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  • I read it on that other Pentax forum. They have some pretty smart people posting over there. The guy who made that statement is one of them. Sorry, I don't recall the thread, but most likely it ...
  • All Pentax has to do is stay away from the EVF market to avoid becoming a me too. I've read that some 30% of the population will suffer discomfort from using EVFs. That's a big chunk of the market.
  • Yes you do. Keep in mind that free information received from the internet may or may not be correct. Why don't you consult a lawyer? They are trained in this sort of stuff.
  • A wet turd is better than Chevy.
  • Cameras have a very short best before date, so manufacturers need to recover development costs quickly while ramping up for the soon to be released replacement. We demand this from them, even ...
  • I’m not an electronics wonk, but it seems to me that that read noise should be able to be mapped and filtered, at least to a degree, I don’t know if he did or not.
  • If you are interested in taking pictures rather than impressing your friends with what you can spend on gear, older lenses can make great photographs.
  • This is true for the digital equipment, not so much for the analogue equipment (optics). Half a dozen modern high end lenses could run $20k. I don’t know many people who can take that kind of hit ...
  • Quite often, the wrong time...... I try for sunrise and a few hours before sunset. It depends on where I am.
  • Replied in Red clipping
    This is pretty much what I've found. I have to underexpose red colour failure images, with pixel shift I am able to expose closer to normal, meaning I don't have everything underexposed just to ...
  • Replied in Red clipping
    There is this thing called a histogram. You might have heard of them. You are talking to yourself here. I'm not reading your crap. I reported what I've found regarding pixel shift, I know what ...
  • With regard to AF, Pentax has always been in a league of their own. Their AF has been, at best Little League while everyone else is playing pro ball. The ME-F was an interesting toy, but it was ...
  • Replied in Which camera?
    The one you don’t care if it comes back in one piece.
  • Replied in Red clipping
    It probably works if all you shoot are the type of test target images we see here too. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seem pictures of red flowers that are obviously clipped in the ...
  • This only holds true for cheap bodies and consumer level lenses. If one is buying higher end stuff, especially high end glass, then not considering it an investment is just plain stupid.
  • Isn’t it the fault of the computer that it won’t support older software?
  • As others have pointed out from time to time, a cell phone can shoot excellent video as well. Or so I’m told.
  • Yup. That one (K10) was nice. The K100d was the first anti shake body wasn’t it?
  • The guy says there was a bag of rocks in the box, he gets paypal buyers protection involved and gets his refund. The most the seller can hope to get back is a bag of rocks. As soon as I read ...
  • Replied in Red clipping
    Whatever, I just report what I have found in the real world, which is separate from test images that may or may not represent what happens in the field. You may as well be arguing with the moon ...
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