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InnAtElmwood: Yahoo's changes to Flickr over the years has angered many loyal users. Their attempts to make it the Facebook of Fotos never worked. They have tried to bring it back to the place users desire, but they still have a way to go. With the layoffs and neglect they have put on Flickr, Yahoo has not helped themselves keep this product relevant to users or investors. That said, I hope it survives since I spend a lot of time there and no other site (500pix, Picassa, Tumblr) comes close to its relevance to photographers.

you must have missed the full image native ads (only seen when signed out) cunningly inserted in your stream every 4th image or so . they act as your own images so therefore Adblock will not remove then .
very sneaky as you dont see them but your viewers do .

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On photo Mystical - Enchanted Valley in the Mystical challenge (33 comments in total)

very inspiring image indeed ,blown away by this ,such a haunting atmosphere you have captured here .one of the most compelling landscapes i have seen in a long while.

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great article
it did seem the next logical step to me while experimenting with ETTR and have been using it for over a year now for landscapes with great success but have not seen it mentioned elsewhere.
though as czesuaw2 points out its based on the JPG histogram so there is still leeway there to get more dynamic range if necessary.
i have also been using the brightness scale rather than the RGB though as it said to be more accurate.

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