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Thinking out loud: Any given object is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. In the elite world of investment art very rich collectors are more interested in the capital appreciation of their purchases than the "art for art's sake" excuse. Personally I think the Emperor is totally naked - this is snap shot of a kid's toy. The sky is blown out, the composition is clumsy, get a grip on reality. Of all the billions of images out there what makes this one so special? Please educate me, I just do not see anything worth what these collectors, with money to burn, are willing to spend. Are we all buying into the hype, like a bunch of sheep, because the "Art" elites have made a proclamation that it should be so?

hey everybody,
if you could sell a photo for half a million would you?
and that, is all there is to it.

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soooo keeeen to try book mode, i never really got the hang of indesign.

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On article Lytro plenoptic camera used for fashion shoot (100 comments in total)

gimme a proper lens with manual control any day.
i will never be interested in this.

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