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sirhawkeye64: I guess for $28, if I got 6-12 months of use out of it before it crapped out that would probably be OK. I mean it's $28. But I could see these only as good for use in softboxes or as an off-camera option paired with a triggering system. $28 is far cheaper than the $300+ you'd pay for a Nikon/Canon flash, but the Nikon/canon would also last probably 5-10x longer and withstand the occasional drop. At $28, I might have to try one of these though--I mean there is not much to lose ($28...). I would probably want to cover the "AmazonBasics" logo in the front.

I bought one and it lasted ten minutes before I started hearing popping sounds from within the housing, followed by a small explosion and electrolyte leaking from a blown electrolytic capacitor. I returned it.

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On article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review (1063 comments in total)

There are some problems with the image quality comparisons. The K1 looks sharper at ISO 3200 Normal than it does at ISO 100. DPR should re-check all the files,

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"It’s true that, without the input from marketers, engineers can produce Formula One race cars. However, most people find a Ford Focus, Honda Civic or BMW 3 Series much more affordable and considerably more convenient for collecting the weekly shop. Still, if you wait long enough, some of that Formula One know-how may well make an appearance in your family hatchback."

Not really true. Virtually all F1 engineering, design and vehicle construction is done in the UK at specialist facilities. The engineers designing consumer vehicles have little or nothing to do with F1 design.

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On article Fujifilm GF 23mm F4 sample gallery (90 comments in total)

Most of the negative comments seem to come from individuals who don't have a need to produce very large prints from single image files and fail to realize there is a market for images of a quality that can't be matched by FF DSLRs, regardless of their cost.

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BigBen08: Besides super large prints (or billboards) what can this $50K camera do that my 6D or 1DMKIV can't?

It can make a sharper looking billboard.

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James Pilcher: Nice article. It was the cat's meow. I'm glad it didn't feature a dog. Dog owners are insufferable. Really. Almost as insufferable as their pets.

I like dogs but they're high maintenance. You have to take them for walks, clean their poop up after them, when you do take take on a walk. They are lovable but constantly under foot. Cats, on the other hand, are self sufficient. Give them a liter box, auto food dispenser, water, and leave them their own for a couple of days. Dogs, you have board or take with you.

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Majauskasson: Nice ad for Sony but resolution C+. You'll see this clip on their ads soon. Any half decent camera will do the same. Sony outbid Nikon and others for the rights and NASA can use the cash. Let's remember the NASA LRO circling the moon at 25 miles up photoshopped the non-existent fake Apollo landers in to keep the gullible Apollo nuts happy. If you believe the blobs are landers remember that amateurs with backyard telescopes got excellent resolution too. DP has shown these. NASA has been and still is scamming the world. It cancelled the manned Mars mission because it "can't protect astronauts from space radiation". Well, what about Apollo? How did they manage it? Using 1960s technology then it was no problem - 6 men to the moon in 3 years. Now with powerful computers NASA is stymied. Space is tough. NASA lied and created a fantasy Apollo story many believe to this day.

Go back to your Saturday morning cartoons.

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On article Leica chairman contemplates Leica smartphone (115 comments in total)


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On article Should I buy a Canon EOS 6D Mark II? (447 comments in total)
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dtibi: Many of the photographers use 6D because of the high DR. If it is true that the DR is lower, these users will not update ...

Canon sensors lag behind SONY a bit more than slightly.

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On article Should I buy a Canon EOS 6D Mark II? (447 comments in total)
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monokultur: I can't understand all the moaning here. I switched from MFT to FF 3 years ago and rented a D750 and 6D. After 3 days of testing I decided for the 6D for the much better color output. I don't care for 6EV shadow recovery for those pictures look rubbish and like fake HDR. I am into people photography (corporate, wedding, children etc.) and I always take care of light or light artificially. No need for raising the shadows. Maybe landscape photographers think differently. I think that most of this DR ISO Invariance moaning comes from amateurs and spec-lovers not from photographers. I will get a 6D II and retire one of my 2 6Ds. This camera never let me down. Last year I started corporate video. Guess what? NOBODY of the clients asked for 4K or LOG or whatever for their output is only FHD and for their corporate Web-TV only 720p! And no - you don't need 10bit to grade your corporate or wedding video til death. It is just not necessary.

If you know what you're doing in terms of processing flow, the 6EV of shadow recovery that SONY sensors offer don't look like fake HDR.

