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Kaso: Any person can snap a picture or talk about gear, but only a very few are creative in their own unique and daring ways. I've been following Benjamin Von Wong's creations for many years and, on this occasion, I say again, "Stunning!"

Stunning and stupid. I live in Hawaii a few minutes drive from this flow. The newly formed lava tubes are incredibly unpredictable in terms of their strength and can easily collapse, being almost paper thin in some locations.

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There are some amazingly naive comments regarding the camera not being suitable for broadcast video. In the overall scheme of broadcast and cable news today, failing EBU or BBC standards means nothing. Anyone who watches television news on a daily basis will see camera phone video of news events, scenes shot vertically, etc. In the US, quality is additionally compromised by cost squeezing networks (sending an on the air person out to do a live shot who has to do his/her own technical set up).

Broadcast delivery systems are still pretty much 1080i, not even 1080P. The compromises along the entire chain from acquisition to over the air, including the damage cable and satellite providers inflict, make the nit picks irrelevant.

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ottonis: From ISO 1600 and beyond the PhaseOne is clearly inferior w/r to noise when compared to contemporary FF cameras such K1 etc., even when scaled down to equal resolution/size.
I really wonder why these MF sensors are lagging behind FF sensors in low light performance, considering their significantly larger size. Is that possibly caused by tuning them for highest DR at base ISO? Or are the most recent advancements in sensor technology just too vulnerable in order to provide sufficient (silicon wafer) yield rates?



Camero2...I shoot with a 645Z. From ISO 100 to 800, there is no significant difference in DR or noise performance. It's delivers quite good files from ISO 6400. That is why you can shoot some MF cameras handheld.

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Rob890: How about a new GXR. I think they really had something there if only they supported it some more

The Q system was released before the Ricoh acquisition and the K01 was too far along, being released barely three months after the acquisition. With millions of dollars in parts and product in the manufacturing process, Ricoh was wise from a business standpoint to carry on with the K01 and at least recover some engineering and parts inventory cost.

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noflashplease: It turns out that we're already past the peak of iPhone sales. Apparently, that peak was reached sometime in late 2015, so now the iPhone is going the way of the iPod and iPad...selling in ever diminishing quantities. The great irony is that Mac sales look more stable than any other Apple business line.

There are quite a few of us iPhone users who won't be upgrading.

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I have never understood the justification for using inkjet printers primarily for printing text, spread sheets, etc, with photo capability thrown in as a sales feature. Most people don't print images any longer. Larger format photo printers are required for serious photographic work while for non-photographic printing, a low cost laser printer is far more cost effective and faster.

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Kaso: "Canon EOS 500D + 55–250mm f5.6 lens; 1/250 sec at f5.6; ISO 1250"

Many armchair gear commentators look down on such an entry-level combo and cite all sorts of problems regarding resolution, dynamic range, shadow recovery, chromatic aberration, depth of field, subject separation, bokeh, distortion, corner sharpness, high-ISO noise and whatnot.

Indeed. If you caught Elvis at a local Shell station filling his Cadillac at 3am and you had to use a crappy kit lens at ISO 25000 on your entry level DSLR, you'd still have a million dollar image.

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steelhead3: Posted ad nauseum, the Canon shooters did not want better dynamic range, they would rather take 2 or 3 shots and combine the photos for HDR look.

The HDR look is mostly bad tone mapping that comes as a by product of clueless post processing.

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Ptitboul: After a quick look at your results for the Pentax K-1, it seems that they are almost the same as for the "market leader" Nikon D810. This camera could be mentioned in your comparison as a cheaper choice if exposure latitude and ISO invariance are the only criteria.

Pentax AF is completely adequate for all but the most aggressive sports situations and in that situation Canon wins. For 95% of other situations in the real world the K1 performs well. The AF issue is mostly a myth.

The lens situation, or lack of, is also completely blown out of proportion to reality. For landscape and nature, there is a wide selection of lenses and as an ex-Canon shooter, many of them are a match for Canon L lenses.

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Ebrahim Saadawi: 1- Why hasn't DP posted the same article for the A6300? Or the A7s? Or the A7RII? Or the NX1? Which ALL suffer from real high rolling shutter with minute differences. And all these cameras gave you the chance to grab 4K stills so why are you writing an article highlighting an inherent flaw to all 4K CMOS cameras that can be used for grabbing frames and justifying it by saying that it's because you were excited about grabbing frames! You had 8mp 30p in all 4K cameras. It just doesn't make sense to me.

2- The rolling shutter seems VERY close to the other tested cameras, a hair worse than the 1DX and similar to the a6300. Yet you seem confident with using the 1DX for frame grabbing? It still has horrendous rolling shutter! Can't be used for fast moving subjects too (frame grabbing).

