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  • long standing issue google yahoo redirects to AT@T and try some of the solution's offered . good luck sorting it out as yahoo sign in was screwed up before Verizon took over flickr with loads of ...
  • so you are saying on the OPs behalf that this was flame thread intended to troll another member ?
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    your point was to try to ridicule smartphones users who probably do not even class themselves as photographers . but please feel free to continue to judge my work unseen in comparison to your own ...
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    mute point  as there  are plenty of galleries on the net that show that skilled photographers can produce great images from a smartphone within its limitations and we are all certainly aware that ...
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    well i can understand thenoilifs point of view if it was based on browsing your gallery . you are not a very competent photographer are you considering your gear . not many moments there that look ...
  • that coz those padded anoraks soaked it all up  while you were engrossed in watching the choochoo  go by .
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    *facepalm* it is you that is not viewing the images/videos properly . which is via a smart device which the media was intended to be viewed upon .
  • they are ok for fair weather photographers who only venture out when the sun is shining . as you can see from the examples posted here the images tend to get smudgy and lose detail  in any scenario ...
  • when you have dumped all those toy cameras in your gear list you can grow up to be a real photographer too .
  • that ok no one gives a fig about what happens to awesomlans drone after it gets hacked either .  another useful application for the smartphone .
  • such a pity you did not capture someone claiming a Darwin award here. better luck next time. keep in mind ogrish sites will pay for such content .
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    But dont forget to factor in for  photo -romanticising a good subject in your eyes does not  necessarily make it less boring to others. stories are often used to embellish weak photos to appear ...
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    the OP obviously is incompetent at viewing such media correctly . did not factor in the headroom in mothers basement to turn their fancy monitor sideways.
  • by watching  the smug faced waste of space with a dedicated camera pointing a finger at them and smirking .
  • built in mics are useless . you really need an external mic to make any attempt at a halfway decent recording and even then you will need a dedicated sound editor to clean it up . using  ...
  • That will be fine as that particular brand is prone to eating things . i suspect it will just suck up the fumes and pre -bake them . just be careful when placing the camera down anywhere as the ...
  • some strange lurking species deep within the bowels of DPR  is bound to buy them . undoubtedly a youtube  production  featuring  said spectacles perched on different mountain tops will sure to follow .
  • wake up to the real world if you have an interesting picture then the viewer will undoubtedly want to see  more details . So what you gonna do post all you pics with a sticky note that says" ...
  • FYI they are not the same type of curtains you wipe yourself on when you dribble and can not find a towel .
  • silly billy that you that is do what ? i think you may have forgotten  what sock puppet account you are posting from i see so not so great after all .
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