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  • as those darkroom techniques are where those photoshop tools originated from. they were no more honest in the infancy of film than today. it was a practice that was maligned even back in then a ...
  • I agree with your POV google "photoshop manipulation" and you are presented with tutorials for what are obviously composite images /photomontages googling "photoshop enhancements" however is more ...
  • nowadays we have photo-forensics sites that examine the EXIF. drop an image on the website and it will determine if the image has been photoshopped.  eventually, the utility will become ...
  • only if  you use photoshop as a crutch and then try and pass off your photoshopped images as actual photographs yet both are fake photographs just to a different degree one is a photographic ...
  • there is a distinction between the art of photography global and regional post-processing such as Ansels  dodging and burning and the art of photoshop definition to alter (a digital image) with ...
  • when one needs to hide the wires and the bloke holding the chair Salvador Dali A (Dali Atomicus) original Salvador Dali A (Dali Atomicus)  published
  • please define these amazing shots of family life. were they all gathered around the xbox? or do we have to wait for 50 years for the nostalgia to set in ,
  • they don't, but there is a distinction between the art of photography and the art of photoshop photoshopped : to alter (a digital image) with Photoshop software or other image-editing software espe ...
  • unfortunately, no amount of sharpening is going to save the shot you posted as the dog is out of focus.
  • those Fuji colors were really nasty.
  • me too, the crop is to tight, lost the wiring that frames the scene, I agree to illustrate your point an example of a successful ARPS Fine Art Submission panel, ...
  • I have already proved you are wrong as you conceded that older cameras before your  Canon G2 were also capable of capturing pretty good snapshots too. but  feel free to flounder on posting more ...
  • so you were unaware you can digitalize your film shots and share online. please enlighten us to what auto setting I use. while you're at it explain why that auto setting is not reliable in all ...
  • many happy returns on your special day. with guidance, you will become a fully functional member of society once more.
  • actually the very first HDR images were not accomplished by post-processing but in camera, a card was used to partially block the light allowing for 2 separate exposures to be captured together.
  • Replied in well, yeah
    you have been on eBay for years yet you can not work out how to ask for help with an issue.? I gave you the link to the community forum so I suggest you start by exploring the links on that page.
  • Replied in well, yeah
    eBay apologizes regarding sigma stock photos more info on VERO h ...
  • looks like you throwing a tantrum got my reply deleted. existing thread on your issue
  • then you must be under the assumption  that snapshots did not exist before digital so you believe pressing the shutter button is all there is to photography yes, it was amazing how the monkey and ...
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