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Cool? It's waaayyyyy cool! If only Orville and Wilbur could have seen these beautiful birds take flight...

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On article Hands on with the Hasselblad H6D 50c/100c (267 comments in total)

1.Where can I buy a Florida Lotto ticket?
2. Should I wait on the H7M(Mirrorless). Tempted...but then I'd have to win TWO lotteries.

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On photo Waiting... in the -People and their environment : Poor- (in Full Colours Only) challenge (9 comments in total)

One of Life's Great Ironies this once-lovely child; one- loved beautiful woman, now lies before us sophisticated viewers...for examination, contemplation, and even,perhaps, judgement. I too would have also tried to capture the moment, the interrogating , querolous look on the woman's face: is he using me. Or shall he have pity, and give me something?

This image would be better used, to educate our tempestous to the wonderful heights, and pitiful abysses, that comprise life's long, wandering road.

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On photo Wilderness Sunset in the Wilderness challenge (19 comments in total)
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Markol: There's so much wrong with this, I'm sorry but a Leica user completely messing up a photo with Photoshop. DPR audience voting this to be the winner.
Ok, who am I to say what others should like. To each his own.

This over-the-top PS does no-one any good. Waaaay too heavy-handed...looks like Spielberg's take on a Mars sunrise..

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Amazing. Both the girl...and the guy who captured the moment.

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Much appreciated: her life-long quest with photography; and a very well-done, intimate video. Vivacious and interesting lady, and and co-incidentally also reflects my own journey and photograhic interests. Tony Webster, Barbados

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On photo Like a firework in the Grains challenge (13 comments in total)

Lovely...especially the little fly (mosquito?)...You DID see it, n'est pas?

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Brain switched on. Take bow, Jeremiah!

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On article Evolution of an image (123 comments in total)

Shades of Ansel Adams! An even more interesting read of his herculean efforts, lugging massive gear all around the Rockies etc, and waiting days for the precise magical moment. to press that button…er cable. BTW, I was thrilled to see many of the Maestro's cameras and gear , on display at that super Banff Springs Hotel, 20 years or so ago. Unbelievable testament to our hobby..or chronic addiction, whichever you choose! You are walking in a giant's footsteps, Mr. Krieger- well done!

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On article Canon launches 15-85mm and 18-135mm EF-S lenses (2 comments in total)

I'm looking forward to the full DPR review. I have sent back my Canon 17-85mm IS USM, twice already, and the repairs/ costs just don't cut it ( no cleaning of the elements either for a total $300 or so!) If, as I hear, this 15-85 is the sucessor to the problem-plagued 17-85, then I say "good riddance". And I'm hoping that this new lens restores the brand reliability.

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On article Review: Nokia 808 PureView (349 comments in total)

If I get the message, this is a very good "always-with-me" CAMERA, which holy smokin' pancakes- also has a phone included. Hmmm….now if it was also waterproof and heat proof, we could flip those pancakes...

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Just beautiful, and one of those cool folks who share all they have, and all they know.. Thanks ben. Tony Webster, Barbados

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On photo Great Egret in the Color challenge #7: WHITE challenge (9 comments in total)

...and also, maybe, colour the bird pink? THAT's my lingering beef with worshipping at PS altar..where does one draw the line , and retain one's sense of integrity?

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