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feels like they are making a bunch of similar ones. Loving my dp1m.

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King Penguin: I've just browsed the DP1/2 group on Flickr to see if I can see for MYSELF the differences between the Sigma sensor and the results I obtain from my Nik DX sensor as most of the comments here seem to be on what I can only call the Luddite side of things or the 'born again' photographer type (ie, completely fixed views and predudiced against anything they don't believe in) - you know the type!

My 5 min browse revealed that there are many fantastic images and the colour rendition and detail were impressive. Certainly I would be hard pressed to consistently achieve this with my Nik DX sensor and photoshop processing.

So maybe there is something special in the sensor......or maybe they are just better photographers!

I won't be buying one though as having invested in some nice Nikkor glass over the years, it would be expensive to change........

I think 99% of amateur photographers are probably like me.......ie, having invested in the glass of a particular system even if a different manufacturer brings out a brilliant new body or camera we don't bung our kit on eBay and then reinvest, we just wait patiently for our brand to bring one out and upgrade if and when we can afford it.

Am I right or am I right?

Haha, you are right. As you said many amateur users may not need two cameras. After all you cannot expect a foveon censor in room without flash or at at night. But for me, a fan of landscape, this is a must-have.

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Snaaks: 1.000 bucks for an P & $ camara. Not a winner i'm afraid.

It's so different from a p and s camera u r talking about. Just go to flick and search DP1m, u'll be scared by the official sample images. Scared, I mean.

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