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Alphoid: Thank you for the thoughtful response. Personally, I'd buy one as soon as it has a real OS (not Symbian). I assume you're working on this.

Most of all I need the fm radio app. Can't find that on iOS. So the whole apple thing is useless to me. Including billions of apps.

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chadley_chad: Hey, why not go the whole hog and sell all your DSLR equip and L class lenses and buy the 808!

I HATE the convergence between camera's and phones!

"I have an iPhone 4S .... But even I know the 115HS will deliver better results ... Even than the 808!"

You have an iPhone (which is about 100€ more expensive than the 808) and still have to carry a P&S with you? After about 700 Pics I can say, the 808 is a good replacement for my Nikon P300 - in some cases even better than my Oly PEN.

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