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Cameron R Hood: The Mac comes with everything - photo, video, music editing, office suite equivalent, and is virus and hassle free, predominantly - they just plain work. Which is why they are the industry standard in MOST of the creative world, except for gaming. Windoze machines, and the software that runs them, are just plain UGLY, and to get something that's halfway not, you have to spend a lot of money, but then you've still got the garish and ghastly software and clunky interface staring you in the face all the time ready to crash or get infected with any one of a hundred bajillion viruses, scam ware, adware, spyware, and all kinds of BS that the software manufacturer has cleverly convinced YOU that it's YOUR responsibility to take care of. Let's see now, how much have I spent on virus software upgrades and tech support on my Macs again, I'll have to check my books...can't seem to find that...hmm, I must've misplaced those receipts. I'll ask my accountant if he's got them.

Good for you Cameron. My Mac experience has been good, as well, up to a point. But with each OS upgrade, my MBPro and MBPro Laptop get a bit wonkier and less predictable. I do use an anti-virus program and it has stopped viruses trying to infect my Mac. If you believe you are infallible because you own a Mac, you are incredibly naive.

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My 2012 MBPro laptop is still running but only after having a screen replaced. It has what I consider the minimum of ports, USB 2.0, 3.0, display port, HDMI,SD card slot, analog headphone jack. I'll use it till it drops but I won't buy another unless there is some dramatic reversal of Apple design philosophy and they fire Jonathan Ive.

I've upgraded my 2010 Mac Pro to 2012 specs with a 'heart transplant' and nVidia video card to run Cuda with Premiere. I wanted nothing to do with the Trashcan Mac Pro. Again, this will be my last Mac unless Apple gets their ass in gear and remembers their original base of professional users.

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NoMirror99: Headshot: no detail, no sharpness, no point!

No mirror in a mirrorless camera.

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Someone actually spends time dreaming up crap like this and then some twit buys it.

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hud: not to nitpick, but is there some purple fringing going on with that camera???


(disclaimer: i'm kidding! it's a joke! c'mon, what's a DPreview thread without some pixel peeping comments! =) )

In all seriousness, that's a pretty cool photo

ACR hasn't updated their lens profiles.

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ZeroGravitas: All serious photographers use a mac.
People should do some research before posting the same old anti-Apple comments here.

I'm a professional photographer and I use a Mac but I have other professional photographer friends who do not. Your statement is simply not true.

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MrTaikitso: Does not surprise me. I have owned a Note 4, Galaxy S6, S7 and now a Note5, and both the still and video images are OUTSTANDING and tack sharp too. Main difference between the most recent devices is they focus a LOT faster and handle low light better.

It's no wonder Samsung's regular camera division failed, their phone camera tech obsoleted a lot of the models, the NX1 the only exception. All said, the 4K video from my Note5 is hard to differentiate from footage shot on GH4s and the like in daylight. Don't believe me? Hit TeleSerenity.com and click through to the YouTube channel and view the footage shot on my Note5.

All said, I wish they would release a successor to the best camera I ever owned, the EX2F. f1.4 lens took superb pics & video in all conditions. A 4K version with a viewfinder would have got my money. (My only gripe with phones is the lack of a viewfinder for composing in bright sunlight or street covert photographer and tactile controls.)

What size monitor did you do the comparison on? Was it calibrated? What codec was used to capture the GH4 footage? Was the GH4 footage straight out of the camera or was it graded? Was it recorded externally or internally? If you can't answer those questions, your claim is worthless.

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I traveled to Patagonia in early 2009. I was a Canon shooter at the time and the 5D2 was not available in wide supply in time for my trip. I rented the a900 and a couple of Zeiss-branded lens. I still sell several 'money shots' from that trip shot with the a900.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review (1180 comments in total)
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Zoom Zoom Zoom: I only have one question & one only: does ANYONE, I mean ANYONE, actually buy this camera to use it primarily as a still camera? The answer is most likely no. There is 0, zilch, compelling or outstanding reasons for its price to anywhere be justifiable over other still cameras. So, being the case that basically everyone will use this for video, WHAT IS THE POINT TO KEEP MAKING THIS CAMERA'S FORM FACTOR A STILL CAMERA, instead of simply just making it actually what 99.99.99% of people will use it for: A VIDEO CAMERA! Market it as a mini-RED or a mini-VARICAM or something else that is hip and catchy and "cinema-sounding" that works sales-wise! Done! It is truly a mystery to me that Panasonic keeps year on year making this as a still camera when just about no one uses it as as such & later have to turn it upside down, inside-out & do endless gymnastics with adaptors, cages, grips, all sorts of gadgetry & whatever else to remotely turn this more into something like a video camera!!!

Count me as one. I own a Pentax 645z and K1, along with a GH4. I often take the GH4 and leave the other two at home when I know I may be shooting stills and video. Even the GH4 with a m4/3 16 meg sensor can deliver a money shot.

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On article At the market: Panasonic GH5 sample video (79 comments in total)

Here's a GH5 video shot at 60P.

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