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Fantastic collection thanks!

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ballwin12: Someone may move back to DX because of this lens.. if it's good, of course.

You're talking about this being an attempt to get someone to switch? I think your confused about who this lens is aimed at.

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cxsparc: It makes me sick in my heart to read stuff like this where an iphone-Enthusiast writes like there never was any compact camera available before:
"mobile photography" "bigger than the invention of the digital camera"
"The iPhone shoot gave us a chance to move around and try out different things quickly," .. "Because of the spontaneity, we had a great time and it shows, versus pictures with posed fake smiles. Also we love the Polaroid effect."

All this could also have been shot with a simple unobtrusive compact camera, which have been available for at least 7 years.
And recognizing this cliche filter effects on yet another picture
shows what apparently so many iphone users mistake for "creativity".

At least 7 years? OK for digital but I had an Instamatic in 1978 and they have been available fora lot longer than that.

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GaryJP: Where does this wedding photographer live that people only get married four months of the year?

Where I live, people get married all year round.

And just twenty jobs a year that you expect to pay your whole year's expenses and salary, and outrageous internet fees and puffed up other expenses?

Say "I charge $3,000 because I am worth it", and I'll have no argument, if your photos are good.

I am sure Annie Leibovitz can charge more.

But this list is bs.

I imagine what she meant was that the high-season for weddings where she is is about 4 months. During this time there is enough weddings about to keep her and her contemporaries busy. The rest of the year she probably does do weddings but not frequent enough as there aren't less photographers around during this time but there are less weddings.

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mrak: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see how photographers can work 4 months a year, and spend the other 8 months watching their credit card bills accumulating and their expensive gears gathering mold. I mean, even if there are no weddings at all, can't they do other types of photography for money? If they have other sources of income, then the calculation is obviously misleading.

I would suggest you read the whole article for her answer to that question.

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solsang: I love the independent PASM settings, finally the x10 allows me to change immediately between varied shooting situations!

P is for normal shooting, everything at auto (speed turned up in light scenes)
A when using a tripod outdoor, high aperture and low iso, IS off
S for moving subjects, high shutter speed and high (auto)iso plus low aperture
M at fixed lighting situations with best aperture for sharpness on base iso

Having these settings ready makes my workflow much more easy, though i can understand that people who have different work situations would like settings to be dependent; i suggest fujifilm make a option to choose either setting!

Did the reviewer mean that the settings reset to defaults when you change, or that the settings reset to what they were the last time you used that setting?

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