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Lenses like these are a good reminder the DLSR isn't on its death bed, despite the giddiness and excitement over the Sony A7 duo. Canon and Nikon will have a lock on the pro-level sports/bird/telephoto market for some time to come.

And congratulations to Sigma for getting it together with some great top-quality lenses. Hope they can continue to deliver with decent quality control.

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plevyadophy: Can someone explain please?

Just looking at the new "OLPF filter omission" section of this review (at page 6),DPReview are saying that in their testing there is no significant difference between the 24Mp with an Optical Low Pass Filter (OLPF) and the same/similar sensor without.

What I would like to understand is this:
(1) Is this because at a certain pixel count, or perhaps density, resolution is so high that removal of the OLPF doesn't really help much?
(2) And if so, what's the pixel threshold?
(3) Or could it be that there are benefits if shooting at certain distances? Perhaps the DPReview studio and outdoor tests weren't shot at distances that are like to show difference between sensors with and without an OLPF?
(4) So this leads me on to the question of cams like the Leica M, Nikon D800E, and all medium format cams, are there really no gains for these cams having omitted the OPLF? In other words, would the image detail look pretty much the same with these cams with an OPLF?

You might need to re-read the review and look at the pictures. There is significant difference at f3.5 - the photos clearly show a difference. The OLPF /AA filter blurs the higher frequency detail. If the resolution is below the low pass filter frequency, then indeed it won't make the picture 'fuzzier' because it is already fuzzy. The 50/1.4 probably doesn't sharpen up until closed down to f/3.5, and at smaller apertures diffraction kicks in.

The high pixel density of the 24MP APS-C camera is pushing the limits of the system (more than the 36MP full-frame)

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JacopoB: If I read the preview correctly, this camera has far less dynamic range than black and white film and is very intolerant of overexposure. If Leica had managed to improve on both the resolution AND the dynamic range of film, they would have been onto something. As it is, why wouldn't someone who already owns Leica glass just buy a Leica film body (or dust off the one that's already in their closet)? There is at least one lab in the US that will do 16Mp scans of film as they develop it, making it easy to maintain a parallel digital work flow while enjoying the superior IQ of film.

DSLR owners have more logical ways of shooting b&w too. Used high-end film bodies are shockingly inexpensive and for those who'd rather be 100% digital, the combination of Nik Silver Efex Pro and a 24Mp+ body is going to get better results and be much more user-friendly than this Leica.

It would be interesting to hear from someone that's used both the MM and a film Leica--maybe I'm missing something.

The Nikon D800 can't keep up resolution-wise. And at base ISO, my new 5dIII noise is apparent and I miss the clean files of my recently sold M9.


This is a 'niche within a niche' product - however looking at the postings on various forums, the Monochrom sure has something going for it. Despite the price, I'm torn between the M/240 and the MM as an eventual companion to my 5dIII.

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Cipher: Here comes the crying! The fact that it has the same score as the D800 is no coincidence. lol.

Definitely use a d800 for more DR and resolution . . . or maybe a 5dIII for higher FPS . . .

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ryansholl: Ho. Lee. Sheeit.

Somewhere, some jackass will blow the money on this. And that is why Leica still exists.

Wish I was that jacka$$. I would buy you one too just to shut you up :)

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You guys are really silly, this is not a "new idea' and nobody stole your idea.
The great innovator in digital photography created had this concept years ago. Too bad they 'sucked' at marketing and product development.


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Hit the "Pre-Order" as soon as I saw the news . . . then choked on the price. $7k, Really? Hey I'm a Leica 'fanboy' but I'd rather have the 50/1.4. Only good news is this probably bumped up the value of my old 50/1 Noctilux.

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mauro paillex: Fetishist camera! For H.C.B or other great photographers of that period was the only camera you could carry around! Now it's a fetish. When u see such a camera at the neck of a contemporary photographer, he is generally black dressed trying to seem an intellectual...ahah! And he generally it is not able to take a good shot!! Go to Arles, France, in July and enjoy... Any entry level slr is better than M9!!! For sure!

For a beginner, yes.

