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Theeky: I think I will sell the house to buy this one! ahah

Who really spends so much money on this!? I can't understand.. really!?

Just give the money to people that don't have nothing to eat!

Perhaps professionals whose livelihoods rely on such cameras?
My housemate reviews images for ad campaigns, the company only accept images produced on mf cameras and they process dozens of campaigns each month.

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Kodachrome200: i am losing it with these mirror less cameras. The way the camera companies are dealing with selling the kits is unforgivable. I mean they make a new standard zoom require everyone to buy the camera with old standard zoom (witch incidentally is to bulky to possible be desirable with a camera of this limited capability). Every single one of these camera was sold in a kit you are literally forced to buy the worse lens before you can buy the better lens. Also anyone upgrading from the old camera are forced to buy ANOTHER copy of the previous version of the standard zoom they already have

Why would anyone put up with this. with system cameras you should never be forced to buy a kit

I just put the name of a number of mirrorless cameras plus 'body only' into google. You should try it.

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On article Reuters showcases EOS-1D X multiple exposure modes (183 comments in total)
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mzillch: Can anyone explain to me what advantage there would be, if any, in combining the images in the camera, as opposed to doing it in a computer in post? This is a gimmick!

mzillch, its quite clear Nishi was referring to the technique as opposed to the in camera processing. As in its not a gimmick because this technique has been used by journalist many times and for a long time.

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christian jacob: Well, the Instagramm filter stuff won't be interesting for more than 5 minutes, making it just a party gag, but there are serious applications for this "augmented reality" stuff, like integrating it with google or an combined ocr and translation program -- translating chinese into your language on the fly (well, in 10 years or so...) for example.
OTOH, our corporate overlords will then know at what we're looking at for how long, every good thing has bad side to it...
(at least Google and I guess some still unknown startups are already working at this)

Still, as a child I was reading science fiction, now i'm living it.

Considering the colossal amount of Instagram spam I and other get on things like facebook I think its safe to say the people who would buy this would find interest beyond the initial 5 minutes.

In regard to the on the fly translations one of the more interesting (or accessible I suppose) is being field tested at the Olympics this year - VoiceTra4U-M.

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Octane: LOL great marketing stunt. And DPReview totally fell for it.

"...a designer never makes a product. "

Er, okay.

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Oery: does it come with AF & IS ? LOL
I'm glad its still in "concept"; so they designer can back to drawing board.... its really uggly glasses

Yes, but this is aimed at a certain 'hip' crowd, people who consider Urkel a fashion icon.

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On article Just Posted: Sony NEX-F3 hands-on preview (67 comments in total)
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Louis_Dobson: "It's also the first NEX to feature a screen that flips all the way into a vertical position, to make it easier to shoot self-portraits"

Thanks, that's all I needed to know about the target market.

Not just this morning.

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thx1138: Wow, rotten specs. f/3.9 lens, 230kp LCD, no RAW, tiny 1/2.3" sensor. Sort of like every other underwater P&S. At least the new Olympus is f/2 at wide end.

Why is it assumed underwater photographers like to use crap cameras.

Just because you don't like RAW doesn't mean we should all suffer and have to use jpg. You can still shoot jpg on a RAW enabled camera and let the camera company do the processing for you. I like to control how I process my files.

There is always the bizarre possibility that a lot of people will be going snorkeling during their holidays this summer and they would quite like to take some pictures of their experience to show their friends and family. Image quality isn't the be all and end all when your on holiday.

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On article Just Posted: Olympus OM-D E-M5 review (572 comments in total)
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amicus70: I don't like the retro-design. It's a design of the 70s or 80s - and there it belongs. We are living in 2012. If you want to use a camera with a design like a box, use your old DSLRs... you will soon find out why the major producers no longer use this design for a camera. Modern cameras have a much better usability.

Out of pure curiosity, what sort of design for you fits for '2012' ? No trolling here genuinely curious.

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Jonathan Reed: ThinkTank makes the best bags out there. Worth every penney.

Thomas Cook are indeed not that interested in service, but I have little sympathy for people who don't check their baggage allowances prior to travel. If you buy your ticket through the airline all the information is right in front of you on their website. If booking through an agent get them to tell you or find out for yourself. Its the well being of your possessions at the end of the day and the airline is not at fault because you didn't check what your allowances were.
If your traveling with expensive items or equipment you can contact the airline and often special provisions can be made to give you slightly more weight allowance or larger dimensions for your carry on (with budget airlines it will usually involve a cost, internatonal carriers less so).

