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hud: not to nitpick, but is there some purple fringing going on with that camera???


(disclaimer: i'm kidding! it's a joke! c'mon, what's a DPreview thread without some pixel peeping comments! =) )

In all seriousness, that's a pretty cool photo

ACR hasn't updated their lens profiles.

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ZeroGravitas: All serious photographers use a mac.
People should do some research before posting the same old anti-Apple comments here.

I'm a professional photographer and I use a Mac but I have other professional photographer friends who do not. Your statement is simply not true.

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MrTaikitso: Does not surprise me. I have owned a Note 4, Galaxy S6, S7 and now a Note5, and both the still and video images are OUTSTANDING and tack sharp too. Main difference between the most recent devices is they focus a LOT faster and handle low light better.

It's no wonder Samsung's regular camera division failed, their phone camera tech obsoleted a lot of the models, the NX1 the only exception. All said, the 4K video from my Note5 is hard to differentiate from footage shot on GH4s and the like in daylight. Don't believe me? Hit TeleSerenity.com and click through to the YouTube channel and view the footage shot on my Note5.

All said, I wish they would release a successor to the best camera I ever owned, the EX2F. f1.4 lens took superb pics & video in all conditions. A 4K version with a viewfinder would have got my money. (My only gripe with phones is the lack of a viewfinder for composing in bright sunlight or street covert photographer and tactile controls.)

What size monitor did you do the comparison on? Was it calibrated? What codec was used to capture the GH4 footage? Was the GH4 footage straight out of the camera or was it graded? Was it recorded externally or internally? If you can't answer those questions, your claim is worthless.

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I traveled to Patagonia in early 2009. I was a Canon shooter at the time and the 5D2 was not available in wide supply in time for my trip. I rented the a900 and a couple of Zeiss-branded lens. I still sell several 'money shots' from that trip shot with the a900.

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Zoom Zoom Zoom: I only have one question & one only: does ANYONE, I mean ANYONE, actually buy this camera to use it primarily as a still camera? The answer is most likely no. There is 0, zilch, compelling or outstanding reasons for its price to anywhere be justifiable over other still cameras. So, being the case that basically everyone will use this for video, WHAT IS THE POINT TO KEEP MAKING THIS CAMERA'S FORM FACTOR A STILL CAMERA, instead of simply just making it actually what 99.99.99% of people will use it for: A VIDEO CAMERA! Market it as a mini-RED or a mini-VARICAM or something else that is hip and catchy and "cinema-sounding" that works sales-wise! Done! It is truly a mystery to me that Panasonic keeps year on year making this as a still camera when just about no one uses it as as such & later have to turn it upside down, inside-out & do endless gymnastics with adaptors, cages, grips, all sorts of gadgetry & whatever else to remotely turn this more into something like a video camera!!!

Count me as one. I own a Pentax 645z and K1, along with a GH4. I often take the GH4 and leave the other two at home when I know I may be shooting stills and video. Even the GH4 with a m4/3 16 meg sensor can deliver a money shot.

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On article At the market: Panasonic GH5 sample video (79 comments in total)

Here's a GH5 video shot at 60P.

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Jeff Peterman: The 10D was my first DSLR too. It was great - except for the time to show an image on the LCD after a shot. That wait was significant - and something that they fixed with the much better 20D. I still have both bodies on a shelf.

It is worth mentioning that shortly after the 10D became widely available, Canon released the much cheaper digital Rebel. Quite a few people were upset to buy the 10D and then find that they could have saved a lot of money by just waiting a few weeks.

I was one of those individuals. A friend purchased a 10D and I envied him but I wasn't quite convinced that digital was here to stay. I was still shooting medium and large format film in those days. Then the Rebel was released and I took the plunge and found fewer reasons to continue shooting film.

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bryanbrun: How many people need a medium format camera to "earning a living selling very large prints in galleries or juried art festivals."

What is that maybe 1,000 to 2,000 people in the entire United States?

A great camera for that .00000001 percent of the market.

Most photographers selling large wall art images aren't using APSC or m4/3s formats. And some photographers, amateurs or professionals, are perfectionists, much like very high end oriented audiophiles or home theater owners. If small formats work for you...great, enjoy.

