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On article Shooting Kīlauea Volcano, Part 3: At Sea (44 comments in total)
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Raintitan: I am headed there in a month, so I cannot thank you enough for taking time to write this set of articles.


The hike to the scattered breakouts still remaining is actually closer to a ten mile round trip. I know as I live about 20 minutes from the flows.

Link | Posted on Jan 8, 2018 at 16:09 UTC
On article Shooting Kīlauea Volcano, Part 3: At Sea (44 comments in total)
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chips7335: I photographed these scenes last June with my Nikon D810, shooting about 850 images in the half hour allowed to us at the location. It was a blast. But I recommend the six-pac boats as opposed to the larger craft. Six passengers max in rear facing swivel chairs with two crew members. All boats get up close and personal. A downside to the smaller boats is that their tours are sometimes cancelled for overly rough seas, where the larger boat may go out anyway. That can be a good or a bad thing depending on your point of view.

Agreed. The six passenger boats, particularly the one operated by Kalapana Cultural Tours, is manned by two brothers, both photographers. They cater to photographers, certainly mores o than the larger passenger boats. It's somewhat of a moot point as the flow to the ocean has ceased.

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ChickenBalls: overpriced as usual
I highly doubt that Vega 64 even with 16gb of Vram would be able to outperform even the GTX 1080Ti let alone the new Titan V

You are correct. Various sites rank the nVidia as superior to the Radeon.

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RomanP: People complaining that the iMac is not upgradeable are missing the point. People buy iMacs because they're a plug-and-play package that works well for a long time.

Most computer owners NEVER upgrade their machine, apart from an extra RAM stick or an external hard drive. Have you ever met anyone who upgraded their CPU? It's similar to SUV owners who get the 4x4 option, just in case they go off-roading.

You've met one. Me. I had no interest in a MacPro trash can edition. I upgraded my 2010 MacPro quad core to a 2012 spec, replaced the processor tray with a faster six core version , replaced the pathetic Radeon graphics card with an nVidia with Cuda acceleration. $13K for a fully loaded iMac Pro that is still not up to the performance that a fully loaded PC hardware platform can deliver.

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Wow, 5% off of obscene.

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Terry Breedlove: Works for Apple.

Hasselblad isn't Apple.

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In terms of product service and support, a despicable company.

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On article Shooting Kīlauea Volcano, Part 1: How to melt a drone (106 comments in total)

Just one of many YouTube videos documenting the lava flow in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and not particularly compelling at that.

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On article Cinematic 4K footage shot with the Apple iPhone X (311 comments in total)
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FodgeandDurn: So much salt in the comments. Can't we just be impressed by the footage a skilled individual is able to get with an extremely widely available tool. For all the comments saying 'other phones could do this' or 'zoom in to look at the terrible compression' - YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT. If I saw any of this footage in a professional ad campaign or even an indie movie I wouldn't bat an eyelid, and in 2017 it is possible to do that with a smartphone, that is pretty incredible.

You can complain about Apple propaganda, or you can allow yourself to be impressed at how far technology has come, whether you choose to buy Apple or Android or whatever.

Sometimes I am fundamentally disappointed by the human beings who visit this site.

Right on. The majority of posters on this site, and others, are nothing more than fanatic gear heads and not photographers. It's the same in the high end audio industry--people in love with their expensive amps, processors, speakers, who have no clue what live music sounds like. Or one of my friends with a very expensive sports car and a garage full of equally expensive bike frames. He spends most of his time polishing or looking at them instead of using them. DPR needs an Ignore option.

Link | Posted on Nov 10, 2017 at 15:40 UTC
On article Cinematic 4K footage shot with the Apple iPhone X (311 comments in total)
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mbot: Very poor footage, plus poor compression.

The way to test video quality on Youtube is to ramp the resolution down to 240p. If the codec is any good and the compression is mild, the footage will still look clear and detailed. In this case the footage looks over-cooked & over-compressed with apparent blotching and weird color.

Now take a look at footage from the LG V30 smartphone, at 240p it holds-up beautifully, with no messy blotching and good natural color.