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Peiasdf: NYTimes has an article on spy satellite vs. commercial imaging satellite as government budget is being slashed and I think the analogy can be applied here. Sure MF is better than D800, but is it 10 times better if you are on a budget?


TheCameraStoreTV in Alberta uploaded a shootout between Hasselblad H40 and D800 (D800E vs MF will comes in a few week). MF won in skintone, DR and highlights while 35mm won high-ISO and shadows.


You said it yourself, "...if you are on a budget".
If your on a budget, your not shopping for MF.

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marike6: From the article "Not only was the 5D II Canon's first video-equipped DSLR, but at 21MP it offered a class-leading pixel count, effectively equal in resolution to Canon's professional EOS-1 Ds Mark III."

Not to be pedantic, but I believe the D90 was the first video enable DSLR. Granted it wasn't a very good one, but technically it was the first and this Wikipedia article seems to verify this fact.


By the way, love the bokeh in the Cherry Blossom image. Nice work.

"...Canon's first..."

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(unknown member): Who cares about scratches and fingerprints? I care about drop resistance, water resistance and dust resistance!
Portable drives travel - are they travel proof?!

It will be as travel proof as the laptop it gets used with.

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Debankur Mukherjee: Great News from WD, but are Hard Drives available in the market after the Thailand Flood. The prices have gone up like anything !! When will the market for HDD be normal.......

Production has yet to catch up to pre-flood numbers so demand is still surpassing supply but even once production is as normal retailers will make the most of the inflated prices. I would be surprised if we ever see pre-flood prices this year (if at all).

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On article Just Posted: Olympus OM-D E-M5 test samples (456 comments in total)
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D1N0: The more I pixel peep, the more useless it feels. I notice all kinds of differences in focus, light balance, exposure and contrast. Not to mention different scaling due to megapixels and sensor size. I think it would be more usefull to configure a truly difficult scene, with more real life potential.

OT: to me the oly clearly oversharpens. Especially visible with the yarn spindles.

"The more I pixel peep, the more useless it feels."

Spot on.

Link | Posted on Mar 17, 2012 at 01:02 UTC
On article Leica includes Lightroom 4 with most camera purchases (35 comments in total)

Considering Lightroom just had it's price slashed I can't imagine throwing it in for 'free' will be a massive incentive to buy a red dot.

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Karsten Dam: Fine. I just purchased Lightroom 3.6 a month ago in an Adobe shop and paid 150 euro. If I upgrade now I'll have paid double for v. 4.0 !!
Phoned Adobe "customer service" a few minutes ago. No free upgrade for me. They were literally laughing at me.

I'll never buy any Adobe products more in my life.

It's strange this recurring use of the phrase 'have to'. I still use CS2 and I've never felt when new versions are released I 'have to' upgrade/pay just because it's there.
You bought a product at a price you could afford, are you happy with its functionality?
I understand the frustration that the new price scheme is lower than expected but your not out of pocket and you have a product which has the functionality you required.

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On article Just Posted: First Impressions - Using the Nikon D4 (84 comments in total)
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PicOne: So.. this is I think the 4th News article relating to the D4 since it was announced.. and as far as I know its still on pre-order. What devotion!

There have been three articles regarding the 5DmIII essentially covering the same things as the D4 articles. Whats your issue?

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Karsten Dam: Fine. I just purchased Lightroom 3.6 a month ago in an Adobe shop and paid 150 euro. If I upgrade now I'll have paid double for v. 4.0 !!
Phoned Adobe "customer service" a few minutes ago. No free upgrade for me. They were literally laughing at me.

I'll never buy any Adobe products more in my life.

If I were buying a car I would do considerable research and in all likely hood be well aware of an upcoming release of a new model. I wouldn't buy an older or current model and then expect compensation upon its release.

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Karsten Dam: Fine. I just purchased Lightroom 3.6 a month ago in an Adobe shop and paid 150 euro. If I upgrade now I'll have paid double for v. 4.0 !!
Phoned Adobe "customer service" a few minutes ago. No free upgrade for me. They were literally laughing at me.

I'll never buy any Adobe products more in my life.

Why would you think you'd get a free upgrade?, or did I miss something in the article?

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