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Amazing, so many myopic posts. Most buyers of this camera, or other medium format systems, aren't amateurs. They are pros and this camera will appeal to a travel or landscape photographer who needs to travel light but at the same time is earning a living selling very large prints in galleries or juried art festivals. They will select this camera or others (Hasselblad, Phase, Pentax) because they need to squeeze every bit of detail and nuance out of an image file. I would guess that the majority of negative posts involving the very tired discussion of FF vs MF, the size of the sensor, are from amateur gear heads instead of professional photographers who actually earn their living selling images.

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garyknrd: Sounds like a Pentax review. Except for the price?

I was referring to the actual SN, DR results, not their 'score'.

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garyknrd: Sounds like a Pentax review. Except for the price?

Not debatable according to DXO Mark. Perhaps you can post a link to a site where we can see your image at ISO 25K. And I do know I can't use the pixel shift resolution with movement. Stop acting like a troll, you dufus.

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dash2k8: If we did a blind test with professionals and took away the red dot, then told the testers that this camera costs $6600USD, I wonder how many would say they want to buy one?

The better lens performance is negated by the mediocre sensor performance.

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garyknrd: Sounds like a Pentax review. Except for the price?

How aboutRAW: Check the comparator again. The K1 is superior in terms of detail at high ISO. At 12500 the SL is softer, indicating heavy noise reduction, with about the same amount of chroma noise. The K1 delivers more detail. And in the Pixel Shift mode kills the SL or for that matter, any other camera at that ISO.

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matthias jurisch: The biggest market for Leica cameras is Asia...specifically Japan and China. A few years ago I was in Tokyo and I can say from my own experience that the Japanese are crazy (nuts) about Leica cameras. There is even a exclusive Leica Photoclub in Tokyo..
The upbeat photostore where I buy my Canon gear from here in Berlin also has one of the best Leica collections in Europe and the salesman told me that the best Leica customers are tourists from Japan, China, Russia, England and North America...very few Germans buy into the Leica system...to me it seems that Made in Germany is the strongest selling point...

Many of the Leica cameras and component parts are made/fabricated at a Leica facility in Portugal. Leica seems have perfected the technique of doing just enough of final assembly in Germany to warrant the Made in Germany label.

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mikey fried: It must be me then but this looks quite bad. The motion is jerky, the skin colours horrible (or does the guide have a pink neck?), the stabilization is wobbly and the noise at higher iso terrible.

It's you. The jerkiness is the 24fps format, should have been shot at 30fps. The guide has pinkish skin compared to the others, stabilization liked fine and the noise is quite good, even at 6400.

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BJN: Choppy pan, what shutter speed?

Agreed. The same effect seen countless times in commercial films. Someday we'll hopefully see higher frame rates as a matter of routine.

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zakaria: the press release said that the price is 1099$
but it showed at amazon 1199$.
The KP will be available in your choice of silver or black in late February for $1099/£1099 body-only.

Actually, they didn't. The K-1 was released at a lower than expected price and remained that way for a number of months before the price was increased. It is now selling at near the original introductory price.

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PhotoUniverse: Ans so it begins!
People bashed me here when I said, DJI involvement can't be a good thing for Hasselblad's camera business future. 2 different mentalities for how to run business.

Not sure if people will be pay 10's of thousands for a "Chinese" product ;-)

Jaguar and Volvo (and Aston Martin) went through tough times--thanks to Ford.

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CQui: For me a time-lapse is good when it accelerate a slow movement, on this one, flames are only taken at random moment and that kills the effect of time-lapse.

It might have been of interest if we actually saw the lava flowing but the angle necessary for that kind of picture was probably not possible or too dangerous, Real time film or a series of stills would have been probably better for many of the sequences.

The landscape and flow have changed in recent months, making access to dramatic shot locations a bit more difficult. The national park service has also become a bit more restrictive and for good reason. Park service staff moved five people from the restricted area fifteen minutes before the wall collapsed and they would have been instantly killed had they remained. Fusco and his crew were smart not to press their luck

Here are some links to my videos shot from land, air and ocean locations, shot early on last summer shortly after the flow reached the ocean.



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Carl Decker: Batteries are to much optimized to have much capacity in small/thin size.
"fashion" dictates the battery size.
That is not good and should be seen as a negative point in reviews.
Let batteries have the size which a robust constructed battery needs.

The trend of thinner every release was started primarily by Jon Ives at Apple. A British designer with a fetish for thin, expensive-to-manufacture electronic jewelry. We've seen his signature on iPhones, iMacs, Mac Pros, MBPros, MBAir, with a steady decline in ease of I/O connectivity, upgradability and repair in the field. Unfortunately, the industry has followed like lemmings.

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