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vassilis gazelos: Hi all, I'm trying to decide on a new compact/bridge camera and this review came out on time even though it doesn't inlcude the bridge/large zoom cameras! I don't have first hand real life experience of either of these so I'm trying to narrow down the selection from the reviews and comments. I'm looking for the best image quality, full manual control, widest angle 24mm/25mm, long exposure, braketing. I was considering the FZ200 or SX50HS however these have significnalty smaller sensors than the ones reviewed in this article. Could anyone assist me with some real life experience and regardless of the budget how these different types compare. Is the image quality (and Depth of Field) of the comeras here noticeably better?
P.S> The only reference I have is via a friend's Canon older Gseries which produced some relay good results (I don't rememer the widest angle though).
My experience ranges from a SLR Canon F1 (multiple lenses) to a point a shoot Sony DSC T7
Thank you

Hi Vassiis,
I've just bought the Panasonic LX7 for AUD$318+shipping on eGlobal.com, after reading some terrific reviews on this. Although the sensor is not the biggest on a compact, it is the latest crop. It has the widest (24mm) and the brightest (f1.4-f2.5) lens. What I am especially pleased about the LX7 is the low light and night shot capability, the fast and accurate focus, the rock solid image stabilizer (I can shoot down to 1/6s handheld). Only weakness of this camera is the top rear dial, which is a bit hard to rotate with the thumb (use-able but not as smooth as I'd like it to be). See sample pics on http://ymsays.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/review-of-panasonic-lx7-part-4.html . Click on left column to see Part 1-4.

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