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It's already over 120 dollars... don't believe it.

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Nooo, really? You don't say? It was a scam with the Kodak name badly taped on it?!? Really? Orly? :D

No one saw it coming.


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But Why?

I can get (I actually have one) a Rollei 35 for 50 bucks and it'll be way better than this...

Really cannot understand this..


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photogeek: “Long awaited” by who? Who needs this, like, at all?

Google needs this. It'll log EVERYTHING you do and parse it for info to put in your already vast profile and then they'll collate it with other profiles to better target us for advertisement and whatnot.

This is just a data gathering machine that a lot of people will willingly put on themselves.

Honestly, Orwell with 1984 doesn't hold a candle to Google's plan and to people willingness to be spied upon.


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nerd2: That setup requires a proper mechanical keyboard, not an abomination like Apple Magic keyboard!!!!



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GabrielZ: This flagship Pro camera has a 61 point AF module, 41 of which are cross-type. The (now quite ancient) 7D Mark II has a 65 point AF module, all of which are cross-type! Why didn't canon use an improved version of that module (enlarged, faster or what ever...) for the EOS-1D X Mark II instead? I wonder if that means the 7D Mark III (rumored to be released next year) will retain an improved version of its predecessors AF module, or ditch it for this one?

Probably because the progression is not necessarily linear. ;)

Meaning that creating the kind of AF on the 7DII, covering a much smaller sensor and using a much smaller viewfinder, is simpler than implementing it in a simply enlarged form factor on the 1DxII.


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Really great picture!

Luck in the setting and skill in the capturing of it! Kudos!


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Boss of Sony: Love these images. If only photography had been invented centuries earlier. Or even millennia earlier. Wouldn't you love to see photos of the pyramids being built, Jesus being crucified, Buddha meditating, medieval villages during the Black Death, primitive humans fighting woolly mammoth, Macchu Picchu in all its glory, mad medieval Europeans burning witches at the stake, etc etc.


Nah, even now, with really good cameras and video, a good magician can fool the audience. ;)

Con artistis and magicians do love a good challenge. ;)


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G5MACDADDY: I feel sorry for DPReview editors these days. So many people criticizing everything no matter what they do. This is a photo site about photo gear and making images. Why people feel the need to be critical about every minute thing (I mean 4:1 compression on audio??? REALLY???) is beyond me. Throughout my years in the business, I find that measurbaters typically are not the ones out there making images but rather trolling sites just to see their comments online. If you have trouble making good/useful/sellable images with most any modern camera and lens these days, then you have an issue elsewhere, than blaming the equipment itself. I'll just leave it there because I fully expect to get bashed for stating my opinion here. I just need to learn to quit reading comments here. It's like being on YouTube. SMH

Amen that!


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On article Canon EOS 7D Mark II: A professional's opinion (475 comments in total)
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AndreaF: In my opinion, this review appears to be a little bit subjective. It's the point of view from a person who uses the camera for specific activities related to a journal. The needings are consequentially oriented to a particular niche of users. Also some comparisons with other professional cameras which cost 5 times the price of a 7dII, are not so appropriate, as well as obvious (the high-iso performances of a 1600$ crop camera are worse than a 6000$ FF, oh, really?).

But it's not a review, it's an opinion.

Just a hands on from a pro used to shoot sport with a high end gear and her subjective opinion about the camera.

And I frankly find it more informative than the, sometimes, too balanced full reviews you see around.

A discerning reader should be able to extrapolate quite objective data from the context of this piece. ;)


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