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On article Have your say: Most important cameras of the 2010s (407 comments in total)
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BostonC: Peeps are just voting for what they have, that's the default most impt.

You would be wrong.

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On article Have your say: Most important cameras of the 2010s (407 comments in total)
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Mark_ykk: Can’t imagine why Pentax K1 and Leica T are on the list...nothing original or groundbreaking

Except in the case of the K1, internal astrotracer for night sky shooting and pixel shift and ultra competitive pricing for a full frame.

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Mariano Pacifico: If one has not seen aurora borealis ... one cannot know if Laowa 15mmf2 captured it in fidelity.

Since I have not seen Aurora Borealis, I can say Laowa 15mmf2 is an awesome best lens ever.

Exactly how many people seen Auroa? The majority cannot know the real deal from Laowas.

Color ranging from green to yellow or even red, can vary depending on time of year. Some evenings the curtains dance, while another evenings, they rush past you. The aurora is always different.

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JE River: This would work for APS-C as an astro lens, but on full frame there is too much vignetting (3+ stops) and a bit of coma in the corners. There just isn't ever any free lunch when it comes to UWA lenses that can take screw on filters. Without the huge front element, they always seem to vignette too much on full frame. Being f2 though, one could easily shoot multiple pano shots of the sky and then stitch them for an image with much less vignetting and coma.

I'm obviously not the marketed customer for such a lens, but I do struggle to understand how it provides anything special other than price. It doesn't zoom, yet has equal or worse image quality than similar FL zooms. It isn't that sharp either, which would have been an advantage for people wanting a fast, UWA prime for critical sharpness.

Or, shoot with a Pentax DSLR that has internal Astrotracer software, moving the sensor to track the night sky up to five minutes at a time with a wide angle. I use that with the Pentax (Tamron) 15-30 at f5.6, getting up on optimum sharpness curve and eliminating vignetting.

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Photato: I don't know where this "24fps is best" obsession started, but that frame rate is terrible for action and panning.
Playing video at 60fps gives you a closer experience to the real thing when it comes to motion quality.
I'd use 24fps mostly in low light, but the more frame rates the better when looking for realism aka fidelity.

Look at what people are raving about the Apple ProMotion featured in high end iPads where the screen can go up to 120 fps refresh rate for instance.

By the way, you should have mention 360 cameras which are doing amazing stuff in EIS, much better than GoPros

The origin of 24 fps was decided with the introduction of optical sound tracks and the necessary film movement to create acceptable audio frequency response from the optical readers of the time. It had little to do with 24 fps being the minimum frame rate necessary to create the illusion of fluid motion, and it's certainly not able to deliver the illusion of smoothness with some pans and camera movement. Before optical sound, frame rates were as low as 12fps and as high as 40, depending on the studio.

I had the opportunity to see a documentary produced by Douglas Trumbull, (one of the special effects designers for the film 2001: A Space Odyssey) at the 1986 world's fair. It was displayed at 65fps as I recall. It looked amazing and one benefit of high frame rate film, is the fact that dirt and miscellaneous scratches remain on the screen for a shorter period of time. The high frame rate acts as a filter to make them less visible.

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Georgescanvas: The Sony users are bouncing off the wall.....

No, we'll buy a Canon and use it with an adapter. Gear heads bounce off the walls, photographers don't.

Link | Posted on Nov 8, 2018 at 04:46 UTC

To my eyes, it appears to be nothing more than Luminar version of LR Haze filter. I see the same accentuated and hue shifted blues that I get in LR using the Haze filter, requiring adjustment to maintain some semblance of reality. Yawn.

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On article Fujifilm GFX 50R pre-production sample gallery (170 comments in total)
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Fishera: Those photos with the beige car are unreal, I made them my desktop wallpaper. Also, inside the chapel at ISO 10.000 is like ISO 100 on some FF and APS-C cameras.

Suahuatica, I also have an a7III . I also have a Pentax K1 and until recently a Pentax 645Z, which uses essentially the same sensor as the Fuji. Sorry, the A7III doesn't even come close to either of the Pentax bodies, especially when you print large mural size images for gallery display.

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On article Photokina 2018: Hands-on with Panasonic Lumix S1R (650 comments in total)
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Mr Kobayashi: I actually think Panasonic is smart to go with FF. It's a great complement to M 4/3 in terms of making a clear distinction between product lines (portability vs. IQ). I think Fujifilm went with MF for the same reasons, a complement to the smaller APS-C. I don't understand the direction of a company like Ricoh-Pentax that has one hand in APS-C, another in FF, and foot in MF. It just seems like too much.