For a low-iso shooter, this is a good as it gets. My 5dII can take shots 'as good' - except if you push up the shadows. The kodak CCD is great at pushing up shadows, where the Canon 5dII/5dIII fail. The Nikon 800e might the step up from the M9, besides that nothing competes.

I did have a Nex 7, didn't like the noise at low iso. Leica even beats it with lower noise at 1600. The EVF has issues - I found the Sony not worth the price and returned it (in addition the 'cheap' lenses are worthless).

Just did a little spring skiing with my M9 and a few lenses. Wouldn't try that with my 5dII.

The M9 is a tool, and a damn good one. It doesn't do everything, but goes places my 5dII doesn't with no compromise in image quality. If you typically shoot ISO's above 3200, it is of no use to you.

$10k isn't a lot in terms of other hobbies (boats, cars, planes). Also, the lenses hold value.
To each his own.

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I am at a loose with the spelling in the Highlights.

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Cy Cheze: Peaking and zebra aids exist on several consumer <$1,000 videocams. Maybe high-end studio rigs don't need them because the users have golden eyes that attain the perfect narrow DOF and bokeh. Only low end aviators need GPS or auto-pilot. Professionals have x-ray vision and can dead reckon throught he fog.

"Excuse me Mr. President, can you hold the end of my tape measure as you walk? My Canon 1D C is for professionals so it doesn't have focus peaking"

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Jack A. Zucker: price is too close to canon. The IS feature won't be enough to cut into canon's sales IMO. At this focal length, IS is not as important. It needs to be $1k to tempt folks from canon's offering IMO unless canon discontinues the 24-70 2.8 MK I

It is already half of the Canon 24-70 II. If it is better than the Tamron 28-75 - this will be a winner.

I owned version 1 of the 24-70mm. The 28-75mm Tamron is a better lens (except in the corners wide open).. My Canon misfocused frequently, even after sending it to Canon for adjustment. The canon is superior in feel/build quality.

Looks like round two: Canon vs Tamron. I'll wait and see - but I wouldn't be surprised if the tammy's image quality is comparable to the Canon at twice the price.

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On article Sigma USA announces pricing of 50-150mm F2.8 OS HSM (104 comments in total)

I want a 50-150mm f2.8 full-frame!

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On photo BK6A0201-reconverted in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Looks like the 24-105 is outclassed by the sensor on the wide end - or some camera/mirror shake is going on.

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On a photo in the Canon EOS 5D Mark III Preview Samples sample gallery (1 comment in total)

Looks like the 24-105 is outclassed by the sensor on the wide end - or some camera/mirror shake is going on.

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Thanks Fuji.
I cancelled my 3-lens and X-Pro1 orders. Don't want to be first in line for a new product with a company that does not accept responsibility.

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Hooray Samsung -
Finally a company that understands why cell phones are replacing pocket snapshooters. Connectivity.

Not a coincidence Sammy is a major cell phone manufacturer. And hooray for a product that won't incite law suits from Apple. :)

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Can't tell if it has a focus cam - the photo looks like no cam. Have to assume if it is full frame + M mount it has a focus cam (it is over 2 lbs!). My 15mm voigtlander is fine without rangefinder coupling, a 50/.95 of course won't work.

Love to see a comparison vs f1 and f.95 nocti's.

So nice to see a few manufacturers out there making some interesting products.

Question is . . . price?

edit - it does have a cut-out on the mount for the roller, and from the side shot - there appears a focus cam (black, not brass).

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"avoid color shifts when changing brightness"
Lightroom could learn something here. 30-day trial coming my way.

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metalized: 3D is for the next generation. Older people as usual will resist changes and won't like it, simply because they afraid that their current skill in 2d will someday be ignored by people.

3D has been around for over a century.
Technology can't force people to adopt something that is basically a 'gimmick'.

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Debankur Mukherjee: That’s Leica – Slow but steady wins the race.......

The next sensor choice will be interesting. There is a Kodak interline (live view capable) CCD, 28MP full frame chip available. But Kodak may not be the best company to rely on at this point. Does Leica then source from Sony?

A 28-32 MP M10, with liveview and clean 6400 would be a significant step up, and probably needed to keep the M competitive.

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