterproof for a particular assignment.

This cliché statement just keeps on popping up. Everytime.

Link | Posted on Mar 13, 2013 at 03:31 UTC
On article Nikon issues service advisory on D600's dust issue (239 comments in total)
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bluevellet: I'm surprised dust is still a problem with DSLR's. Even more so with cameras at that high price range.

When you change lenses, eventually you get dust on your sensor. This will always be the case.

However, in this case the particles come from within the camera itself. I'm slightly disappointed in Nikon. But still, ordered my D600 yesterday.

Link | Posted on Feb 23, 2013 at 17:23 UTC
On article Just Posted: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 review (523 comments in total)
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tmurph: Sony got to be congratulated for putting a full size sensor into a high-end compact camera.
Love to own one and I like the 35mm lens which in my opinion is a good choice for a camera to take with you on your travels.
Seems a great camera for street photography.

I think it is not a matter of technical knowhow, but more "would it not be too much of a compromise?''. Terrible battery-life, slow AF, no viewfinder (a must have for street photography, imo) and no interchangeable lens... I think it's hard to sell to a lot of people, even ignoring the very high end price.

But yes Sony won the prize for delivering the first small FF compact. Sony decided it was worth it - probaby more in terms of long term PR. But that doesn't mean it's getting the price for best or most innovative or complete camera.

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