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On article Nikon D5500 Review (416 comments in total)

No HSS on the D5500?

Link | Posted on May 10, 2016 at 01:35 UTC as 21st comment

So they "squeezed" a 300mm f4 into just 2.8lbs, the Nikon weighs less than 2lbs and the Canon 2.63lbs

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On article Adorama launches Flashpoint Ring Li-On 400ws ringflash (57 comments in total)

it looks a lot like

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On article Phottix Mitros Flash for Canon Review (41 comments in total)
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rsn48: The flash lacks one option, unless I missed it in speed reading, and that is the ability to upgrade the software in the flash itself. So the Metz will never be obsolete even if Canon changes it software profile, it will be back engineered by Metz and released for download.

Phottix firmware can be updated

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Johannes Zander: From their website and important for me:
•Cactus V6 does not transmit TTL information wirelessly

the ttl passthough is via a single unit on camera with the flash in the V6 hotshoe, at the same time you can use V6's as normal

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Jogger: Its a bit weird to call this a "general-purpose zoom" esp. for FF users. I use my FF for specific tasks and use appropriate lenses for each task. Using a general purpose lens means you get less than optimal results and performance for whatever you are shooting.

For "general purpose" photography i just use my RX100/10 combo.

even more weird to think that a FF DSLR with 24-105 isn't suitable for "general purpose" use but an RX100 instead with less IQ and range of FL or to carry an RX100 and an RX10 is.

Link | Posted on Dec 17, 2013 at 02:14 UTC
On article Canon updates firmware for EOS-1D X and EOS-1D C (33 comments in total)

"the ability to set exposure compensation when using Auto ISO in manual exposure mode." Can we have this on other models please?

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Cy Cheze: Is the full text of the GfK report available? Any break-out of the units and revenues attributed to each brand or model? Perhaps not.

I'd wonder if the fall in mirroless sales might also reflect displacement due to greater reliance on cellphone cameras, which are collectively the 400 lbs gorilla in the market, even if only bushbaby size each.

Will the alluded Fuji CSC be like the Q, the V1, or a less expensive m4/3?

You have to pay GFK for the full details

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