3- You speak about video. I am a videographer, I know lots of directors, filmmakers, cinematographers, and no one pans any camera like that in a scene. It's a bit problematic for action films but for everything else, we've been dealing with RS for years and years. Why is it suddenly so bad?

4- If you want to give an idea on the 5D IV video, show us all the parameters. Show us the amount of crop. Resolution. Aliasing/moire. Dynamic range. Colour rendition. Compression artefacts. Audio quality. 1080p quality. This way you avoid audience jumping to a conclusion that the 5D is bad for video/film as seen in the comments section. Even if you didn't mean it.

5- The 5D when tested will excell in: Resolution without sharpening, colour rendition, aliasing performance, compression artefacts. But it will lag behind cameras that have LOG in DR. Bear in mind the 5DIV is the only sub 5000$ DSLR/Mirrorless that does 4:2:2. Which means it's the only DSLR that is approved to be used for Broadcast Television. This is one of the reasons Canon used the MJPEG codec not just for frame grabbing.

6- 1DC, 1DXII, A7S, A7RII, A6300, all have terrible rolling shutter, any small differences between are not visually visible in real world shooting.

7- We all know electronic shutter usage (or grabbing frames) is NOT suitable for action/sports. It's used for landscape photography, and most of all portraiture is the main usage for it as it help getting that perfect natural look. You'll even see Canon videos showing it off for portraiture and landscapes only.

7- Imagine shooting a wedding in 4k with the 1DC/1dx/5dIV, and in post, you extract some beautiful shots from the entire day and make them a photograohy book. They will be absolutely dazzled that you offered both services and recimmend you to their friends. That's what I do now, and charge extra for the photography book. That's the main type of use.
8- If you want no rolling shutter, find a camera with a global shutter, because you won't find a large sensor 4k camera without hideous rolling shutter. The cheap options for Global Shutter are: blackmagic 4k production camera, and ursa mini 4K.

9- If you want less rolling shutter, go to smaller sensors, they're quite better at it:GH4, RX10 II, RX1000 IV, FZ100, etc These cameras shoot 4K with 1''sensors and produce lovely images with less rolling shutter artefacts if you don't mind the smaller sensor.

10- Upload downloadable native 4k 5D video (or converted to ProRes HQ) shot decently with good sharo Canon glass (even a 50 1.8 at 2.8). At Neutral 0 sharpness, 0 contrast -2 saturation. I am sure jaws will drop just as they did with the 1DXII. Please upload some footage to download, you'll be the first to do it and people are eager to plat with the 5D video in their editors. Please. Some cliche flower/street/landscape/night video will be absolutely fine, content doesn't matter as long as it's purely for assesing IQ (Though it will matter to the inexperienced audience)

Sorry, the 5D4 is not a serious video camera. It's handicapped, purposely by Canon, it's too large and the form factor requires rigging for effective professional use. The 'lowly' GH4 still sets the standard for 4K shooting in a prosumer camera under $3K. It can output 4:2:2 10 bit video, offers multiple frame rates and codecs, C4K and UHD 4K and it's purposely designed not to overheat and at roughly half the size and weight of the 5D4. And it has a m4/3 sensor, not a 1".

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08amczb: If this would be someones first DSLR - for this price - he can get a Pentax K-70 with full of interesting features like pixelshift. He gets also more professional APS-C lenses. And he can invest to a spare battery to match the 1200 shot battery life.
If pentax is not the way, there is the cheaper D3300 also...

This DSLR is a joke after the predessor.

"no one buys pentax outside of the 20 remaining pentaxians in the world."

If anyone actually believes that statement they are dumber than a rock. Pentax medium format and now the K1, have outstripped initial sales projections. A typical Canikon fanboy defense of companies with extremely boring cameras at the entry and mid level of the market, who continue to sell well to the uneducated consumer. At some point in the future, the fact that the same consumer base has migrated to phone cameras will strike home.

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Wye Photography: Some people think that the subscription model is OK and are quite happy paying $9.99 per month ($120 per year, every year). And that's fine.

I have rid myself of all Adobe products and I am quite happy using Affinity Photo (£0 per month, £0 per year, every year*) and Capture One ($0 per month, $0 per year, every year*)

So after the initial payment, I basically don't have to pay anything more *. If I lose my job and have to cut back on expenditure I can still take photos and edit them and not worry about monthly fees to keep the software running.

Do you use all of what Fauxtoshop has to offer? If not then maybe it is worth changing programmes and saving that little bit of money. I ended up only using Fauxtoshop for a little cloning and healing (which Affinity Photo does better).

