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isaacimages: These look like EXTREME highlight examples. They had to darken everything else to show the bloom. What part of the frame is this? What's the magnification? Bottom line, People: IT'S A POINT AND SHOOT CAMERA with a digital sensor. Even FILM would have had a problem with the range of shadow/highlight shown.

It's good Fuji acknowleged a problem, and if a firmware update will help lessen the bloom at lower ISO's, that'll be great. But if not, shoot a wide bracket and combine the exposures. Or, reposition yourself so the highlight is not so severe. Or don't use flash if possible. The response of this camera is such that flash is not always necessary. Solve the problem with photographic SKILLS.

As for the camera not turning on. You must be sure to turn the lens ring all the way to 28. In between on/off and 28 won't work, and the little orange light on the back of the camera will warn you. Been there done that.

Jeeze.. gotta say like.. P&S.. small sensor.. whatever.. that pics nasty. I cant even afford the X10 right now but i was thinkin about selling an organ to pay for it because other than this problem i think its amazing. id be lying if i said i was happy with those results for 400 quid and big scar where my kidney used to be.. disappointed : (

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