But the Canon 77D is leagues ahead at only 1080p

Apple products to me are overrated junk, not to mention overpriced. Fashion victims love Apple, and Apple gladly siphons their money.

And forget any defensive replys, they have no affect on me, and I already made my case, and you don't get to tell me otherwise. I know how to spend my money.

Apple Laptops give half the value of a PC equivalent, and their phones are big, ugly and boring.

Mbot...who gives a $hit about watching a 4K video in 240P. You're delusional.

Link | Posted on Nov 10, 2017 at 15:36 UTC

Another year or so and Fuji and Pentax will have bodies out using the same SONY sensor for a fraction of the price of the Phase.

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caver3d: Check his comment about shooting the pecan tree, the oldest tree in the US, until just recently. Oh, really? Obviously, he's never been to California where the Sequoia trees can and do exceed 2,000 years old, and this has been known for a long, long time.

The oldest documented tree is the US is a bristlecone pine in Great Basin National Park in Nevada--4800+ years old.

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LensBeginner: It looks like a very nice camera.

If Pentax (and by that I mean essentially K-mount) is shut down by Ricoh (Heavens forbid), one of these (whatever the number, whatever the letter, whatever the mark) might be an interesting alternative.

Samuel Jessop....just curious which lens they're missing? Pentax has quite a large number of primes and zooms that are up the sensor capabilities.

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Link | Posted on Oct 18, 2017 at 02:42 UTC as 1st comment
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rhlpetrus: If an MF sensor system gets 101 and an FF gets 100, whatever that means in actual practice, kudos to the FF maker.

Interested readers should go to the Imaging Resource comparison screen and compare the Pentax, Fuji and Nikon 850. The Pentax and Fuji best the Nikon. Even the Pentax K1, with a sensor having almost 10 megs fewer pixels, is a virtual match for the 850.

Link | Posted on Oct 13, 2017 at 23:36 UTC

VR…the new 3D (and we know where that went). The public at large hated wearing glasses and they'll hate wearing VR head mounted displays just as much.

Link | Posted on Oct 11, 2017 at 18:09 UTC as 20th comment
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FantasticMrFox: So we are conveniently forgetting about that one time DxO tested the Pentax 645Z, gave it a score of 101, but never fully published the review?

Deliberator, you should read the headline. It uses the word camera not DSLR or FF but camera, and that includes the 645Z.

Link | Posted on Oct 7, 2017 at 05:06 UTC

Actually, it isn't. The Pentax 645Z scored 101, then DXO pulled the review shortly after they posted it, with no explanation.

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stevo23: Okay - that's an interesting way to get into medium+ format film. Would be cooler for me if they could make something in the form of a 4x5 sheet film camera. And I wonder how difficult it would be to add ground glass here...the possibilities are swirling around in my head.

Shooting with 4x5 sheet film is a far more expensive proposition in terms of film and commercial processing costs at $5-7 a sheet.

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David Mifsud: this article is about a camera, and it's from the same nation that gave the world the periodic table of elements, the first satellite in space, the first space flight with Gagarin, the SU-35 and KA-52. From the country that provides the U.S. with Soyuz rockets to visit the I.S.S. The country that never invaded other countries causing chaos in Libya and Iraq to name a couple. It does not come from a country where war has become the order of the day simply because in 1974, gold was considered a more effective way to pay for oil which would have hurt the dollar.

Don't ill-speak of Russia because some of you know nothing about it. I live there and it's very peaceful, our economy isn't based on creating wars. There is no propoganda campaign, no American vs Russian on TV. It is my personal view that people in the U.S. have been exposed to so much negativity about Russia in order to forget about the domestic issues. My God, even nature is upset!!!

How do some of you harbour all this hate?

Because we're informed. You're led by the nose by Putin and his crooked cronies. The fact is the highest elements of both countries are as crooked as the day is long. And all the achievements you boast about were achieved under dictatorial regimes. What has your country achieved of significance in terms of bettering GNP under Putin other than selling petroleum base energy? You have no equivalent of silicon valley, instead you have a base of hackers who steal personal data, trade it on the black underground. You have no significant manufacturing or design infrastructure. But you're just as efficient as the west in selling arms internationally and supporting dictatorial regimes. Get a clue.

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