Because Nikon and Canon are entrenched with IS in lens and don't want to rock their boat.

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On article Panasonic S1 and S1R: What we know so far (869 comments in total)
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NickBPhotoUK: Nice spec. Love the comments praising this as a Canon/Nikon/Sony killer.

Don't get me wrong. It has all the hallmarks of a great camera, but good spec only buys you entry to the market and nothing more.

Though full specs have yet to be released, the only real oneup I see over the Nikon Z system is dual cards slots, if that's a big deal for you (but Nikon has the F mount's backward compatibility), and for Sony, it's potentially decent weather sealing and a top LCD. And Canon, well it's everything their new system potentially fell short of when it was compared to the Sony and Nikon. But that is Canon.

Long story short. Great specced camera from Panasonic. Now let's wait for the hands-on reviews.

The Panasonics will likely deliver video features and performance beyond that of the Z system. Video has been a Panasonic strength and it's hard to believe that will change. Full frame stills are icing on the cake.

Link | Posted on Sep 25, 2018 at 20:22 UTC
On article Panasonic S1 and S1R: What we know so far (869 comments in total)
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codecxbox: just waiting for the Northrups outcome about this one..

Tony is a master of click bait. Who gives a S..t what he thinks? He appeals to amateur gear heads. Working pros likely don't give him the time of day.

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Max Iso: Wait, i thout places like Brazil were progressive utopias?

You're being sarcastic or you haven't been paying attention to what's been going on in Brazil for the last couple of decades. Corruption, scandals, poor health and government services, unemployment, all take their tolls.

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AriesII: Why is there such a focus on Canon's mirrorless? Its HORRIBLE. No IBIS, has OLPF, horribly cropped 4K. Why isn't DPreview discussing Nikon Z which has IBIS, proper 4K, no OLPF, a BSI 45mp sensor. This is interesting.. not Canon's EOS R dated 2014 era release.

The rumored Panasonic FF high megapixel mirrorless with SOTA 4K recording and Leica lens mount, supposedly to be announced on Sept 25, could be interesting if the rumor is real.

Link | Posted on Sep 15, 2018 at 00:22 UTC
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jazja: Do you think a mirrorless cameros are for pro?

Lobbamobba, during the lava eruption event here in Hawaii, I saw three SONY users among the network and wire service still shooters covering the event. As for video, all the networks were using pro Canon and SONY broadcast cameras, not DSLRs or mirrorless.

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Mateus1: As Fuji user who is considering to switch to FF, Z6 is much more tempting then A7III for me. EVF looks amazing and it's not that centered like in A7III but closer to left side, same with ergonomic which I found in Sony really bad - one of the worst I have experienced. I also need big AF-on button, Nikon has is but this in A7III is not well implemented compared to Nikon, Pentax and Canon cams. Focusing goes to -4 in low light which sounds great. And last is video, much better then A7III. I only whish Nikon to bring ealier 24/1.8 and 85/1.8... with 35/1.8 and 50/1.8 I do not ask for more. Maybe the last 135/2.8.

Not sure why Mateus is claiming video is better than a7III. It isn't the opinion of one video centric website, based on poor color grading examples and blown out images offered as samples. One thing SONY, and Panasonic for that matter, get right, is video.

Link | Posted on Aug 26, 2018 at 19:58 UTC

Now all we need are a lot of labs to process E-6. Film is of little use or interest to the average photographer without an infrastructure to process and scan for customers. Sorry, this is a big yawn.

Link | Posted on Aug 16, 2018 at 17:07 UTC as 14th comment | 1 reply

Never have so many mis-informed gear heads gathered in one place.

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Piotr Krochmal: Hold my beer and watch this:
Go to compare Image quality:
set Pentax K1 -> set pixel shift check smallest text :)
Compare to Hassy

HOWABOUTRAW, the point is the Hassey is primarily a studio camera and likely won't be used for shooting a lot of fast moving objects. Likewise the K1 in the pixel shift mode. Get it?

Link | Posted on Aug 1, 2018 at 22:53 UTC
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rc53: Leica have a full frame mirrorless camera, the SL. There are adaptors for almost every Leica lens ever made, and adaptors for lenses from other manufacturers. It has an excellent viewfinder. What it doesn't have is IBIS, a significant drawback. Canikon should learn from this.

SONY and Pentax have been doing it quite well for years. Nikon and Canon haven't done it to protect their revenue stream from sales of lenses with IS.

Link | Posted on Jul 31, 2018 at 15:55 UTC
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NexLupus: I knew DPReview could not go a day without posting something about Sony...LOL

The FF sensor in the Nikon D850 is not made by SONY.

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