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Spacing between frames: My mother taught me how to load 620 when I was a kid and I've shot a few rolls of MF since. So unless I've been mistaken for most of my life, It changes as the film is advanced. MF has no sprocket holes so the amount of take up is determined by the size of the take up spool, not a given number of teeth an advance mech. like 35mm The MF spool dia. gets larger as each frame is wound on to it, thus the change in frame spacing.

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I have owned several makes of digital camera since the turn of the century and Olympus introduced the first and still has the best dust removal system in the business, beginning with their E1 DSLR

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.....Gay, SM porn passed off as 'art'. I'm offended by neither the gay nor the porn content but I am seriously offended by idea that Mapplethorpe's work is 'art' rather than simply photo 'illustration'... of a sort. Still, it may be an interesting flick about a strange cat during an interesting period in NYC

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Shooting with Olympus and Pentax kit, I've enjoyed IBS for years and have never understood how stabilized lenses were anything more than a profit builder for Nikon, Canon and Panasonic. Even my humble Pentax K500 has IBS In body stabilization with good, legacy glass is a killer combination.

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Smart phone 'studio quality'. jpeg: Print it and get back to me about that 'studio quality' thing.....

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This is a joke, right? ....Did I sleep in, April 1st already?

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Pentax K1,,, ????? Pentax K70???? Pentax KP????

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Why is this a big deal? Has everyone forgotten that Polaroid brought out the SX-70 followed by several other cameras without batteries? Each film pack had a fresh power supply insuring that the cameras were always operating optimally.

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Titles says "crop sensor, pro body" .....What, no K3!?!?!?!
Why not?
DPR really does seem to be a 'Pentax-free Zone'.
With two lenses that worked across both formats,
I shot an event on Friday using an apsc K3 with a
full frame K1 as back up.

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How 'bout an advance lever that cocks the shutter and saves battery power? Oh ya.... that was my EPSON RD-1 It also had a set of analogue dials on top and a fold in, hide away LCD display. It was the most 'film' like shooting experience of any digital camera I've ever owned. It was a great on ramp to a design road subsequently taken by neither EPSON nor any other camera maker.

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A marvelous piece of engineering but no substitute for a camera and a telephoto lens.

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Improving the global gene pool through selfie-selection, it would appear.

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RolliPoli: 'Fast' 'Sharp' 'Light'
You can have any two,
but never all three.

Maybe I should have clarified for some of you. You can't compare across formats or compare manual and auto focus. I though that would be obvious. You do not get speed without size. There are laws of physics involved. Further, a Leica f1.4 lens is not 'small' when compared to a Leica f2 or f2.8 Again, speed/size free lunch kids. The veteran shooters amongst us laugh at the idea f2.8 is 'fast' An f1.8 50-58mm lens was the 'kit lens' in the 'olden days' when people took pictures on film wound into things with names like Spotmatic and Nikkormat. I'm on a roll now..... That was also a time when 'full frame' or the 24x36 35mm format was considered a 'miniature' format. OK gang, physics and history class is over................

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'Fast' 'Sharp' 'Light'
You can have any two,
but never all three.

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Gimme 120 and I'm on this with a Rollei!!!

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Price right, they have a deal in 'K' mount.

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How come when Pentax issues an APS-C camera it is proof of a doomed design and marketing strategy but when Fuji pops out another APS-C body with a fake SLR prism hump its a great achievement, surrounded by rainbows and prancing unicorns? ...Just thought someone should ask.

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Me want!!!

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I love my Leica kit but this kind of stuff is just so wrong in so many ways! ;o

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.....What happens when you spill your Molotov Cocktail on yourself. Chomsky would love the caption!
Since this was a protest directed at a left leaning government, the writer felt no need to give accurate context. "José Víctor Salazar Balza catches fire.....", He didn't just spontaneously combust. Rather, he became the victim of his own firebomb.

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