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I have always felt that "Bone Conduction" would make a great name for a band.

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faithblinded: Re-posting stuff from 4/3rumors has to be a new low for DPR. I'd say 4/3rumors lacks journalistic integrity, but that would imply he/she is some kind of journalist. It's hard to believe you guys are driving traffic to the 'paid for clicks' site of a guy who stole almost his entire user base from DPR forums. Am I the only one that remembers?
With all the cameras and lenses that could be reviewed, instead we get reprocessed "rumors" straight from the troll factory. I'd honestly prefer no news over this.

More photographer interviews please. Less of this type of fluff.

Creating content is expensive. Aggregating other people's content is cheap. There you go.

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Stacey_K: " and successive cameras".... well that is unless Olympus decides to change the lens mount again. I'm done trusting this company to support the customers who invest in their system.

Through corporate mis-management and a partnership with a crappy sensor manufacturer (panasonic), Olympus killed the 4/3 mount right as they had a sensor (the one used in the OMD) in their hands that would have made their lovely ZD 4/3 optics shine. Instead they pull this bait and switch to m4/3. I give then 3-4 years before they bail on this format and switch to yet another mount.

Olympus's problem has never been their optics, and I'm sure these will be fantastic lenses. But I'm willing to bet they will decide in the future the 4/3 sensor is too small and ditch this mount, leaving anyone who buys these lenses left in an orphaned system. I would never trust this company again after what they did with 4/3.

>>But I'm willing to bet they will decide in the future the 4/3 sensor is too small and ditch this mount, leaving anyone who buys these lenses left in an orphaned system.<<

Maybe, but I don't think so, at least not any time soon. Assuming that sensor technology continues to improve, it will improve for both m4/3 and full frame, so neither is likely to have any more advantage in the future than it has right now. The same tradeoffs -- greater light gathering vs. portability -- will still obtain, and we'll be having the same arguments. Olympus is betting that for more and more photographers -- the vast majority of whom are not pixel peepers -- the balance of size and "good enough" sensors will find a growing share of the market. For many people, they're already there.

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Adamant: When can we expect regular camera reviews to resume here on DPR? Car magazines manage to review dozens of vehicles every month. DPR has managed to review, what, two whole cameras since July?

DPR could solve the problem pretty quickly by hiring a new body or two, or paying qualified individuals to write reviews within their format on a freelance basis. Since they have not done so, one has to assume that they have not been given permission by the corporate heads, either because DPR is not profitable enough in itself to do that, or they don't care (that is to say, they have lost sight of what drew people to the site in the first place). This is a problem at the top, at the ownership level. It's a good bet that DPR is understaffed and overworked, but as long as it's feeding sales to Amazon, why throw any more money at it than you need to? Amazon is huge and, in the scheme of things, DPR is tiny, at least in terms of monetization.

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"Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball."

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On article Ten items you should have in your camera bag (288 comments in total)

A nickel to unscrew the battery cover. Oh wait, that was a while ago, wasn't it?

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What strikes me as the real new development here is the voice control. It's in its infancy right now, but pretty soon some camera will have a smarter-than-Siri voice activated system that will allow you to pretty much say anything, like "aperture priority f8" or "custom setting three" or "upload disk" and it will do what you tell it to do down to the last detail.

There are obviously many situations where you would not want to be talking, or even whispering, into your camera, but there is a lot of potential here for development.

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On article Resurrecting a WWII optic with scraps and a 3D printer (59 comments in total)
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HL48: From what I remember of an article about this lens (about 15 years ago, perhaps in Sky and Telelscope). It is somewhat radioactive because of the thorium, "it can't focus blue worth a damn", it is in fact an apochromat in infra-red, red and green.

(I'd keep this lens away from young children,)


Once he gets the large format film camera set up properly, I think he needs to go to an aviation museum and photograph some WWII planes. And some WWII vets, for that matter. (Better hurry.)

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On photo FROM MY GARDEN in the What Is This? challenge (22 comments in total)

This one would have been much tougher in black and white!

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The XZ-2 pics by Robin Wong make a much more compelling case for this camera.

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Joe Ogiba: If you want bleeding edge camera technology forget Nikon or Canon, look for it from Sony or Panasonic.

But is it fully submersible to 120 feet? Seriously, nice job, my only comment is that there are an awful lot of buttons on the front. On the other hand, I'm not sure where else I'd put them, since the real estate on the back is pretty well occupied, although you've left a nice wide open space for the right hand to hold onto things without tripping buttons accidentally. I wish real manufacturers would pay more attention to that.

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sakjdakjas: Chop lens and AF, add a popular lens mount (*), peaking feature and and HDMI connector for an external display and it'll sell nicely as a specialized sensor + mount body for demanding pros and enthusiasts.

* Ideally one of the short flange distance mirrorless mounts, 2nd best EOS mount.

>>Chop lens and AF, add a popular lens mount (*), peaking feature and and HDMI connector for an external display and it'll sell nicely as a specialized sensor + mount body for demanding pros and enthusiasts ... Ideally one of the short flange distance mirrorless mounts,

Exactly what I was thinking. Otherwise, if you can't decide between the 14 and the 20 you have to spend another $1,000? But if this were ILC -- I presume it's about the size of the Pens? -- it could find a much larger market.

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slncezgsi: What is going to be left from Kodak when the film devision will be gone - and much more import - who will buy it? What is going to happen to those great products like Tri-X, Portra or Ektar?

C'mon Kodak!

>>the technical quality of large prints from digital was shockingly bad. Poor colour, contrast, edge artefacts, various optical aberrations and all with much lower resolution than Kodak film.

The same thing happened in music reproduction when CDs first came out. The sound was dry and overcompressed, with poor dynamic range. Then as CDs eventualy got better, music switched over to MP3s and the sound was evn worse. The final nail in the coffin -- most listeners today hear their music through tiny earbuds. There will be no recovering from that one, but most people simply don't care. Vinyl through full size speakers has becomethe domain of a few cranks, but at least you could feel the music in your chest.

>>an Olympus OM2 with the 35mm and 85mm f2 Zuiko lenses and a pocketful of Ektachrome did better large prints for travel and landscapes.

Still have my OM2. What a beautiful little machine. I should make a point to use while I still can. RIP, Kodak. Sic transit and all that.

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