If you're happy with Adobe's service that's Brill!. BUT, considering there are cheaper and equally effective alternatives. Why spend more money than you have to!

*plus optional updates per bi/annum

I shoot video and I use ACR for color grading. From what I can determine, and perhaps I'm incorrect, Affinity can't deal with video. I also shoot in DNG format and if Affinity isn't able to properly open and process DNG files, the two issues important to me would be show stoppers. Also, Affinity has no equivalent of Premiere Pro, After Effects, or any number of other pieces of software that are important to many professionals in addition to PhotoShop.

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Interestingness: This level of support is why Canon is the largest camera company in the world. Doing some quick and dirty math, and I'm sure I am erring on the low side of things;

1600 lenses at an average of $3,000.- each = $4,800.000.-
900 bodies at an average of $2,500.- each = $2,250,000.-

So, a bit over $7mil and again, I think I am estimating very low. And that's just the gear that actually made it through customs, would hate to see how much gear was, ahem, lost along the way.

Now add on top of that the staffing, tools, parts, spares, consumables, etc... That is one BIG operation! Plus all the logistics and hours starting from a year out and the cleanup after the games are over. Mind boggling how big this level of support is.

You can also add in all of the television camera equipped with Canon lenses, some of which approach $100K each.

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EwanMC: For now old school 1080P Blu-ray still handily beats streaming 4K...


It's really very close between the two. 4K Blu-ray will be the ultimate solution for the near future.

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mpgxsvcd: Please remember that all broadcasts on cable and most of satellite in the US currently are 720p or 1080i. None of them are true 1080p @ 60 FPS from the source. There are a few true UHD/4K broadcasts on directv but you have to buy about $300 worth of equipment in order to get those very rare broadcasts.

1080p @ 60 FPS would be a fantastic upgrade in the states. Hardly anyone would complain at all about that over the current 1080i and 720p broadcasts. However, we are years away from that becoming a reality.

Why again are we talking about 8K?

Netflix and Amazon stream 4K and even with the compression, it looks far better than any currently available 1080i/P programming available from OTA or satellite.

Most people have no idea that NHK, along with some partnering with CBS, developed the precursor 1125/60 analog system that evolved to digital 1080. NHK has always been in the forefront of high definition video development and 8K will likely be used primarily for electronic cinema and even though the Olympic games will be distributed in 1080/720 to world broadcasters, much of the instant replay gear will be 4K capable to allow zooms/cropping after the fact.

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fatdeeman: Why isn't the Pentax forum filled with posts where people have carried out similar tests to debunk dpreviews claims?

If users are genuinely having a much better experience and believe dpreviews findings to be as erroneous as they make out then it should be a pretty simple matter to prove it.

Here you are:


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CosminMunteanu: A new boss in the mirrorless world :-) ...one can hardly ask more from it, Fujifilm did it again (and there are more to come, like the much expected 23mm f:2.o WR lens).
IBIS could be a good adition but, yet again, the world did not jump in the Pentax or Minolta (then Sony SLT) because they have IBIS (unlike Canikon) ;-)
Fuji's sensors (this 24 Mpx evem more) seems to hadle image noise better then other APS-C sensors (not to mention m4/3). True, in the real world this is not much of a difference and many times when the aperture jumps over f:5,6 towards f:11 even the out of focus areas (I mean DOF :-D ) of, a let say, 24 until 85 mm lens is less obvious while compared with a FF system.
All in all, Fujifilm has become the best APS-C sensor size mirrorless system.

Hardly. I compared several models from SONY and Panasonic that match or surpass the IQ on the studio test at 1/2 to 2/3 the cost of the Fuji. Both Sony and Panasonic offer superior video functionality. And the Panasonic at about half the price, gives you some money left over for some Leica primes. If pure still IQ is the main judgement criteria, the Fuji is not the best APS-C camera in mirrorless or DSLR. Check out the raw files of the Pentax K3II in normal and pixel shift against the Fuji, then get back to us.

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Smaug01: A really well-balanced review, as usual. Nice job, guys.

Likewise, I own a K1 and I don't find a problem with the AF. FWIW, The Camera Store in Calgary, in their AF tracking test, had a fairly high percentage of keepers as I recall.

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Marksphoto: I would add a fisheye lens if I was the white house photographer so that I can distort the heck out of Obama's face. 135 2.0 will take good photos of Donald Trump though when he takes the post and trumps Hillary.

Won't help, Trump will still look like an orange orangatang.

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PeterAustin: No difference between pixel shift and without in the Punch Bowl Falls images (I used the magnifier, didn't download the images, though). I do have a high res screen, and used my reading glasses :) What am I missing?

You're missing a high res file. Low res JPGs don't cut it for making a valid comparison.

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