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  • Created discussion thread Just a lomography question.
    So yeah, was wondering what lomography actually means and what would be the correct time to say that I am shooting lomography, I found some decent articles online but I do have a specific question ...
  • So as the title suggest, I found some vintage meopta lenses on the used market and they are quite cheap, and I was wondering about if anyone has ever heard or used them before, because I can't ...
  • Hello there, I've posted a similar post before but this one is more "Which one of the two should I get, rather than which lens in general" So I've got a Nikon D90 and can't seem to choose between ...
  • Alright, thank you very much, I am going to see if I can find one that goes above 100mm.
  • Oh wow, thanks for the recommendation. Apparently the prices don't differ much here from the examples you gave above, thank you! How is the sharpness of this lens is it good?And is there another ...
  • Created discussion thread Need an opinion for what lens to buy
    This is going to be a hard question to answer but let's try. I need a lens for a Nikon D90, I would prefer for it to be a zoom lens so I can adapt to the situation, I have a vintage Helios 44m-4 ...
  • Yes you are right it is the lens and not the device itself, everything work with a non adapted lens (just tested it). focus and aperature are done manually on the lens. Thanks fort the info.
  • The thing is I already modified it and can focus infinity :-) The problem is I don't know if the reason that when i press the half shutter the settings don't appear is the lenses or the cameras ...
  • So does that mean that because of the lens I can't enter in the settings when I half-press the shutter button? (And it probably means I cant enter them when i take it of) Sorry for being a bother, ...
  • Yea I thought that could be a good solution, I plan on doing that in the near future. But from what I read whatever lens you have I should still be able to go into S,A, and P modes.
  • Created discussion thread Help with Nikon D90
    I just got an used nikon d90, and I am new to dslrs, I don't have a kit lens or prime I have a vintage Helios which I adapted to focus infinity, but that's not the point. The thing is since I don't ...
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