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    If your opinion is uneducated and nothing more than confirmation bias, as it seems to be, then it is not worthy of consideration.
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    Perhaps you need to try reading with the intent to comprehend what is written rather than merely to make dismissive replies. Your problem here is that you are looking for insult rather than ...
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    Oh please, don't be so deliberately obtuse and derogatory. If a person is doing a documentary then by definition they need to be a glorified tape recorder. But you knew that and decided tossing out ...
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    It depends on if you are making an attempt at creating something artistic or if your intent is to be nothing more than a glorified tape recorder.
  • Well, Pentax makes APS-C, full frame and medium format, and they made that delightful little Q system for years but none of that seems to garner them much respect. My guess is you mean if Canon, ...
  • You will love full frame. I’ve been shooting with Pentax forever, and so was able to move to full frame a few years ago. I also have some Fuji stuff that I haven’t really used since I got my K1.
  • Chinese factories make to order with regard to quality. You can order better quality but you will pay more. An example of this is Ryobi/ Ridgid/ Milwaukee tools. They are all made by the same ...
  • What are the lenses going to cost? If all you are planning on doing us putting your Fuji lenses onto the Sony you are wasting your money on the new camera?
  • You are aware that what you have discovered is what people in the know have been saying for a few years?
  • I suspect the average hallmark channel viewer wouldn't know a camera from a hamburger. They will just be pulling whatever is on the shelf in the prop department and fun in the sound of a film ...
  • The K1ii will give better images than whatever APS–C camera they come out with, all else being equal.
  • You say you have run into situations where it would benefit you. Why are you asking a question you have already answered?
  • (n/t)
  • If you weren't worried about harming yourself by exposing your easily harmed by radiation self to radioactive exposure, why would you be worried about your rather immune to harm camera? Also, if ...
  • Scratches and cleaning marks are not the same thing. Cleaning marks degrade sharpness, scratches can cause flare. Both degrade optical performance, though scratches do tend to be easier to live ...
  • Give it time......
  • Scuffs, otherwise known as cleaning marks, degrade the sharpness of the lens. The more cleaning marks, the more sharpness is degraded. After that, it's just a matter of what one's standards are ...
  • When I was selling cameras, the single biggest cause of damage I saw was from cleaning. It doesn’t matter what your method is, rubbing anything on the surface of a lens is abrading it. Eventually ...
  • Whatever you choose, keep in mind that most lenses that are damaged are damaged by over zealous cleaning than all other reasons combined.
  • Generally that would be venue specific, such as the church banning all photography (except hopefully for the pro) during the ceremony. This. I did have a family member trying to emulate pretty much ...
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