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That might work for French women. No amount of retouching will show American women slim or fit.

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I love my iPhone and Apple's eco-system. But then again, I can afford an expensive smart phone.

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Sactojim: Meant for me? It's meant that I appreciate Android much more! Cold day in Haiti before I ever purchase another iPhone (had a 3GS). Why? My big complaint is that while Apple is the richest company, they give NOTHING to any charity. WM gives over $500M annually to schools, shelters, etc. But what would one expect from a company that was run by Jobs who spent millions on attorneys to fight his parental battle of disowning his own daughter. What guy (with any decency) would do that? He's a snake. Finally after he discovered he was ill, he reluctantly acknowledged his arms length. Guy was a millionaire early on a paid $385. in child support?? Ugg, a failed bio dad who was obsessed with his $$$. Interesting how Apple get's a pass (especially from the left) on wages and corporate giving, but WM gets bashed since not cool. Jobs is the used car salesman trying to convince people that Apple makes superior products..not.

"Apple is the richest company, they give NOTHING to any charity"

Are you guys for real? I never purchased a product based on how much the company gives to charity. Why don't you guys be honest and admit you can't afford it?

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cosinaphile: ten years of denying customers removable storage to ensure planned obsolescence is
simply unavoidable for their customers , ever. and ensure upgrade cycles can be managed with an almost fascist efficiency, and with exacting revenue expectations fully realized .

i could go on but that's enough for the time being.

I can't believe there are so many sore people around. It's like I hear Trump spewing venom. Your post clearly shows you gave it a lot of thought. Sad

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(unknown member): To me… It meant the dumbing down of the world.

Siri is downright retarded.
The camera is over simplified.
The Email app has been bug ridden for years and Apple refuses to fix it.
Maps is still flakey.
Safari has fallen behind on web based standards.
They refuse to make the Apple keyboard faster and more functional to use.
They gimp 3rd Party Keyboards.
The desktop and app management is absolute chaos.

In many ways, Android is Better, but thanks to google, they also have a fair number of reasons to hate their phones too.

Negative, that probably explains why apple sells hundreds of millions of iPhones. They are so bad, everyone wants them. Well, except poor people that can't afford a smart phone and then start whinning about everything a smart phone does.

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On article F is for '4th': Hands-on with Fujifilm X100F (424 comments in total)

It looks like Fuji is running out of ideas. Same camera for five years now, with a different label. At least they did not increase the price by 20-40% like the others.

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Michael Perham: Really, does DPR really think the ISO dial will be left on "A" most of the time? I have a hard time accepting that with a camera such as this one.

Come on Michael! Not all of us are PROs

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Good thing I can afford Apple products

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kewlguy: $599 must be a good reason for 12bit raw...

Oh, my..... only 12bit raw for our professionals buying $500 cameras.
It's like buying a Kia and expecting to race like a Lambo at a fraction of the price.

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On article Lens shootout: Sony RX10 III destroys the competition (501 comments in total)
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borno: the lens comparison should be done at the same time because the heat waves are bad for the canon, kind of bad for the sony and clear for the panasonic. IMO

Oh, boy....I thought I've heard it all. Heat waves? Never saw on any Canon package "To be used only in a cool climate for maximum performance"

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On article Hands-on with the Sony RX10 III (306 comments in total)

With every iteration the price goes up $200-400. By the time the RX10 X is on the market the price will be $3000.

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On article iPhone SE is a compact-sized iPhone 6s (184 comments in total)

Interesting to see that even $399 is too much for some people.

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dan801: I think it's too small. They should have made it the same size as the iPhone 6

"I agree if people want a smaller screen they could buy an IPhone 5"
But I thought the iPhone 5 doesn't sell anymore. I could be wrong. But wait, I'm not wrong.

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On article iPhone SE is a compact-sized iPhone 6s (184 comments in total)
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SammyToronto: I like small phones but 4" is too small these days; it should've been 4.5" with the iPhone 7 pushed to 5" and the 7+ remaining at 5.5"!

Milking their customers? You have a choice, buy or.....well, don't buy Apple's products. I'm dad you're still happy with your Nokia flip phone

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I am genuinely surprised to find out Pentax is still in business making digital cameras. I'm yet to see one tourist/photographer on the streets of NY using a Pentax. That probably explains why most forums don't even have a Pentax sub forum. Pentax might still be in this business due to some hardcore Pentax cheerleaders. They are the only ones seeing the end of the rainbow, the magic of HD coating (whatever that is) in their final pictures. I flipped a few pages on Flickr and couldn't find a reason to own such system. Canikon is equally good and they already have tons of lenses to choose from. No need to get excited if they 'reinvent' the wheel.

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Jon Schick: The strategy of making a well-priced version of an existing well-regarded lens makes sense to me - and if Pentax offer this as the kit lens rather than a slower f3.5-5.6 or constant f4 offering, then I think they are reading the reasons why many people choose to move to FF quite carefully.

"Despite the fact 1300 USD is surprisingly low for a fast zoom"

Yeah, they should have priced the lens at $7500 to make you happy. $1300 low? Are you guys for real? What if the lens is a dud? What if the lens is only usable starting with f4? How can you guys say 'it's cheap' when you did not have a chance to test it. Besides, Pentax is not Canon or Nikon to ask a premium. Pentax is just.....Pentax. I'm surprised they are still in business at this point. $1300 cheap, huh?

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