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  • My son couldn't understand why I would soundly beat his times at a recent track day despite my car being down close to 200HP over his. The more advanced the tool, the more skill/experience is ...
  • I have the PL 25 1.4 but after using a friends 25 1.2, I couldn't agree more. The only reason to get the PL over the Oly IMO are size/price.
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    I respect what you are saying however an MS Surface Pro is a very mobile device that's not much bigger that an iPad and its runs Adobe LR/PS very well. It also allows you to use the same workflow ...
  • Well you never have to pay a machine for sick time, holidays, training, insurance, pension etc.

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    While I appreciate all the work you put in to present this, I find it much easier to just use a Surface Pro with and Adobe CC installed. That way, all I have to carry is the Surface (and charger) ...
  • I do think the m43 forum is getting better as more actual photographers are buying/using the system. I feel there are a lot less of those types of posts in the last few months... of course there ...
  • @ Marksphoto - Seriously? LR (and PS as they use the same RAW convertor) is useful for "cataloguing only" because of its "aweful colors". All those millions of users never use LR/PS for processing...

  • True, however if you are into photography because it's a "cheap" hobby, you probably picked the wrong hobby :-P In the last 1-2 years, we've seen more expensive bodies and lenses come out. That ...
  • As were lots of other products. Mirrorless offers manufactures more options with less complexity. Are we at a time when it is better, nope not yet but the time is coming. IMO, Canon is on the right...

  • @ rrccad - I seem to have read variations of that comment numerous times before... Vinyl > CD > MP3; 8Track > Cassette > Digital; BETA > VHS > DVD > BluRay > UD BluRay; Compact Camera > Smartphone;...

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    I guess I'm just getting old but geez, "people" are sensitive to everything these days it seems. One of my sons works with a woman who is "sensitive" to the scent of toothpaste. I just shook my head.
  • Rachelle, the E-M1 MK II works like the PEN as far as I can tell; you assign the custom function to a dial position (C1-3); The "MySets" are no longer available so no way to recall them. I can see ...
  • I wouldn't run out and buy any ND filters immediately; I'd wait and see if you actually need them, remember you have 1/32000 shutter and you can move the ISO down to low (ISO64). And sorry as I ...
  • @ entoman - I agree completely; I switched to mirrorless several years ago however if I was to buy into any DSLR these days, it would be Nikon again. The D810 (IMHO) is still the best all around...

  • So much "special" on this... Queue up Blues Brothers; Elwood: It's special. It's got a cop motor, It's got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks.

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    Leicas are pretty cheap compared to Phase1 and Red... just sayin.

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    @ Panno - Unfortunately if you want a FF rangefinder Leica is the only game in town.

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    @ Aron... I agree with you. I personally would never spend that kind of money on a digital camera; as you say, in this realm, technology marches on rather quickly. However that's what Leica cameras...

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    If you want a very high quality hand built camera, this is what they cost. No getting around that fact whether it be in cameras, cars, audio, watches, wine, etc.

    If that is not important to you,...

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    Well I'm glad you disagree with what I need for my use. Anything else I need?
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